Thursday, October 1, 2015

Month-In-Review // September 2015

Goodbye, September.  Helloooo, October!

I hope you all have had a wonderful month.  September went by so fast!  I feel like it's one of those months that usually drags.  But not this year.

Blog-wise, September has been a busy month for me.  I've been getting back into the swing of having a blogging schedule so that I can post more content.  I didn't post anything in August, and I'm not trying to let that happen again.  So this month, especially over the past couple of weeks, I've been working hard to get posts ready for October.  I have so much planned and scheduled, and I'm really excited to see those posts go live.  I've also recently updated my About Me page.  And, I added a Book Review Archive, as well as a Review Policy & Requests page (which also explains my rating system).

Here's a closer look at my September 2015:

What I Read

September was not the greatest reading month for me.

I only finished one book: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

But let me explain.  It took me a while to get through QoS's nearly 700 flawless pages.  And, after I finished reading it, I was still reeling -- I'm still reeling from this epic emotional roller coaster.  So, I was in a bit of a reading slump for a while.  I couldn't stop thinking about QoS, and I didn't want to stop thinking about it.  It wasn't until just last week that I managed to summon the will to pick up another book.

While my reading stats were low this month, I've had a good year of reading overall.  I am nearing my goal of reading 45 books in 2015. (So far I've read 39, which means that I am six books ahead of schedule.)  So, this lack of reading is acceptable.  It's good to take a reading break sometimes.  

Aside from books, I've read a few interesting articles that I came across online:

What I'm Currently Reading

Outlander // I'm doing a read along with my best friend, Cheryl.

We'll Never Be Apart // Check out my stop on the WNBA Book Tour on Fangirlish on October 8th!

Illuminae // I'm so in love with this book already! I can't wait to finish and review!

What I Wrote

What I Watched

What I Listened To

I cannot stop listening to Badlands.

In fact, I'm listening to it right now.

I think that everyone is pretty much in love with Halsey, as they should be.  Her music is amazing.  I can't even put into words how perfect this album is; I wouldn't be able to do it justice.

I love every single track on this album, but my favorites are "Control", "Coming Down", and "Gasoline".  All of Halsey's songs showcase her songwriting talents, as well as her beautiful voice.  But, the lyrics and beats of these three songs are particularly unique and catchy.  You can't help but sing along to this entire album.

Side note: I listened to "Castle" and "Control" on repeat while I read Queen of Shadows because those songs give me serious Celaena "Fire-Breathing Bitch Queen" Sardothien feels.

Aside from Badlands, I also listened to Florence + The Machine's  How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, Sam Hunt's Montevallo, and Hozier.

It's Time To Wake Up Now

  1. How did you enjoy your September?
  2. What did you read?  Watch?  Listen to?  Write?
  3. Do you have any music/television/or reading suggestions for me to check out in October?

Happy October!  Talk to you soon!


  1. I completely understand about having a book hangover from Queen of Shadows. It's been a month since I read it and all the emotions are still so fresh! It looks like you're doing wonderfully with your Goodread's goal, yay! Hope you have a wonderful October!

    1. Thanks, Alicia! That book hangover was SO worth it, though. I wouldn't change a thing about that book. The emotions are still fresh for me, too! I hope you have a wonderful October as well! :)