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Teen Wolf Weekly News Round-Up, Vol. 6

This image is so bad-ass and beautiful.  I thought I was excited before, but I absolutely positively cannot. wait. until. Season. 4. of. Teen. WOLF!  

Calms down, clears throat.

What's up, guys?  

It's Monday!  And, that means it's time for another installment of the Teen Wolf Weekly News Round-Up.  

 This week's round-up is probably the best yet.  Why?  

Because we've got lots of Season 4 Goodies to talk about.  

Remember last week, when I didn't have much to report, and I said it was probably because we've got some Season 4 Promos on the way?  Turns out, I was right.  

I'm sure you all are as thrilled and anxious about this week's news as I am. So let's get started.

Season 4

Promotional Photos

This week, MTV released promotional photos of seven cast members.  In these photos, we see our main cast members ( Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O'Brien, and Holland Roden) as well as other familiar faces (Arden Cho and Shelley Hennig) and a newbie (Dylan Sprayberry).

The fact that Sprayberry has his own promotional photo tells us that, although he's new, he will likely be playing an important role and probably have a lot of screen time.  Maybe he'll have his own storyline?  

Also, there is news circulating that Jeff Davis is trying to sign another regular cast member (Hennig has already signed).  And, in consideration of his photo, I'm thinking it might just be Sprayberry.  We should probably get used to seeing that adorable face.

Can't Go Back

I hope you all have seen the teaser trailer for Season 4, because it will definitely whet your Teen Wolf appetite.  After starving us for nearly two months, MTV dropped this bomb on us:

The music featured in this trailer is "Don't Run Our Hearts Around" by Black Mountain

Sorry to sound like an English teacher (#EnglishMajorProblems), but let's dissect this video a little.

  • We see Scott, Stiles, Derek, and Lydia seemingly "rising from the ashes" like phoenixes being reborn.  I love this idea.  It is incredibly symbolic and can be interpreted in many ways.  My interpretation is that these four characters have all dealt with their fair share of stress, grief, loss, etc.  Now, they have to move forward from that.  They have to accept what has happened to them because they can't go back and change any of the unfortunate events that took place in Season 3B.  
  • But, why are they running?  Maybe the ashes represent something different.  Maybe they represent their lives, burned to ashes in Season 3B.  And now, the characters are running to save themselves so that they do not lose themselves in that destruction.  Or, maybe they're running away from or towards something/someone?
  • What's with the flying money?  I have no clue.  However, I do remember this video from way back when, where I spy a money situation involving Stiles & Lydia:
  • Another important note:  We see Allison's bow fall to the ground.  A nice reminder that one of our favorite heroines is gone but not forgotten.  :'(

Here's a Behind the Scenes video of this trailer shoot via Teen Wolf Wikia

Everything that has been released for Teen Wolf so far looks spectacular, and I wouldn't expect any less.  

What I love most about the Teen Wolf trailers is that they always have themes that give us a sense of what will be happening in the upcoming season.  And, I enjoy speculating about what the plot may be or how the characters are going to develop, etc (although 90% of the time I'm wrong).  

Everybody Loves Colton

Colton Haynes Visits the Teen Wolf Set

Colton Haynes, Holland Roden, and Tyler Hoechlin recently took to Instagram, showing fans that they had reunited and it felt so gooooooooooooood.

Colton Haynes' Instagram

Holland Roden's Instagram

Tyler Hoechlin's Instagram

Of course, the question surrounding Colton's set visit has been: is he going to make an appearance on the show?  I absolutely adore Colton, and I would love to have Jackson back, but I would have to say that it is doubtful that he will be making an appearance this season.  I have no substantial proof to support that idea.  But, we know that Jeff Davis keeps Teen Wolf spoilers under lock and key.  So there is no way that he would let everyone and their mothers post pictures with Colton on social media.  

That's just my opinion.  But, you never know.  Jeff Davis is quite the sneaky little nogitsune, so I could be completely wrong as usual.  But, if I'm wrong, we'll get to see Jackson, so I'll still win in the end ;)

Teaser Tweets

Cast Members Leave Us Wanting More

Side note:  Aaron Hendry played the Nogitsune in Season 3B, as well as Brunski, the head orderly of Eichen House.  In the Weekly News Round-Up from two weeks ago, I mentioned that we have not seen the last of Eichen House.  So, it is fairly likely that Hendry will be reprising that role.  It's doubtful that we will see the Nogitsune again, even in Stiles' dreams, because that would be very confusing.

Teen Wolf's official Twitter posted this drawing on the social media site.  What do you think is happening in this image?  Is that Stiles?  Sprayberry's character?  An innocent victim?  Talk to me in the comments!

And, newbie Khylin Rhambo tweeted this bit:

So much anticipation.  I don't know what to do with myself.


Clockwise from left:  Teen Wolf newbies Khylin Rhambo and Cody Saintgnue hanging out; Tyler Posey and Meagan Tandy having fun; and Tyler Posey and Orny Adams take bonding to a whole new level....  I have no words.

That's all for this week.  

I hope you all are especially pumped for Season 4 of Teen Wolf now.  

28 days until Teen Wolf!  That's less than a month!!!

Talk to you next week.

--Teisha xx

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