Thursday, December 10, 2015

Month-In-Review // November Comes, November Goes

Hello, from the other sideeeeeee!

Guess who finally decided to crawl out of her hermit shell and come play on the blogosphere?  It seems that I took an unannounced, unplanned month-long hiatus from blogging.  But, I'm back!

November was a whirlwind.  At the start of the month, I was busy with NaNoWriMo (which I failed miserably, but that's a discussion for another post soon to come).  And then, my wifi on my computer just decided to flatline on me.  I was having connection issues for about two weeks, but that problem's finally fixed!  I had to go to New Jersey for a funeral.  And then, of course, there was Thanksgiving.  You guys, I ended up baking twelve sweet potato pies!  For some reason, my family decided that that was my specialty?  (After baking twelve, it is my specialty now.  I could bake a pie with my eyes closed.)  Anyway, for the rest of the month and the past week or so, I've been recovering from my food coma.

And, I've also been reading all the books!

Here's a closer look at my November 2015:

Books I Acquired

SO.  MANY.  BOOKS.  I don't even know how this happened?  Here are the books I bought in November.  All of these are e-books that I purchased on Cyber Monday because I'm a sucker.

The fabulous Nic Stone, who is a beautiful, kind, and generous soul, sent me Monster: A Graphic Novel, Fahrenheit 451, Thirteen Reasons Why, and The Here And Now.  You guys should be sure to add Nic's debut, Dear Martin, to your Goodreads shelves.  It will be available in 2017 from Crown BFYR/Random House!

Back in October, I won Eric Smith's Twitter Giveaway.  The books arrived in the mail in November.  I received the following ARCs:  Zeroes, First & Then, and The Witch Hunter.

I won Nori's ( October SST Giveaway of Dreamstrider, which also arrived in November.

And, finally I received Cinda William Chima's upcoming Flamecaster and Claudia Gray's Ten Thousand Skies Above You to review for Fangirlish.

You guys, I am drowninggggggg in books.  It's okay, though.  I don't need help.  I am very much content to die this way.

What I Read

November's reading was an improvement on October.  In October, I didn't read anything.  But, in November, I managed to finally complete a book -- A Thousand Pieces of You!  

I know that that doesn't sound like much, but it felt like quite the accomplishment considering that the last book I completed was Queen of Shadows back in September.  I am slowly but surely crawling my way out of the reading slump that has cast a gray cloud over my life.

I should have a Mini-Review of A Thousand Pieces of You up soon.  (Keyword: "should".  Somehow, I never manage to stick to my plans.)

Per usual, here are some of the interesting articles I came across on the internet:

    What I'm Currently Reading

    According to Goodreads, I have currently read 41 of the 45 books I hoped to read this year.  So, that means that I only have four books to read before the year is up.  I think that that is definitely doable.  Here are some of the books that are going to help me tackle my reading goal.

    Ten Thousand Skies Above You // In November, I read A Thousand Pieces of You and I really enjoyed it.  So, I'm hoping that the sequel doesn't disappoint.  So far, so good!

    Reviving Izabel // So, I read Killing Sarai at the very beginning of December.  And, after I finished it, I immediately picked up Reviving Izabel.  I'm addicted to this series!

    Illuminae // I can't believe that I'm still.  Reading.  This.  Freaking.  BOOK.  That's not to say that it's not a good book, because it's really awesome!  It's great.  But, I've been reading this book for months and I don't know what is taking me so long to get through it.  I'm positive that I'll have it done this month, though.

    What I Watched

    Creed is the latest Rocky movie to hit theaters.  It stars Michael Bae B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone.  Jordan plays the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed, Rocky's top rival in previous films in the series.  He reaches out to Rocky to help him follow in his father's footsteps and become a better fighter.

    I'm not a fight movie junkie.  However, if the lead role is played by an actor I really love, then I am more than willing to watch.  For example, I love love love Tom Hardy's Warrior.  So, when I learned that Michael B. Jordan was starring in Creed, I just knew that I had to see this film.  My adoration of Michael has existed for a long time.  It started back when he was a newbie on my favorite show of all time, Friday Night Lights.  And, ever since then, that flame has never died.

    I really enjoyed Creed.  The story was intriguing, never boring.  The acting was great -- Jordan and Stallone work so well together.  All of their scenes together are heartwarming and sure to put a smile on your face. The one critique I do have is the love story.  I felt like it could have been more developed.  But again, this is an action movie and not a rom-com.

    For the most part, I was just excited to see Michael on the big screen in a leading role.  (I haven't seen Fruitvale Station, yet.  Or Fantastic Four, for that matter.)  I love his acting (and his face, let's be honest) and I can't wait to see what he does next.  

    What I Listened To

    This past month, I have not been able to stop listening to Alessia Cara.  She first caught my attention with her single "Here", but her entire album is flawless.

    Alessia's voice is beautiful, and her songs are relatable.  "Here" is my anthem; the song pretty much sums up my college partying experiences.

    Some of my favorite tracks from her album include "Wild Things", "Outlaws", and "Scars To Your Beautiful".

    Aside from Alessia Cara, I have been listening to Adele, of course.  I haven't listened to her entire album because it's so hard to come across online (i.e. it's not on Spotify).  But, I love love love "Hello"--I drive my mother crazy listening to it all of the time.  And, I also like, "When We Were Young".

    Now that it's officially December, I'm breaking out my Christmas Playlist.

    It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

    1. How did November treat you?  Did you eat a lot of turkey and put yourself in a food coma?
    2. What did you read in November?  Watch?  Listen to?  Write?
    3. Did you complete NaNoWriMo?

    Happy December!

    Wishing you all a month full of blessings and the happiest of holidays!


    1. Aw, I'm so sorry you didn't win Nanowrimo! :'( But I think it's amazing and brave that you even TRIED it <3 I did it last year and failed EPICALLY, haha. ;)

      OMGGGG I LOVE ILLUMINAE SOSOSOSOOOOO MUCH. It IS huge though, lol, my brother keeps joking that if he dropped it on me it would squash me flat. xD I hope you manage to finish it soon!

      New follower via bloglovin!! I love the colours of your blog! It's so nice and pinky. :')

      1. Thank you so much for following, Ella! Thank you also for your words on encouragement on NaNoWriMo and your compliments on my blog color! You are greatly appreciated. Illuminae IS huge! I think it kind of intimidates me (although I'm almost finished). Just the sheer size of it makes me hesitate to pick it up sometimes. Please tell your brother to be nice to you! (I have a little brother so I know what that's like. Hahaha.)

    2. Is it crazy that I've been slightly stalking your blog waiting for your November Wrap Up lol. You were so lucky with all the giveaways you won. I loved Here by Alessia Cara so I'm going to have to check out the album.

      I've been wanting to read A Thousand Pieces of You for a while now. Also I saw a few of your updates on Goodreads about Killing Sarai and it made me want to read it. I might get it soon since you got through it so fast. I'm still slowly making my way to my 50 book reading goal for the year.

      1. Hiiiii! Sorry I made you wait so long! I've been a lazy bum. I was REALLY lucky with my giveaways. I couldn't believe it. I think that in October I won about five giveaways in all. And, one of my friends told me that I could never complain about not winning giveaways ever again because I was SUPER lucky that month.

        Alessia Cara is the best! Also, A Thousand Pieces of You is pretty good (but I'm not in love with the sequel just yet). And, don't even get me started on Killing Sarai--SO. INTENSE.

        Keep working on that reading goal! There's not much time left the yearisalmostoverrrrr eeeeeee! (I'm weird.)

    3. Woohoo, you're back! :) Sometimes it is kind of nice to take a break from the blog. Congrats on winning all those giveaways! I just started listening to Alessia Cara today and love Here. I definitely plan on checking out the rest of her album!

      1. Hey, Mariah! Yes! I'm back *flips hair*. Hahaha:) Honestly, I was hoping that no one would notice that I was gone. It was definitely a good little break, but now it's time to get down to business. Definitely check out the rest of Alessia's album! I listen to this playlist on 8tracks that has most of the songs (I think). Happy listening and thanks for commenting!

    4. Glad to have you back in the blogging community. I just found your blog through the Google communities group Coffee & Books! It's a nice blog!! I'll be looking forward to reading your stuff in the future!

      1. Thank you! And, welcome to my blog! I'm glad you like it. I love meeting new people via the book blogosphere :)