Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday | Characters On A Deserted Island

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Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I hope you all are having a great start to your week.  I know I am.  I'm currently on vacation in NYC and I am loving it here.

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is about the ten book characters you would want with you on a deserted island.

This is going to be fun!

These characters are in no particular order.  I just wrote them down as they came to mind.

I think that in terms of surviving on the island, you are going to want some characters who have thrived in difficult conditions, i.e. dystopian societies...

10) Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

9) Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

Peeta could make bread.  Katniss could hunt game.  I feel like they're kind of a packaged deal.

8) Tobias "Four" Eaton (Divergent)

The guy only has four fears.  Plus, he's dauntless and a great fighter.

7) Jace Herondale (The Mortal Instruments)

He would be nice to look at.  He would make me laugh.  It would be the best of times.

6) Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices)

He would be nice to look at.  He would make me laugh.  He would read books to me.  I would swoon.

5) Harry Potter (The Harry Potter Series)

4) Ron Weasley (The Harry Potter Series)

Harry and Ron are another packaged deal.  Their wands might come in handy.

3) Mara Dyer (The Mara Dyer Trilogy)

She can kill things...

And then, a couple of  random characters who would be there simply for my amusement...

2) Cather Avery (Fangirl)

I think we would be best friends in real life.  We could write tons of fan fiction together and revel together in our social awkwardness.

1) Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)

I want to have fun while I'm on the island, and this guy knows how to party.

Tell Me Your Thoughts

  1. Would you take any of these characters to a deserted island with you?  Is there anyone listed that you absolutely would not take?
  2. Did you complete a Top Ten Tuesday?  If so, be sure to link it below!

Talk to you later,


  1. Katniss is on my list too. I never thought of Mara Dyer! Great picks.

  2. Great list! I also chose Katniss, Will, and Four. Here's My TTT List

  3. I put Will on my list too! As long as there's no ducks on the island i think we'de be good. lol I also would love to be buddies with Jay Gatsby. I would also probably take Noah Shaw, you know for eye candy ;) Great list!