Wednesday, July 9, 2014

'Teen Wolf' Recap | Meet the "Muted" Villain

"It's okay to want something for yourself once in a while.
 Team captain, Alpha werewolf.  You're still only human."

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Last night's episode of Teen Wolf did not disappoint.

There was romance, horror, comedy, a new creature--all that good stuff.  But, most importantly, we got a new ship!  Or, at least I'm shipping it.

In case you haven't guessed, it's Deputy Parrish and Lydia!  Parrish + Lydia=Parrydia (well, that's what I'm calling it anyway).

But, look at them.  How could you not ship this?  I mean, yeah, he's like 24 and she's in high school, but...okay, it's totally unethical, I guess.  But, I ship it.  Don't judge me.

You know that any episode of Teen Wolf that provides viewers with a new ship has to be gold.  That means we're swimming in uncharted territory, that we are getting a lot of new material.  And, that was exactly the case with "Muted".  So, keep reading because you are gonna want all the deets on this one.

Previously On Teen Wolf

Last week, the gang returned from Mexico with Baby Derek in tow.  Here is what we learned:
  • Kate Argent does not know how to control the Change
  • Stiles is always the little spoon.  Always.
  • Sheriff Stilinski is behind on his Eichen House bills.
  • Kate and Derek used to know each other... Biblically.
  • Berserkers are very ugly and look like they smell terrible, but they are incredibly strong.  Yet, they are frightened by werewolf roars.
  • Derek is back to normal, no longer a teenager, but his eyes are gold and we have no idea why.
  • The Hales are rich--or, at least they were until $117 million was stolen from them.
"117" was a great set-up for this week's thrilling episode.

Let's talk about...


"Are You Ready, Sean?" 

This week's episode starts off with a mini-horror movie.

We meet Sean, a new character who is standing outside in the dead of night looking for his cat, Willow.  When Willow doesn't turn up, Sean heads back inside.  He calls out to his mom and tells her that he can't find the cat.  He receives no answer.  He announces to an eerily quiet house that he is going to bed.   Once in his room, Sean climbs into bed.  That's when he sees red pawprints on his carpet, leading underneath his bed.  He leans over the edge and peaks underneath.  There sits Willow.  Sean grabs a light so that he can see her better, and he finds that she is covered in blood.  (Not her blood.  The cat's fine.)

Then, as if finding a bloody cat isn't creepy enough, we hear screams.  And these are screams of bloody murder, literally.  Sean opens his door and steps out into the hallway.  He sees a man standing across the way, holding an axe.  The man also doesn't have a mouth which is very unnerving.

Meet The Mute.

Sean runs back into his room and slams the door.  The man begins to type, and we hear a robotic, chilling voice:  "Hello, Sean.  I just killed your family.  Do you want to die like them?  Begging for your life?"  He tells Sean to smash the mirror and use a piece of broken glass to defend himself.  "Are you ready, Sean?  Because here I come."  We hear the sound of breaking glass.  The man opens the door, but Sean is gone.  He didn't smash the mirror, he smashed the window.  We see him, running down the street.  Yes!  He got away!  

This was a really good opening.  I am loving Teen Wolf's return to the horror movie lifestyle.

Meanwhile, at Derek's loft, Peter, Derek, and Braeden are negotiating.  They want Braeden to find Kate for them.  But, the thing is, Braden's already been hired to find Kate by the Calaveras.  So, if the Hales want her first, they're going to have to pay--a lot.  Peter writes down an offer and pushes it towards Braeden.  She pushes it back.  He tries again, no beans.  Derek assures Braeden that they will pay the amount she requests.  The amount is never stated, but it is one that causes Peter to ask Derek if he is.  He's not.  He's just determined to find out who told Kate about the vault, because that's likely who took the bonds.  Peter grabs Derek, and Derek growls at him, his eyes glowing yellow.  "What happened to your eyes?" Peter asks.  "I don't know.  But, I'm willing to pay to find out," Derek responds.

At school, Scott and Stiles are headed out to the lacrosse field to get a bit of practice in before school starts.  Scott is telling Stiles that he has been trying to reach Chris Argent, but he isn't responding.  So, he texted him to let him know that his dead sister is alive.  He couldn't afford the phone call to France.  Stiles understands that problem.  His father can't afford to pay his Eichen House bills, and let's not forget about that MRI he had--those things are pretty expensive.  On the field, the boys notice the very beautiful Garrett (Mason Dye) and the talented goalie he's launching lacrosse balls at, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry).  YASSS! Give me all of the hot new characters.  I am loving this episode already, and it just started. I don't think my eyes can handle all of the beauty in this scene.

But, wait, there's more...

At the hospital, Mama McCall is talking to that very hot vampire hunter who got killed by Elena on The Vampire Diaries. (Why is Teen Wolf always dipping into The Vampire Diaries' killed-off-cast pool?) Hey, if you can't make it as a vampire hunter in Mystic Falls, try for a new path in another deadly supernatural town.  Now Todd Williams is playing a doctor in Beacon Hills! 

The doctor tells Mama McCall that she should go home and get some sleep. Just then, Sean enters the hospital, shirtless, blood on his hands, and collapses to the ground.  This guy knows how to make an entrance.

"Never Heard Anything So Irresponsible In My Life"

At the hospital, Mama McCall opens a body bag.  It's the body of a woman, covered in blood, long deep cuts on her body.  We can assume that this is Sean's mother.  Looking at the body, Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski understand why Sean isn't speaking to the psychiatrist--he's in shock and he probably will be for a while.  Sean's mother, father, and older brother are all dead.  He was the youngest, and the only one to survive.  Now, it's time to figure out who, not what, did this to them.  Because, it's clear looking at the wounds that this was a crime committed by a person.  

At the Yukimura house, Mama Yukimura calls to Kira to hurry or she'll be late for school.  Kira leaves the house.  A second later, she reappears, holding a FOR SALE sign in her hands.  What is that doing in their front yard?  Turns out, the Yukimuras are moving back to New York.  Say it ain't so!  Kira doesn't want to leave.  She has friends here.  And, she has Scott.   Her mother reminds her that Scott is not her first boyfriend, and he won't be her last.  Kira states that Scott isn't even her boyfriend.

Boyfriend or not, Scott isn't the average guy.  Not only does he know about, accept, and appreciate Kira's kitsune powers, he has powers of his own.  And, they bond over their supernatural abilities, their oddness.  It would suck to take that away from the both of them.  Don't do it, Jeff Davis.

Next, we get a locker room scene!  Those are the best;)

Liam is putting on a shirt (why?) when he is accosted by Stiles and Scott.  "What was that out there?" Stiles asks him, referring to the fact that Liam caught every ball that was thrown at him.  Liam tells him that he was playing goalie, that was his job.  But, Liam is unusually good at his job.  Stiles and Scott continue asking questions.  We learn that Liam is a freshman.  He got kicked out of Devenford Prep, so he came to Beacon Hills.  His stepfather has helped him learn lacrosse, having made captain as a sophomore when he was in high school, just like Scott.  Turns out that Liam is "just that good" when it comes to lacrosse.

Malia is reluctant to go to math class because she doesn't understand anything. And, I can't blame the girl. I hate math with a passion, and I've been in school for 15 years! 

Malia gets called on, along with Lydia and another student, to solve the problems that are on the board. Malia doesn't know the answer, so when the teacher isn't looking, Lydia tells her "x=25". (She's lucky she doesn't have to show her work! I mean, what kind of school is this where you can just give answers without proof of how you got them?  Wish I'd went to Beacon Hills High.)

Stiles gets a text that reads: TRIPLE HOMICIDE DEVELOPING.  He meets Kira and Scott in the hallway after class.  There is a "family-murdering axe murderer" on the loose and Stiles thinks that the gang should do something about it.  But, Scott reminds him that they have class in five minutes.  Maybe they should let the adults handle this one.  

"So, the two of you, you just want to stay here at school, go to class?" Stiles asks.  Kira and Scott nod.  "Never heard anything so irresponsible in my life."  Ha!  I love that the gang has become so involved in crime fighting and world saving that school hardly even seems like a priority anymore.  Go to school while a murderer runs lose?  What kind of teenager would do such a thing?

Scott asks Kira if the thing she wanted to talk about (her moving away) can wait until after lacrosse tryouts.  She tells him sure.

Ha!  Haha!  Hahahahaha!  This moment was so hilarious.  Kira's face at that kiss was priceless.  And, the fact that it took Scott so long to realize what he had done?  This was great!  What was Scott thinking with that one?  Also, what's up with Scott's hair this season?  It makes me think of 90s gel hairstyles (if you guys were alive back then) and not in a good way.

But, forget about Scott's hair.  We can talk about that later.  There are more important, weird things happening right now.  Like this:

Yeah, the creepy guy is still creepin'.  He's sitting in his lair, on his computer (not Catfishing young girls, surprisingly).  He puts that tube in his neck, because he's gotta eat somehow, right?  But, the thing is, whatever is going into his throat doesn't look like food.  In my opinion, it looks like blood.  But, I really don't know what it is, that's just a guess.

Also, he's not surfing Facebook and looking at funny cat videos on YouTube.  He's looking at a bunch a jumbled letters and symbols.  At first I thought it was a bunch of HTML code, but it doesn't even seem to be that.

I have no idea what to make of this scene other than this: it. was. CREEPY.

I think this is the first Teen Wolf villain who actually scares me.  He gives me the hebejebes.

"All Positions are Open"

At the Sheriff Station, Sheriff Stilinski is telling Deputy Parrish that he wants the crime site of Sean's house clear.  No one else should go to it.  Deputy Parrish is sure that they are missing something.  They've got no leads on who could have done this.  That's why Agent McCall is bringing in an expert from Quantico, a US Marshal.  The camera pans to Braeden who is standing at the front desk, holding a badge and announcing herself as the US Marshal they'd called on.  Mercinary, US Marshal--this chick must have a killer resume.  I wonder if she'll give me tips after I graduate?  (BTW, Braeden's not really a US Marshal.  She's just a really good liar.)

We get yet another locker room scene.  Two in one episode?!  What have we done to deserve this kindness?  Scott and Stiles are talking about Scott's kiss with Kira, which was their first kiss since their first kiss...(yeah, I was a bit confused at first, too).  Stiles tells Scott that it's good that they kissed.  But, Scott says that it wasn't really a kiss.  It was on the lips, but there was no tongue.  It was a chaste kiss, like kissing your grandmother.  No one wants to be kissed like they're someone's grandmother.

A whistle blows, Coach Finstock is making an announcement.  He states that this lacrosse season will be a rebuilding season.  Jackson's gone.  Isaac's gone.  And Greenberg, the one person he wanted gone, got held back (LOL).  Coach tells Scott that he's on the team, but he's not captain.  All positions are open.  Liam overhears this, and he looks like he's ready to take that title.

Outside, Malia and Kira are sitting in the stands watching the try-outs.  And, Stiles is struggling to keep up.

I can relate.

This was me in gym class when I was in high school.  Literally.  I feel your pain, Stiles.

Meanwhile, Liam is off to the side getting his push-ups in, and he doesn't look like he's even breaking a sweat.  "What, is he like a were-cheetah?" Stiles asks.  Ha!  Not exactly, but we will be introduced to a new creature shortly.

Next there is throwing practice.  Stiles grabs his stick and throws the ball right into the net of the goalie's stick.  (Please do not chew me up and spit me out if I have the lacrosse terminology all wrong.   I know pretty much nothing about lacrosse other than what I see on Teen Wolf.  I'm from North Carolina.  We're all about basketball here.)  Liam is next.  His ball flies straight past the goalie and he scores (well, not technically, because this is just try-outs.  But, you know what I mean.)  It seems that Liam isn't just good at being a goalie; he's perfect at everything.  "I hate this kid," Stiles tells Scott.  Scott tells Stiles that he doesn't have to hate him, they do need new players on the team.  "What about a new captain?" Stiles asks, because it looks like Liam is about to take his spot.  

Scott is up next.  He's wearing a mask of concentration as he throws the ball...

And, it hits the outer rim of the goal.  Ooooh, and he tried so hard.

Everyone laughs.  "Nice, McCall!" Garrett calls.  "Hey, Garrett," Stiles says, "Shut up."  I love how he had his bro's back in that moment.  Don't talk about Stiles' best friend--he will take a bat to your face!

Next, we get a montage of Liam making goal after goal after goal.  And, Scott makes none.

"Dude, what's wrong with you?" Stiles asks Scott.  Scott tells him that he is having a really off day.  "You are the Alpha," Stiles reminds him.  Scott reminds him that he's a human on the field.  If he uses his wolf powers, he would be cheating.  But, if Scott doesn't do something, Liam is going to steal all of the glory.  Scott looks over at Liam who is being cheered on by his teammates.  Scott's eyes glow red and then we cut to commercial.

A Ship Sets Sail

When we come back from commercial break, Stiles is trying to convince Scott that it would be okay to use his werewolf power.  Technically, they don't know if Liam is a wolf.  If he is, then he's cheating, and Scott would only be cheating the cheater.  So, that balances out, right?  

Scott tells Stiles that Liam isn't a wolf, he would catch a scent if he was.  Maybe Scott needs to get closer?  And, Coach gives him the perfect opportunity to do so, because he puts Scott and Stiles at the goal for two-on-ones.  (This means that Scott and Stiles defend the goal as other players individually try to get through them to score.)

First up is Garrett.  He rushes at Scott and Stiles, and Scott knocks his net out of his hand.  "That's my boys!" Coach yells.  "Those two are like sons to me."  Coach always gets the best lines.  Two more players charge at Scott and Stiles and they are easily taken down.  

Are you guys having flashbacks to Season 2 when Scott knew that there was another werewolf on the team (Isaac), and he would tackle and sniff them in order to figure out who it was?  That seems like such a long time ago.

Now it's Liam's turn.  He jumps over Stiles, ducks Scott, and makes a goal.

"That was luck!" Malia calls from the bleachers.  She demands a do-over, although Coach tells her that there are no do-overs in try-outs.  "Ten bucks on Scott and Stiles." She says.   You know a man can't turn down a good bet: "I'll take that action," Coach says.  

Liam runs again; Stiles misses him, but Scott doesn't.  He sends him flying through the air, and when he crashes to the ground we hear the sound of bone cracking.  Scott and Stiles run over to help Liam up.  He says that he's hurt his leg, so they take him to the nurse's office.

In his frustration, Coach throws one of the lacrosse balls.

Kira's gonna be on the team!  I'm so exciteddd!  #GirlPower  #ICanDoAnythingYouCanDoBetter

OMG, do you guys remember those commercials with Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan and they'd say, "I can do anything you can do better, I can do anything better than you.  No you can't.  Yes I can."  No?  Just me?  I just thought of that.  So weird.  Those commercials are really old.  I'm old.  I guess that explains why I'm rambling.

Scott meets Kira in the hallway at school and tells her that he and Stiles are taking Liam to the hospital because he could have a break or a sprain.  So, can the thing they need to talk about wait a little longer?  Kira nods, but her eyes look so sad.  Scott tells her that he is sorry that he made things awkward and weird with that kiss earlier, and then he leaves.  Kira sits on the stairs, looking dejected.  Scott comes back.  "You know what?  I'm not sorry."  And, he kisses her.  

They are so cute!

Meanwhile, at Derek's loft, he is talking to Braeden.  He has his back turned to her as he flips through some papers and she changes out of her US Marshals gear.  When I first watched this scene, I thought that they had just done the do.  But, no, she's only changing her clothes here.  

The file Derek is going through is the police report of the murder of Sean's family.  He notices that the report says that the killer used an axe.  Braeden corrects him: the killer used a military tomahawk.  But that detail isn't in the report.  Derek wants to know what else Braeden knows.  But she can't tell him anything because she doesn't know much. Plus, the people she needs to talk to in order to get more information don't talk to people like Derek. "You want me to wait on you?" Derek asks.

"I need you to trust me." Braeden says. Because she knows what he really wants, what Kate stole. She says something in another language which means:

Derek tells her she has a week to get back to him.

I feel like there is a lot of sexual tension between these two.  I hope they become a thing.  They're totally gonna be a thing, right?

Elsewhere, Deputy Parrish sits outside of the house where Sean's family was killed, flipping through crime scene photos. There are no other police there, but Parrish seems like he really wants to solve this one. He and Stiles should hang out.

Parrish notices, through the house's front door window, that someone is walking around inside.  He goes in, his gun drawn. "This is a crime scene! Show yourself!" he announces. Someone steps forward, and he points his gun.  It's Lydia.

Look at how Lydia appraises him in that fourth gif!   Say what you will, but I feel there are some very flirtacious undertones to this conversation.  I don't care what you think of me:  I SHIP PARRYDIA.  PARRYDIA NEEDS TO HAPPEN STAT.  Lydia needs a love interest, Parrish needs more screen time--I mean, it's a win-win.  

Lydia moves over to a wooden wall where the print appears to be people's faces, their mouths agape, crying out.  (I have a lot of wood paneling in my house and I will never be able to look at it the same.  I will have nightmares about this.)  Lydia pushes on the wall and reveals a secret passage way.  She and Deputy Parrish head inside.

It's dark, quiet, and creeeeepy.  Parrish finds a light switch.  Judging from the mist that surrounds them, and the fact that Lydia is wrapping her arms around herself, we can assume that they are in a cold room.  There are bags hanging all around.  Deputy Parrish says that he thinks the room is a game locker, for venison (deer meat).  Parrish unzips one of the bags, and what's inside is definitely not venison.  It's a dead woman.

This episode grows more terrifying by the second.

"Play Smart, Not Hard"

Back at the hospital, Mama McCall is talking to Sean who tells her that he doesn't want to eat or talk. She heads into the hall where Scott and Stiles are with Liam. Scott feels guilty about what happened to Liam. But, Stiles reminds his best friend that "it's okay to want something for [him]self once in a while.  Team Captain, Alpha Werewolf.  [Scott's] still only human".  Stiles leaves to go help Malia study.

Meanwhile, no one has come to the Yukimura's open house.  Papa Yukimura shows Mama Yukimura the broken FOR SALE sign that no one probably saw.  Of course this was Kira's doing.  She is upstairs twirling her lacrosse stick when her mother yells her name.  Kira smiles.  What a sneaky little fox.

At the Stilinski house, Stiles and Malia are working on math when Malia pounces on Stiles. (I would say something about Malia needing to get her animal instincts in order, but it's Stiles.  If I were laying in a bed beside him, I'd jump on him, too.  Just saying.)  Stiles breaks the kiss and tells Malia that they have to study first. 

Look at how Stiles looks at her when he goes to kiss her!  My heart cannot take it.  They are so freaking cute!  Yet again, we see Stiles' ways rubbing off on Malia.  I feel like Jeff Davis knew there were going to be a lot of Stalia haters out there, so he said "flood them with all of the cute Stalia scenes".  And, it's freaking working!  At this point I'm kinda like, "Stydia, who?"  Don't hate me Stydia shippers.

Malia hands Stiles the notes Lydia gave her and asks him to explain them to her. Stiles looks at the notes with a confused, worried expression. "Lydia wrote these?" He asks.  Turns out that her notes aren't math.  They're actually a bunch of crazy meaningless ramblings that look like this:


Hmm, it makes me think of all that crazy nonsense The Mute was looking at on his computer earlier....

Coincidence?  I think not!

At the hospital, Liam is talking to Dr. Ex-Vampire Diaries Vampire Hunter about his leg. He's really sad and blames himself for what happened. He was stupid to try to go up against two juniors, one of them being the captain of the team.  The doctor tells him to remember to "play smart, not hard". 

"Are you mad at me?" Liam asks the doctor.  Of course at this point you're probably thinking, "Why would the doctor be mad at him?", and then you're thinking about what connection these two might have.

"No, of course not." the doctor answers. (BTW, does this guy have a name?)  "But, your mom might be mad at me for getting you into lacrosse."

It turns out that the doctor is Liam's stepfather!

In the hallway, Scott is listening to this conversation when Lydia calls him.  She tells him to find Sean Walcott.  She doesn't exactly say why, but Scott will have a good enough reason to find him in a few minutes.

Mama McCall enters Sean's hospital room, and he's not in bed. She walks around to the other side of the bed and finds Sean munching on a dead cop's intestines. Ewww.  He looks up, his eyes are glowing, completely white. And, he has a million teeth. His voice sounds demonic when he tells Mama McCall, "I couldn't help it.  I'm just so hungry!".  I actually laughed at this because it was so over-exaggerated.  But, it wasn't worse than any of Peter's outbursts last week.  

What is this guy?


"I think I'm ready to talk now," Sean tells Mama McCall.  I think you're lying.  

Mama McCall goes to run and Sean grabs her. Scott appears at the end of the hall and growls before charging at Sean. He and Sean scuffle.  Sean kicks Scott against the wall and then runs.  

I felt very conflicted with this scene.  I mean, I understand that Sean had just tried to eat Mama McCall and all, but I've been sympathizing with him this entire episode: his family was killed, he was in shock, and plus he has such an innocent face.  Also, he told Mama McCall that he couldn't help that he was hungry.  I mean, we all get hungry and become a little snappy sometimes, right?  

I don't know, I just found it a little hard to be angry with Sean.  Was I alone in that?

Moving along...

Liam comes out of his hospital room at the wrong time, because Sean is standing right before him. 

Scott finds them on the roof, where Sean is holding Liam hostage. "We can help you," Scott tells him. 

"Wendigos don't need help. We need food," Sean says.  So, that's what he is.

Wendigos are fresh in my memory because I just started watching Supernatural with my little sister a few weeks ago, and Wendigo happens to be the title and focus of the second episode of season one.   Basically, a Wendigo is a supernatural creature, originally a human, that becomes part beast because they feed on other humans.

Sean pushes Liam over the edge of the building. Liam grabs onto the edge of the roof. Scott struggles to pull him over because Sean is fighting him. One of Liam's hands slips. He tells Scott that he can't hold on. Scott doesn't have any free hands to grab Liam with as he loses his grip on the roof, so he grabs Liam's arm with his mouth. 

He bites him!  Scott just bit a human!  Of course it was a last resort, but still--he did it.  You know what that means, right?  Araya Calaveras is going to come for Scott.  She warned him in "The Dark Moon", so we knew this was going to happen soon.

Also, let's talk about poor Liam for a sec.  Can you imagine that pain?  Not only are sharp teeth dug into your arm, but all of your body weight is hanging from that arm.  Ugh, it gives me chills!

Conveniently, Sean is attacked and killed from behind and Scott is able to pull Liam over.

Wondering who killed Sean?  It was The Mute, coming to finish his business.  (I was actually hoping that it would be Chris Argent, but you can't have everything.)

Scott looks at The Mute, and he holds a finger up to his...non-existent mouth, as if telling Scott to keep quiet.  "Shhhh." 

This was very disturbing to me.  This guy really creeps me out. (How many times have I said that already?  I don't know, but I'm saying it again.  What a CREEP.)

Meanwhile, Liam is off to the side crying about his bite:

It looks like Scott's gonna have a new werewolf addition to his pack.

I LOVED this episode.  Only the third episode of the season and things are looking very promising.

We got new characters.  We got lacrosse back.  We got horror movie tropes.  We got a new creature.  We got Stiles and Malia being cuties.  We got Kira and Scott making up.  We got a new ship!  We got another Derek mystery to solve.  And, we got one hell of a cliffhanger.

What more could you ask for?  This episode was perfection.

I can't wait for next weeeeek!


  • Did you feel sorry for Sean before he started eating people?
  • Who is the Benefactor?
  • Is The Mute not the creepiest villain Teen Wolf has seen?
  • More importantly: do you like Scott's hair?

All photos and gifsets are owned by MTV unless otherwise stated.

Talk to you soon!


  1. I totally ship Perrish and Lydia, but I've also began shipping Liam and Stiles. Loving all the ships this season!!

    1. Yes! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! Haha:) And, Liam and Stiles? That's a new one I haven't heard. That would be interesting.