Saturday, January 9, 2016

Month-In-Review // Once Upon A December

It's 2016! *Do the Rihanna shimmy*

You probably already know that though.  Because, it's been 2016 for a little more than a week now.  (I hope you all had a wonderful week, by the way!)

Yeah, so somehow I always manage to post these monthly wrap-up review thingy mabobs much later than I intend.  Oops. I told myself that I would be on the ball this year but... I've already managed to fall off of the ball.  Such is life.  But, I feel like I can't officially move on from 2015 until I take care of this last bit of business.  So, here it is.  

Books I Acquired

I actually didn't get any books for Christmas this year, which was just WHAT?  But, I definitely made up for that by making multiple trips to Barnes & Noble and the Amazon Kindle Store this December.  Also, I put in a couple of Edelweiss requests some time ago and the galley gods came through for me and approved them.  So, yeah.  Those are mentioned.  Here be all my December books:

And from Edelweiss I received galleys of Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman and Tell The Wind and Fire by Sarah Rees Brennan which are both 2016 releases that I am extremely excited for!

What I Read

In December, I had to get some serious reading done in order to finish my Goodreads goal of reading 45 books in 2015.  (I achieved that goal by the way!  Yay me!)  I read a total of four books in December.


And, I didn't read too many articles this month, but there were a couple that caught my eye:

    What I'm Currently Reading

    Blackhearts // I really like the main character.  I've had to sit this one aside for a while because life.  But, I'll be picking it back up soon. 

    November 9 // I'm enjoying this so far, but I'm just waiting for the bomb to drop.  The bomb of FEELS.  I know it's coming.  Colleen knows how to pack an emotional punch.

    What I Watched

    When the Season 3 trailer for The 100 dropped last month, the internet would Not. Stop.  Talking.  About.  It.  

    This wasn't my first time hearing about The 100.  I'd seen commercials and seen fandom members talking about it on Twitter and Tumblr.  I had even watched a bit of Season 1 with my best friend, but that was back in college and life just got in the way and I kind of forgot about it.  But with this sudden resurgence of love for the show in December, my interest was piqued.  

    So, I watched the show (because how could I say no?) and OH MY GOODNESS.  I understand the hype.  I understand the frustration.  I understand all the Bellarke feels.  This show is just amazing.  First and foremost, I just love how diverse it is (in terms of character race, sexuality, and mental health).  It's incredibly inclusive; I think that viewers will be able to see something of themselves in these characters.  In this way, the show reminds me of LOST, which is one of my all-time favorites.  (Some might say that the story also seems like LOST in the first season.)  It's diverse with fantastic storytelling.  And, I think that both shows have something meaningful to say about the human condition.

    Second, the characters and the story are complex and thought-provoking.  Clarke is badass.  I don't know how she does what she does. She's always forced to make these super difficult decisions in order to keep her people alive and she manages to keep a level head while doing so. (Did I mention she's only 18?)

    I also really like that the show isn't one-sided.  There is war and fighting, and you see the repercussions that all of that violence has on the main group of characters as well as their "enemies".  It really hones in on some of the harsh realities of war and violence that I think are sometimes skimmed over in televisions shows and even in real-life media.

    Also, in talking about the story, I haven't read the books (written by Kass Morgan), so I have no expectations for the show and no clue what direction it's going in.  Therefore, I am literally ALWAYS SURPRISED.  There are so many twists and turns.  It's incredibly suspenseful -- I jump out of my skin at least three or four times per episode.

    But, anyways, I'm just rambling now.

    I really really love this show, and I can't wait for it to come back in January!

    Miss Moving On

    1. How was your December?
    2. What did you read?  Watch?  Write?
    3. Are you glad the holidays are over?
    4. We're a week into the New Year.  Be honest: are you sticking to your New Year's Resolutions?

    Happy New Year!

    Have a wonderful January!


    1. Congrats on finally joining in on The 100. I have been trying to get as many people as I know to watch the first 2 seasons before it comes back on in a couple weeks. I finally got my hands on Illuminae and I picked up the Killing Sarai because you seemed to enjoy it so much. I haven't actually got around to reading either one yet but hopefully I will soon. Can't wait to see what you think about Blackhearts. I wanted some opinions on it before I decide if I want to pick up asap or wait until I get around to it.

      1. I'm SO excited for The 100, too! I've been recommending it to everyone like WATCH THIS NOW! I feel like I'm a part of the Cool Kids Club now. Good luck with Illuminae! I hope you read it a lot faster than I did. My little sister (who is 11) is trying to read it right now. And, I hope you like Killing Sarai. It's a little cray cray, but I really loved it. I have a Blackhearts review coming VERY VERY soon. (But, just between me and you, I loveeeeed it!). Thanks for commenting, Brandi! You're the best :)

      2. I'm probably going to wait until I'm in the mood to read Illuminae so I don't feel like I'm forcing myself to get through it. Looking forward to your review of Blackhearts!