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'Teen Wolf' Recap | Peter Loses "117" Million!

"I have a 4.0 in AP Biology, and there are parts of the human anatomy I have never seen before on these walls."

It's 10pm.  Do you know who your parents are?  Yes, MTV, I do.  I also know that it's time for a new episode of Teen Wolf and not your endless promotion of Finding Carter.  (Not that I have anything against Finding Carter, it actually looks like a pretty interesting show.)  

Since we're on the subject of "finding" things, I should mention that we found out quite a bit in this week's episode of Teen Wolf.  For example, did you know that Kate Argent has a thing for 16-year-old boys?  Werejaguar, my behind -- that lady is a COUGAR!  Ha, get it?  

I'm terrible at jokes.  

So, let's talk about the thing I'm not terrible at: recapping episodes of Teen Wolf!

Previously on Teen Wolf

Last week, the gang went on a trip to Mexico (unbeknownst to their parents) in order to save Derek.  Here is what you need to know:
  • Two months have passed since the end of Season 3B.
  • We got to spend some time with the Calaveras, a Mexican family of hunters who are the real deal.  And, I have to admit that I kinda like Araya, the matriarch of the family, although she forced Kira to torture Scott.  I mean, she doesn't seem all bad.
  • Stiles and Malia are pretty much a thing.
  • Scott and Kira are not a thing.
  • Braeden is back and still kicking ass.
  • Kate Argent took Derek and turned him into Baby Derek (16-year-old Derek, that is).  And, we learn why in this week's episode!
So, let's get started...


Alpha, Beta, Omega

This week's episode started off with a flashback.  Viewers were taken back to the days when Derek was a student at Beacon Hills High School playing for the basketball team.  It is the night of a finals game, and Derek wants to play, but he can't get in control of himself.  It's a full moon, and he's fighting the Change.  Peter finds him in the locker room and chastises him for wanting to play even though he hasn't learned to control himself.  "Even born wolves have to learn control, Derek."  Peter makes Derek pull out his Triskelion, a tool that is supposed to help him learn control.  (It's basically a round disk that fits in the palm of your hand and has a triskele carving on the front.)  Derek tells Peter that the Triskelion doesn't work, but Peter makes him try anway.

"Alpha, Beta, Omega," Derek begins to chant.  And then he lets out a scream.  I would infer that Derek ended up changing, that the Triskelion still didn't help, but we don't see it happen.

Instead, we cut to a gas station, present day.  It is pouting down rain outside and there is a car, the front door open, the driver nowhere to be seen.  The gas station attendant comes out, and he hears something.  He goes over to the bathroom on the other side of the building and knocks on the door.  Inside, we see Kate Argent.  She stands at the sink, panting, and beneath the short, quick breaths we can hear growls.  She's struggling not to Change.  The gas station attendant continues to knock on the door, asking if she's alright, telling her to open up.  We see Kate's claws come out.  She looks at herself in the mirror, and she looks scared.  The attendant pulls out his key and unlocks the door, but it still doesn't open.   He threatens to call the cops and bangs on the door some more, and then it opens.  

Kate still stands at the sink.  The attendant asks her if she's okay.  She turns around.

This is definitely not the face of someone who is 'okay'.

Meanwhile, Baby Derek is pulled out of Stiles' Jeep and carried into Deaton's animal clinic.  They lay Derek out on the table and all Deaton can say is "Wow".  For the first time, Deaton admits that he has no clue what to do or what has happened to Derek.  Lydia touches Derek's hand and remarks that his skin is really cold.   Although Deaton doesn't know how to change Derek back, or if that's even possible, he offers to let him stay at the vet overnight so that Kate can't get to him (the clinic is likely lined with black mountain ash).

Deaton tells the kids to go home and get some sleep, they have school in the morning.  "You all need to start taking care of your own lives again."

Scott suggests that someone should stay with Derek.  Lydia, who is still holding his hand, offers to stay since her grades are fine and missing a day of school wouldn't really hurt her.  Stiles is not okay with that idea, but he doesn't get much say because Scott drags him out of the room.

Scott arrives at home and sees his dad asleep on the couch.  He accidentally trips over a box of tools, startling and waking his dad.  His dad reminds him that they were supposed to have dinner together.  Scott tells him that he had to go clinic after he and his friends got back from their "camping trip".  His dad asks if he ate.  Scott tells him he had Mexican.  Ha!  Get it?  Because he was in Mexico?  I'm so lame.  I'm sorry.

Back at the clinic, it's morning.  Lydia wakes up, having slept sitting up in a chair.  Deaton is checking Baby Derek's heart rate which is "alarmingly high".  And, Derek is also a little warmer now.  Deaton tells Lydia that he is going to try something.  He picks up a medical tool, like a scalpel, and drags it down Derek's arm.  The skin cuts, but doesn't bleed.  In fact, it heals only a second after Deaton cuts it.  Werewolves heal fast, but that was unusually fast.  Deaton wants to do some more experiments.  He and Lydia move over to a side table, gathering tools (and turning their backs on Derek!).  Derek's claws whip out and he stands up.  Deaton and Lydia turn around.  "Derek, calm down.  Derek.  It's us.  Derek.  Derek.  Derek."  But, Derek doesn't seem to recognize them.  I mean, his vision is all red, and all he can really make out is two sets of yellow eyes. He lashes out a Deaton, cutting his arm with his claws, and then he leaves.

Stiles is Always the Little Spoon.  Always.

When we return from commercial break, Stiles and Scott are at school, and they're having this conversation:

Of course Stiles is the little spoon!  I'm not surprised.

Scott asks Stiles if this means that he and Malia are basically a thing now.  They are, but Stiles feels bad.  He says that Malia always looks at him like she knows he isn't telling her something.  "Scott, we have to tell her."  I'm assuming they are talking about the fact that Peter is her real father, not that crazy looking guy who also played a semi-crazy priest on The Originals!

In class, Mr. Yukimura is talking about US Presidents.  He asks a very vague question that I'm not sure I even know the answer to (should I really be admitting that?), a bunch of people raise their hands, and in typical annoying teacher fashion, he calls on the one student who hasn't a clue what's going on: Malia.  Malia, who is so adorable sitting with a highlighter in her mouth and highlighting aimlessly on her paper.  Malia, who doesn't know a thing about US Presidents.  Malia, who's been living in the woods all her life.  I mean, I'm pretty sure coyotes don't get CNN or The History Channel in the woods.  

Can we talk about the fact that she had the highlighter in her mouth?  I mean, who else do we know who uses their mouth as an extra hand?

Oh right, that guy!  Isn't it cute how his ways, even the most subtle gestures, are rubbing off on her?

Moving on.... So, yeah, Malia obviously didn't know the answer to the question.  Meanwhile, Stiles and Scott's phones are going off, and Mr. Yukimura gives a warning.  Another phone goes off, and Mr. Yukimura get's upset.  "I said phones off!"  Then Kira informs him that that was actually his phone.  Oops.  He checks it and tells Scott to call Lydia.  

Scott and Stiles arrive at the clinic where Lydia is patching up Deaton's arm.  Since Derek attacked Deaton, it can be assumed that he is not only young in body, but also young in mind.  He's not going to remember Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Deaton or anyone else.  Or anything that's happened in the past three seasons.  

So, where could Derek have gone?  A wolf always goes back to its den, but Derek wouldn't go back to the loft because he doesn't remember it.  He would go back to the Hale House, which has been burned down for years.  If Derek doesn't remember that his house burned down then he definitely doesn't remember that his family is dead.  Imagine having to relive that tragedy.  Deaton tells Scott and Stiles that they need to get to the house before Derek does, but he's already there.


Derek is surprised to find the house burned down.  Viewers are surprised to find it bulldozed.  A lot of important moments took place in the burned Hale House!  That's where Scott got his tattoo, and where Allison's dad tied her to her chair and left her to fend for herself, and where other fun memories were made.  

Deputy Parrish and some other, very rude and douchey Deputy arrive at the Hale House.  They start questioning Derek about what he's doing there, because technically he is trespassing.  Derek asks them where his family is.  His family hasn't been there in years, of course, so the deputies are a little confused.  But, the rude deputy who doesn't even deserve to be named, imho, doesn't have the patience for Derek's questions.  He grabs Derek's arm and Derek grabs him back.  Derek is much stronger.  The deputy uses his other hand to pull out a taser and tase Baby Derek although Deputy Parrish tells him to stand down.  Ugh, this guy is so going on my kill list.

Second Notice

At the Police Station, Deputy Parrish and that other one are looking at the results of Baby Derek's prints.  Of course, the prints match Adult Derek Hale, but that doesn't make any sense to the police.  Then Sheriff Stilinski walks by...

 Yeah, Sheriff, it's him.  Our minds were kind of blown, too.

I think we should take this moment to notice how perfect the casting of Ian Nelson as Baby Derek is.   Kudos to the Casting Director of this show, man.  He looks like he could be Tyler Hoechlin's kid.

Scott and Stiles arrive at the Station just in time, cause they've got some 'splainin' to do.

Sheriff Stilinski asks the boys if they've been time travelling or swimming in the fountain of youth.  Those would both be logical explanations, and I wouldn't be surprised if those became plots of the show sometime later in the future.  But, no, there are no real logical explanations for what has happened to Derek.

Scott and Stiles talk with Baby Derek privately in the Sheriff's office.  They tell him that he has lost some memory, but they can help him get it back.  Scott shows Derek that he is an Alpha, which I assume reassures Derek that he can trust Scott?  Meanwhile, Stiles is sitting on his dad's desk where he notices a piece of mail.  It's a pink envelope, and it's from Eichen House.  The words SECOND NOTICE are stamped on it.  Why has Papa Stilinski yet to pay his son's Eichen House fees?

Derek asks Scott where his family is.  Scott starts to tell him, but then he can't go through with.  He says that there was a fire, but Derek's family is fine, they had to move out of Beacon Hills.  I can't blame him.  Baby Derek was looking at him with puppy dog eyes, and...ugh, no.  You just can't break the kid's heart like that.

Scott tells Stiles to take Baby Derek to his house and not to let him out of his sight.  Meanwhile, Scott is going to talk to Peter Hale.  Visits to see Peter are always fun.

Lydia and Kira pull up to a gas station.  So nice to see them bonding:)  Kira is having some relationship issues, because she and Scott haven't really DTR'ed yet.  (That's Define The Relationship.  I learned that one from Cassandra Clare!)  Kira is worried that Scott is pissed at her because she had to torture him last episode, by Lydia assures her that she shouldn't worry because she was forced to do it.  "Just remember, you're a katana-wielding, badass kitsune.  He couldn't be more into you."  Lydia is so good at peptalks.  Where is she when I'm feeling lost and insecure?

Lydia gets out to pump some gas, and Kira reaches up in the visor to get the card to pay.  As she does this, she notices that Lydia's tank is actually full.  She is in the middle of informing her of such when she realizes that she is talking to herself.  She gets out of the car to find that Lydia is nowhere in sight.  Kira walks around the side of the building, where Lydia stands staring at something.  Kira moves over to see what she is looking at.  It's the dead body of the man Kate killed (the photo from this scene is that at the beginning of this recap).  There is blood everywhere.  It's like Kate literally ripped out the man's organs and used them to smear his blood on the walls.  It's quite gross--typical Teen Wolf style.

Satin in a V-Neck

Scott pulls up to meet Peter and he finds Malia waiting for him.  She's not letting Scott go in to talk to "satin in a v-neck" alone.  

One of the best moment's of this week's episode was when Peter and Malia met.  Of course, Malia does not know that this is her father, but Peter is very much aware that she is his daughter.

Not gonna lie, I cannot wait for Malia to find out that Peter is her father.  How do you think she's going to react to that news?

They ask Peter what he knows about people getting turned by a scratch (I swear, if I have to hear someone ask this question again--!).  He tells them that it is extremely rare, and that the claws have to go deep.  Like, if you clawed out someone's throat.... Oh, crap.  I did that.

"Can someone in this town stay dead?" Peter asks.  I think everyone has pretty much stayed dead, but him.  Kate didn't technically die, so...  Yeah, he's the only person who's come back from the dead.  (Thank goodness for that.  I wouldn't want this to turn into The Vampire Diaries, where everyone dies and comes back to life and dies again. Ugh, that's no fun anymore.)

Why would Kate turn Derek into a teenager again?  His eyes are blue, which means that he is at the age after Paige's death (remember her, his first love?).  So, he's probably around the age when he first met Kate.  "Derek and Kate knew each other?" Scott asks.  "Biblically," Peter answers.  No wonder she was so comfortable licking his abs back in Season 1.  

Peter begins to think things through.  If Derek didn't remember the fire then he didn't remember that it was Kate who set it.  Kate took Derek back to the time when he knew her, and when he trusted her.

Meanwhile, Stiles and Baby Derek arrive at Scott's house.  And, what do you know?  Papa McCall is there, being a buzzkill per usual.  Not that there's a party going on, but this guy just makes everything a lot  He is such a parent.


They brought back the Cousin Miguel joke from Season 1!  

Stiles, Baby Derek/Cousin Miguel, and Papa McCall sit at the kitchen table eating Chinese.  Derek realizes that Papa McCall is an FBI agent, and he starts questioning him about his investigations.  Does he know anything about the Hale family, perhaps?  Of course he does! He doesn't know that story?

Upstairs, Derek slams Stiles against the wall. (So many new fanfiction stories are going to come out of this.  I just know it.)  He now knows that his family is dead, and he wants to talk to the Alpha.  Stiles tells him not to move, and he goes downstairs to get his phone and call Scott.

While Stiles is gone, Baby Derek gets another visitor--Kate Argent.  She comes in through Scott's bathroom window.  She is the first person he has actually recognized all day.  So, it's not really a surprise when Stiles comes back upstairs that Derek has left with her.  Kate smiles at Stiles as she jumps out of the window.


Peter, Scott, and Malia decide that they need to go after Kate.  But, Scott thinks that they should be smart about this.  They should try to figure out where she's going.  Peter points out that they aren't exactly geniuses, so Scott suggests that they call one: Lydia.

During this call, Lydia gives them the 411 on what's happened at the gas station.  She takes a few pictures on her phone and sends them to Scott.  It's clear from the evidence of this unfortunate incident that Kate does not know how to control herself on a full moon.  So, maybe she wants the Triskelion from Derek so that she can learn?  Ding ding ding!

Cut to Beacon Hills High School where Kate and Derek are talking.  Kate wants Derek to take her to his family vault, but he's not too sure about that.  How does she even know about the vault?  "Because you told me.  Don't you remember?"  He shakes his head.  "Do you remember this?"

And then, she kisses him.  Full on.  On the mouth!   It's so weird.  Like, I'm not even gonna find a gif for that because I really don't want to see it again.  It seems Jeff Davis will do anything for shock factor these days.  Kate tells Derek that all they have to do is get inside the vault, get the Triskelion, and everything will be back to normal.  Hopefully that includes Derek no longer being a Baby.

It turns out that Derek's family vault is located underneath the Beacon Hills High School sign.  With lock activation via Hale werewolf claws, the sign turns 180 degrees to reveal a stairwell that leads underground.  Derek and Kate head inside.

Meanwhile, Scott, Peter, and Malia have arrived at the school.  Malia catches a scent, and it happens to be one that she came across in Mexico, the one that smelled like "death".  She knows that whatever creature she got into a scuffle with back in Mexico is here in Beacon Hills now.  Peter asks if the creature was wearing a skull over it's face.  It sure was.  What are they?  Berserkers.

A Berserker appears--it looks like a tall, dirty, muscled man wearing animal bones over his body.  Malia's instinct is to go after the Berserker.  I mean, there's only one of him to three werewolves.  But, Peter holds her back, telling her that since there is just one, the might have "a chance".  "To beat him?" Malia asks.  "To survive," Peter answers.  And then, Peter takes off running, leaving Scott and Malia (his own child!) to pretty much fend for themselves.  I mean, maybe he expected them to follow.  But, he didn't even yell "follow me" or "come on" or anything.  His run was an 'every man for himself' kind of run, and I died laughing!

Let's Get Angry

Malia and Scott are running from the Berserker behind them when, you guessed it, another appears before them.  They are trapped.

Meanwhile, Peter has just entered the vault where Derek has just handed Kate the Triskelion.  She remarks that it doesn't look like much and Peter tells her that that's because it isn't.  He tells her that he basically bought it someplace, proof being that it says "Made in China" on the back.  It's just a pendant to focus on during the full moon, or "training wheels" as Peter calls it.  Derek seems just as surprised as Kate by this tidbit of information.  The group can hear roaring upstairs where Scott and Malia are having it out with the Berserkers.  Unfortunately, they are not winning.

Kate grabs Baby Derek and asks him if the Triskelion is real.  He tells her that he doesn't know and he doesn't care; Scott's in trouble.  Then he dashes off to go help his friend.  This scene was really heartwarming to me because I love Scott and Derek's relationship.  They're like brothers, and even Derek's Curious Case hasn't changed that chemistry they have.

Stiles and Lydia arrive with Stiles' trusty bat.

Lydia tells him that he needs to find a better weapon.

Uh, I beg to differ.  Did you see how Stiles swung that metal bar into that wall in the basement of Eichen House back in "Echo House"?  That kid's got quite an arm.

And then, when it seems that there is nothing else that Scott and Malia can do, Kira appears with her katana, looking incredibly fierce.  But, she's not fierce enough, because a Berserker slaps her to the side.  These Berskers are no joke.  I'M SCARED!

And then, Baby Derek comes out of nowhere, doing backflips and cartwheels and all these cool fighting tricks.  As he fights the Berserkers, he starts to get angry.  And, we see Baby Derek starting to morph into Adult Derek.  (It was some really weird CGI, man.)

Baby Derek roars and the Berserkers run away.  (Is that really all it takes to get rid of these things?  I mean, Scott did that back in Mexico and it worked.  Maybe he should have just tried that again.)

Derek stands up and turns around:

The good news:  Derek is no longer a Baby!

The bad news:  His eyes are gold now.  This actually might not be bad news, but I don't know what it means, so until it's clarified, it's bad news.  Hopefully it doesn't mean that he's been knocked down another notch on the werewolf totem pole.  I mean, we've seen this guy with red eyes, blue eyes, and now gold.  I can't keep track.

Kate and Peter are still inside of the vault talking.  Peter is telling her that he taught Derek to learn to control himself by focusing on emotion--specifically anger.  "Do you want to get angry, Kate?  LET'S GET ANGRY!"  This was also another line that made me laugh.  Not the line itself, but the delivery of it.  Ian Bohen just cracked me up in this episode.  Love him.

Both Kate and Peter whip their claws out, and they look like they literally want to fight to the death.  But then, two flash grenades are thrown inside the vault.  They are blinded and choke on the smoke.  I wonder if these were special grenades with like, wolfsbane or something?

Kate runs out of the vault.  Peter is still struggling on the floor when someone else comes in.  He has on a pair of dress shoes and pants.  We don't see this person's face.  But, we can guess that it is... THE BENEFACTOR.  Dunh, dunh, dunh!

So, The Benefactor goes over to what looks like a safe, opens it, and pulls out a large briefcase.

Apparently, that briefcase is filled with bonds.

"Are you saying you got robbed?" Stiles asks Peter later with a smile that gives away his amusement.  (It's hard not to find pleasure in Peter's pain.)  Peter tells Stiles that this was not a robbery, it was a heist.  Someone planned this.

"How much did they take?"  Lydia asks.

"117." Peter tells him. But, not $117,00.  No, no.  $117,000,000.

So, in case you were ever wondering--yes, the Hales are LOADED!

No wonder Derek has that fancy loft and fancy car.


I really enjoyed this week's episode.  Again, I feel like we are getting set-up for a very suspenseful and action-packed season.

I especially loved learning more about the Hale family this episode.  I feel like they have a very interesting history that will be very fun to delve into, and I'm happy Jeff Davis decided to do so.  I feel like Derek takes the back burner sometimes, only showing up when people need help or when the kids need a loft to party in.  So, it's refreshing that he's getting some spotlight!

So, next week...  Oh, who care's what's happening next week?  Just give me lacrosse and new, hot characters PLEASE!


--Why are Derek's eyes gold?
--Are the Stilinskis broke?
--How do you think Malia is going to react to finding out that Peter is her father?
--Who is the Benefactor?

Sorry again for the late upload!

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