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'Teen Wolf' Recap | Still Seeking "The Benefactor"

"Control Is Overrated."

Hello, everyone!

I want to make a quick PSA and let you guys know that I will be heading to New York City this Sunday for vacation, and I will not be posting a Teen Wolf recap next week!  

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Did you watch this week's episode of Teen Wolf?  It was pretty freaking spectacular.  It made me want to run out to a party on a full moon, ya know, just to see if any crazy stuff happens.  But, the sad reality is that I have no friends.  Womp womp.  

This week we got two new characters who seem promising, as well as mystery, a whole lotta mystery.  If you didn't catch it, you missed out.  But, guess what?  That's what I'm here for!  I gotchu.  

Previously On Teen Wolf

Last week, we met our new "Muted" villain, but more importantly, we got a new ship, or two, or three.  And, that's because we met Liam, a very hot new lacrosse playing freshie.  And it's also because Lydia and Deputy Parrish stood in the same room together for more than 5 minutes (I mean, that is how ships form, right?).  Here are some of the other things that happened:

  • Derek hired Braeden to find Kate for him.  But, I think he just wants a reason to see her often because they got some serious sexual tension going on.
  • We met a character named Sean whose entire family was killed by The Mute.  At the end of the episode, we discovered that Sean is a Wendigo.  Wendigos are basically cannibals.  They feed on people.  Gross.  
  • We got lacrosse back, and it was sooo worth the wait.  The lacrosse scenes were fun and very humorous.
  • Kira's parents have decided that the family is moving back to New York.  Needless to say, Kira really doesn't want to go.  And, we don't want her to either.
  • Scott and Kira shared a very awkward, chaste kiss, but they made up for it later with a hot, steamy one.  They still haven't DTR'd yet.
  • Scott bit Liam!  So, 1) we're gonna have a new member of the pack, and 2) we can expect the Calaveras to come knocking on his door pretty soon, as was promised in "The Dark Moon".

"Muted" was really good, but this week's episode was even better, filled with a lot of surprises.  

Let me give you the rundown...

"The Benefactor"

"Derek is Next"

Any episode of any television show that starts like this is good in my book:

Scenes like this one are how ships start, and they are the roots of kinky fanfiction.

But, I can't really blame Scott and Stiles.  Look at Liam, he's so cute.  I'd lock him away in my bathroom, too...

What is wrong with me?

Okay, so the show picks up right where we left off last week.  It's still the same night Scott bit Liam.  Scott and Liam have left the roof where the crazy last minutes of "Muted" took place, and now Liam is tied up in Scott's bathtub because Scott doesn't want him to freak out and go run off and tell people about the bite.

Back on the roof, the police are investigating Sean's death.  Sheriff Stilinski tells Deputy Parrish to clear everyone out because he is bringing in an expert to come evaluate a scene.  That expert happens to be Derek.  Derek looks around the crime scene, but we don't really learn anything from this scene that we didn't already know.

So, back at Scott's house, the boys take Liam out of the tub and sit him in a chair.  Stiles says that they are going to take the tape off of his mouth, but if he screams the tape will be put back on.  Liam doesn't scream.  "You've seen a lot of confusing things tonight.  And more confusing things are going to happen because of the confusing things that happened tonight," Stiles says.  Uh, isn't that Teen Wolf in a nutshell?

The boys try to explain the bite to Liam.  Scott tells Liam that the bite is going to change him.  "Unless it kills you," Stiles points out.

This bit of information causes Liam to start crying.  So, the boys untie him.  Scott asks Liam if he's okay and Stiles apologizes for what they've done.  Liam grabs the chair he was sitting in and hits Scott with it.  "Liam, what the hell is your--" Liam punches Stiles in the faces and races out of the bedroom.  Scott and Stiles chase him out into the hallway where they charge at him and everyone goes tumbling down the stairs.  The boys are all lying flat on the ground in pain.  Liam gets up to leave and Scott and Stiles grab for him.

Yep.  That was Scott's leg.  Liam got away.

This entire scene was extremely funny.  Stiles was being his perfectly silly self, and it was just perfection. 

Peter enters Derek's loft and calls out for his nephew.  He's just minding his own business, reading some papers, when all of a sudden:

I know everyone on this show hates Peter, but I love him. I mean, look at his expression when he gets stabbed in the chest. I'm not sure whether he's angry that he got stabbed, or angry that his reading was interrupted. I find his anger and his evil tendencies to be quite amusing, because most of the time I feel like it's just a front. He likes to act like he doesn't care about anything or anyone, but that's so not true.
The Mute steps forward out of the shadows. "Don't worry, Peter," he says (or rather, types) "Derek is next."

Please tell me Peter Hale is not dead! Say it ain't so.

The next day, Stiles and Malia are in his bedroom. Tonight is a full moon, so Stiles has gotten some chains to help restrain Malia when she Changes.

He's helping her try them out when Papa Stilinski comes to the door. From his perspective, it looks like his son and his son's girlfriend are about to engage in some very kinky, Fifty Shades of Grey type action.

"I don't even want to know." The Sheriff walks away. "There's nothing to know!" Stiles calls. Malia stares at him. "I don't get it," she says.  

I'm sorry, but Malia's cluelessness is so adorable. I think it's interesting how she can be so innocent, and yet have this wild animalistic nature.

At Beacon Hills High, Lydia and Kira are in some science class. Lydia is on her computer looking at her "math notes", or rather the crazy jumble of text that has been crawling around her mind lately.  Lydia is trying to decipher the text, thinking it is some kind of code.  She tells Kira that she thinks this code is an alteration of The Vigenère Cipher.

Kira asks her if she knows how to crack it. "With a key." Lydia says. Just then, a key dangles in front of her face. Oh, hey, it's Lydia's mom! 

She gives Lydia one of those "follow the rules" speeches about using their Lake House that night. No more than six people, no wine, and if anything gets broken, it's getting added to her credit card debt.

Lydia's only in high school and she's already got credit card debt? I literally got my first credit card a few months ago. I wish my mother was the Mayor of Mystic Falls. Wait, that's a different show...

Mrs. Martin also tells Lydia to lock up the basement because she's seen scratch marks on the walls and it looks like there have been wild animals down there. Little does she know.

For the past couple of months, Lydia has been hiding Malia out in her Lake House basement to Change on full moons.

Meanwhile, in the bus lot, three freshmen are headed towards school, and they are all very beautiful. 

There's Mason (Khylin Rhambo), Garrett who we saw in last week's episode (Mason Dye), and Garrett's girlfriend Violet (Samantha Logan). The three underclassmen are discussing their plans for the night. Garrett isn't up for movie night. He wants to party. But Mason reminds them that they're only freshman; they haven't been invited to any good parties, and they are definitely not getting into any clubs. So, they agree to disagree on having movie night. Garrett and Violet leave, and Liam comes running over to Mason, looking terrible. He tells Mason that he missed the bus, so he ran 3 miles to school.

Let me explain you a thing: When I was in high school, and I missed the bus, I would stare at it as it drove by. Then I would go sit down in my living room and turn on the TV. Sometimes I missed the bus on purpose just so I wouldn't have to go school. There was never anything happening at school that was important enough for me to run there. So, props to Liam. Clearly the kid cares about his education.

Mason asks Liam what happened to his arm. Liam looks at the bloody bandage that's wrapped there. And then he seems to be having a mini panic attack. His heart is beating fast, he's sweating and out of breath. Time seems to slow down. He looks up and sees Scott standing across the quad, so he dips.

Inside, Scott and Stiles catch up to him.  

I feel like Scott probably read this in some comic book or saw it on some movie.  Because it sounds very cheesy and just plain terrible.  

Scott tells Liam that something is happening to him, something big.  

"Nothing is happening to me." Liam refutes.  He removes the bandage from his arm to show them that the bite wound has completely healed. 

Yeah, kid, there is definitely something happening to you.

The Vixen

In the school parking lot, Malia, Stiles, Scott, Kira, and Lydia are hashing out plans for the night.  Malia isn't willing to share Lydia's basement with Liam on the full moon.  So, they are going to take Liam to the boat house near Lydia's Lake House and Malia can have the basement to herself.  But, how are they even going to get Liam to Lydia's place?  Stiles suggests kidnapping him again. Scott says no to that plan.  Lydia suggests that they tell him there's a party.  "You're going to ask out a freshman?" Stiles asks.  "No, I"m done with teenage boys," she tells him.

When she said this, the fangirl in me squealed.  If she's done with teenage boys, that suggests a greater likelihood that she and Deputy Parrish will hook up. Right? I SHIP IT!

Lydia suggests that since they are playing a trick on someone, they should pass the job of luring Liam to the party to the trickster--Kira.  Kira is a female fox, which makes her a vixen.  She can use some of that sex appeal to convince Liam to come to the party.  So, then, inside the school, this happens:


Liam rushes to Kira's aid and she tries to play it cool.   "Do you want to go to a party tonight?" she asks.

Back at Derek's loft, Peter is alive! The axe has been removed from his chest.  But, Derek tells him that the axe was laced with wolfsbane, so he is going to have to burn the wound.  If you recall, Derek did this to the twins back in "The Divine Move".

Derek holds up a lighter and Peter tells him that he can handle a little fire.  Then Derek grabs the blowtorch and Peter isn't so confident.  He screams as Derek puts the flame to his skin.

Afterwards, Peter tells Derek that The Mute said that he was going to come after him next.  Derek is curious as to how a person with no mouth can say anything.   Peter holds up a glove with a keypad attached. Apparently The Mute left it behind.  It's likely that he and Peter got into a scuffle and he dropped it or something.

It's night now and Kira and Liam are riding in her car to Lydia's Lake House.  Kira is playing the music extra loud, and it's bothering Liam.   He asks her to turn it down, but then he realizes that it's actually not loud.   It's those werewolf sense of his acting up.  Then his phone vibrates, and that's super loud, too.  He's got a text from Mason, asking where he is.

Scott pulls up to Lydia's Lake House where Stiles, Lydia, and Malia are waiting. Stiles tells Scott that he'd asked around about why Liam got kicked out of his last school. Apparently, he did this to his teacher's car, with a crowbar:

Anger problems, much?


Kira and Liam arrive at Lydia's and Liam is suspicious because there is no one there, and Kira told him that "everyone" was coming. She coaxes him into the house.

Everyone stands, waiting for him, intervention style.

Then we go through a supernatural roll call.  Scott the Werewolf.  Lydia the Banshee.  Malia the Werecoyote.  Kira the Fox.  And, Stiles...

Stiles is so cute!

Liam eyes the chains on the table, and asks if they're for him.  "No, they're for me," Malia says, her eyes glowing blue. Liam asks how she did that, and Scott tells him that he'll learn to do it, too.

 Liam's heart starts to pound in his chest. He's growing upset. He tells them that they are all psychotic nutjobs and that he's going to leave. In his angry rant, he grabs his ears and screams. Scott asks what's wrong. "Do you not hear that?" They look outside--there are cars pulling into the driveway. The sounds of the brakes and tires against gravel are amplified in Liam's ears. 

"Did you tell someone about this?" Lydia asks. Liam tells her that he told his friend Mason--Kira did tell him that this was a party--and Mason invited everyone. It is evident that Liam is starting to Change. Scott and Kira haul him off to the boathouse. Malia is also about to Change. Stiles grabs her chains, and turns towards the basement. Lydia asks what she's supposed to do.

"Lydia, who throws the best parties in Beacon Hills?" Stiles asks. "What? Me, obviously!"
"Okay, then throw a party," Stiles and Malia head downstairs.

Lydia goes over to the front door, where there are about 50 people, including Mason, Garrett, and Violet.  Tonight is their lucky night, because they won't be watching movies.

Let the party begin!

At the Sheriff's Station (where it is oddly still daytime?), Derek and Sheriff Stilinski are talking about The Mute.  The Sheriff asks Derek what kind of person runs around with a Tomahawk.  Deputy Parrish steps in, "I carried one for IED Removal in Afganistan. It's military, and so is that," he points to the weapon laying on the Sheriff's desk. He tells them that that one looks like it's been modified.

Deputy Parrish is able to find an IP address for The Mute's computer, so they should be able to find him. Then, this happens:

"What was that?" Derek asked.  It was creepy, that's what it was!

Deputy Parrish finds a message on the screen. "Benefactor: Money Transferred".

"What does that mean?" Derek asks.  He's just full of questions isn't he?  Less questions, more answers!

"It means this guy's not just a killer," the Sheriff says. "He's an assassin."

The Assassins

In the boathouse, Liam is losing control of himself, and Scott and Kira are unsuccessful at tying him up. Liam pounces on Scott. But, Kira comes to the rescue!

Now that Liam is knocked out, Scott and Kira manage to chain him up. They watch him, and Kira comments that he looks really young. Scott tells her that Liam is only 15, and there is a tinge of sadness in his voice, like he feels bad that he bit this poor kid.

Meanwhile, in the basement, Stiles is chaining up Malia. She tells him to leave, but he tells her that he's not going anywhere.

As time progresses, Malia starts to lose more and more control of herself.  She tells Stiles to leave again, but he tells her that he has social anxiety and he's not good at parties, so he'll just stay with her.  Malia says that she might hurt Stiles, and he tells her that she wont.  "But I want to," she says.  She wants to slash at his face and tear it and feel his bones crack between her hands...  This only makes Stiles slightly uncomfortable.  He tells her that she's not the first person to ever say something like that, and that he's not leaving her.  The leather straps on Malia's chains are beginning to rip, and soon her arms will be free.  Stiles might not have any choice but to leave.

Upstairs, Lydia is trying to manage her party.  A delivery man shows up with a keg of beer.   He hands her the bill.  Then, she sees Mason heading up stairs, so she goes after him, telling the delivery man she'll get him some cash.  When Lydia is gone, Garrett steps forward and pays for the keg.  How very kind of him.

Outside, the keg delivery guy is heading to his car when he sees that his tires are slashed.  The anger must trigger something in him, because before you know it, he's Changing.   Yep, the delivery guy is a werewolf!

But, he has a mantra, kind of like Derek's "Alpha, Beta, Omega" thing he had going in "117", that helps him regain control.

He falls to his knees and chants, "Three things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon, the Truth". (I kinda like that mantra!)

As the delivery man comes out of his Change, someone wraps a cord around his neck, a thermal garrote wire to be exact, and chokes him. Then, the wire burns through his neck and he is decapitated.

Take a guess to who this person is. I'll wait...


It's Violet! You know, Garret's girlfriend?  I was so shocked!

She snaps a picture of the delivery man's dead body, as proof of his death. Then she heads back into the party where she straightens her necklace (the wire she just killed a man with) and heads over to her boyfriend. Garrett tells her that their "friend" just sent him a text. It's a text message from The Benefactor. It says, "The money has been transferred into your account".

It appears that the Mute isn't the only assassin in Beacon Hills. And, I'm kind of freaking out, because these assassins are teenagers who go to school with Scott, Lydia, Kira, Malia, and Liam which means they will have plenty of opportunities to kill our faves.

I definitely wasn't expecting this plot twist.

Like, who do these kids think they are?  Bonnie & Clyde?

"I Got Your Text"

Mason is walking around Lydia's upstairs trying to find Liam. Lydia follows him into one of the rooms. She goes over and picks up two abandoned wine glasses, telling Mason that she may have seen his friend downstairs. As she grabs his arm to lead him out of the room, she drops the glasses.

She drops to the floor, panicking, and tries to clean up the mess. Mason tells her that it's okay, the stains will come out. Lydia is crying. She explains to him that the house is for sale, and that it has to be in perfect condition. Her family needs every penny they can get out of that place.  It appears that the Stilinskis aren't the only family in Beacon Hills that are having money issues.

Mason tells Lydia that he is going to go downstairs to get some club soda and salt to remove the stains. I didn't know club soda and salt removed wine stains. Boy, is this kid resourceful!

He leaves the room, closing the door behind him. When the door closes, the room is completely silent. Lydia can't hear any of the music coming from downstairs, which is weird considering how loud it is. She gets up and goes over to the door. She opens it and closes it a few times, and then she figures it out.

The room is sound proof.

What a great time for her banshee powers to activate.

Lydia notes a record player. She turns it on and it plays this weird broken sound, like a collection of whispers. And, as Lydia hears the voices, this happens:

I don't know how this girl deals with this mess.

Meanwhile, Kira and Scott are sitting in the boathouse, Liam is still knocked out. Scott tells Kira that he can hear the music from the house, it's electronic.  She tells him that she wishes they still played slow music at parties, because she's better at slow dancing.  We're sure, we've seen her moves before.

Scott turns on a slow song on his phone, and he and Kira dance.

Kira asks him about how he stays in control during a full moon. He tells her that it takes a lot of concentration. He has to make sure that his pulse and heart rate don't go up. Kira asks what will happen if she distracts him. She kisses him and he says that he's not distracted. She kisses his ear and he tells her there's still nothing. But, his eyes are glowing. She tells him that she also just heard him growl. But actually that wasn't him.

They turn to see that Liam is awake. He easily breaks free of his chains and jumps through the window of the boat house, taking off into the woods.

And, back in the basement, Malia breaks free of on of her chains. She reaches out to claw Stiles. Again, she tells him to run. Stiles refuses. He tells her that he knows what she is feeling. That she doesn't want to hurt him because of the way she hurt her family. He knows what it's like to hurt the people you love. He remembers being possessed and liking the torment he put his friends and family through. He felt powerful and in control. But control is overrated. Malia seems slightly calmer. Stiles releases her other arm, and she lunges for him. But, she doesn't hurt him. In fact, it's over.

At the high school, the Sheriff and Derek are looking for The Mute, because apparently he's been using the school's wifi to send messages.

I found this incredibly funny. Like, can you imagine this bad ass villain thinking, "Crap, I don't have a good Internet connection here. Starbucks is closed.  Guess, I'll just head over to the high school.  Their wifi is free." Haha! He's a villain, but he's still human, and in America. And, Americans need Internet.

Derek and the Sheriff notice a pool of blood coming out from under a classroom door. The weird thing about that is that Derek didn't smell it when they first got there. He says that he should have been able to smell it. Derek goes to the open the door, and the Sheriff stops him. "You nervous makes me nervous," the Sheriff says. He shines his light in the room, checks it out a little bit, and then he opens the door slowly. There is a wire attached to the knob. Derek peeps in and sees a contraption planted on a wall.

It's a bomb, but it doesn't go off. Because at that moment, Derek turns around to see The Mute who launches a tomahawk their way, but misses.

Liam is running through the woods and Scott is chasing after him. At one point, Scott loses him and then Liam jumps out at him. "This is your fault! You did this to me!" Liam yells. (That's the same thing he carved into his teachers car.)  He raises his hand, like he's about to claw Scott's face off. But then, an arrow comes out of nowhere, with bright sparks that blind him.   Liam runs off.

I squealed so hard at this moment. I was like "I know who it is! Is is Papa Argent? Is he back?" And, my little sister looked at me like I was crazy.

But, guess what? It was Papa Argent! Yay!

"I got your text," he says helping Scott to his feet.

Dead Pool

Back at the school, Derek is fighting with The Mute.  He manages to rid the man of his weapon and pin his arms behind him. "You have the right to remain silent," the Sheriff says.  Haha!  Good one, Sheriff.  Get it?  Because...he can't talk? ...

The Mute does not find this as funny as I do.

The Sheriff starts to handcuff The Mute. But, as he is doing so, someone appears down the hall. It's Peter. 

Peter charges at The Mute, and I literally mean charge--he was running like a football player!

"No, Peter, no!" Derek yells. But, Peter doesn't pay him any attention.  He beats the man to death and then wipes his hands clean of the blood.

"We've learned a better way," Derek says. "I'm a creature of habit," Peter replies.

Like, how can you not love Peter?

Papa Argent tells Scott he'll find Liam in a clearing in the woods a little north of them.  He tells Scott to talk to Liam.  Liam will listen to Scott if Scott "us[es his] own words". Scott takes off and he finds Liam, surrounded by some of Argent's omitters. Scott turns them off. Liam isn't a wolf anymore. He looks up at Scott: "What's happening to me?"

Liam tells Scott that he can't tell his parents that he's a monster. They were so ashamed of him when they found out about what he'd done to his teacher's car.  They definitely wouldn't be acceptable of this change.

"You're not a monster. You're a werewolf. Like me,"  Scott tells him, his eyes glowing red.

 ... Was this supposed to be inspirational?   Because that's literally all he said.  Scott is kind of terrible at giving speeches.

At the party, Kira finds Lydia in the sound proof room, listening to the record player. She asks Lydia what she hears. "The key, the key to break the code."

Lydia goes to her computer and enters the password on the screen that she was looking at earlier. The screen with all of the text that makes no sense.

The password is ALLISON. 

Can we talk about this for a second? I have been thinking, for quite some time, that The Benefactor is Gerard Argent, Allison's grandfather. I feel like The Benefactor is probably a character we already know, because if it wasn't, it wouldn't be such a big deal. The promos wouldn't ask us "Who is The Benefactor?" if The Benefactor is a character we've never met.

Now, the fact that the password is Allison tells us that The Benefactor has a connection to the Argents. I don't think it would be Chris Argent, because I don't think he would kill Derek or Scott or any of Allison's friends after what they've all been through together. Also, since Kate is a supernatural creature herself, I don't think that she'd try to kill all of the other supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills. But, you never know, the chick is cray. But, Gerard Argent...

We know he's not dead. He may be seeking revenge for Allison's death. Or, he may just want to kill supernatural creatures because...well, that's what he used to do for a living. And, the last time we saw him he was in a nursing or retirement home, so he probably isn't capable of carrying out the jobs himself. So, I think that Gerard is The Benefactor. I feel like all of the signs point to him. But, you never know. Jeff Davis is tricky.

The code on the screen turns to text, names with numbers beside them.

It's a list of all the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills.

"It's a dead pool," Lydia says, "And, we're all on it."

That was quite a good episode. I have so many questions!  Let's talk about them together!


  • Who is The Benefactor?  Do you think it's Gerard?
  • Why does The Benefactor want to kill all the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills?
  • Are you happy Papa Argent's back?
  • Where the heck is Danny?

Remember: No recap next week!

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Thanks for reading!

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