Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Return From Unannounced Hiatus

It feels good to be back.

I know what you guys are thinking:

Wow.  This girl is the worst.  She hasn't posted in almost a month.  

And, guess what?  You're right!

I totally neglected Girl Writes Reviews and all of my readers for the past ~4 weeks.

I don't know what to tell you, really.  I have been incredibly busy, but I have also been equally lazy.

So, what have I been up to?

Well,  I had midterms.  That was an extremely stressful week.

I went home for a few days for a Fall Break that went by too fast.  It really wasn't much of a break at all.

I came back to school and was thrown into the whirlwind that is Tech Week for a production of Little Shop of Horrors.  I had an amazing time working Run Crew for the show, which involved a lot of quick changes, set changes, zipper zipping, mic-taping--it was insanity, but so much fun! I loved the cast and crew of that production and I hope to get involved in theater a little more here on campus.

I attended an X Ambassadors concert which was incredible!  They stopped in Chapel Hill/Carrboro for the last night of their Into the Jungle Tour with Jamie N Commons.  They are all amazing performers.  I thought I loved them before, but now even more so.

I went out with some friends for Halloween.  (I went as Olivia Pope!)

And now, here I am, talking to you fine folks.

But, I'm back!  Oh, how I've missed my little space of the internet.

I've got a lot coming at you guys so stick around!

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