Monday, May 19, 2014

Teen Wolf Weekly News Round-Up, Vol. 5

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Hey hey hey!

I hope you all had a wonderful week full of joy and laughter.

We are 34 days away from the Season 4 premiere of Teen Wolf.  

Call me biased, but these News Round-Ups have definitely helped make the time without new episodes of Teen Wolf fly by.  And, I hope you all feel the same way because that is my purpose in writing these updates every week.

Unfortunately, there is not much news to report this week.  But, hopefully that means that we will be receiving some Season 4 news soon.  It's about time for some TV Promos and Promotional Photos, don't you guys agree?

Here's what's been going on lately in the world of Teen Wolf...

Hanging Out With Zombies

Seth Gilliam's New Role

Last week I reported on Daniel Sharman's new role on The Originals, and somehow I managed to miss the news about Seth Gilliam's new role on The Walking Dead.  Seth Gilliam plays Dr. Deaton on Teen Wolf.

I don't watch The Walking Dead, but I admit that it has been in my Netflix Queue (is that even what it's called anymore?) for about a year.  

Gilliam will be a series regular in Season 5 of The Walking Dead, but his new role will not affect his Teen Wolf contract.

Swordplay and Gravestones

MTV Releases New Cast Videos

In two new videos, Tyler Posey and Arden Cho talk about swords, and the cast answers the question "What would your [character's] gravestone say?". 

Unforturnately, I cannot embed the MTV videos into this blog.  So, I have posted the links below.  Enjoy!


What Would Your Gravestone Say?

Q&A with Holland Roden

New York Moves Magazine Spread

The lovely Ms. Holland Roden has a new spread in the Spring Issue of New York Moves Magazine.  In the issue she talks about some of her recent charity work in Ghana.   Here are a few of the images:

Per usual, Holland looks absolutely stunning in this feature.

This magazine, like Holland's recent magazine feature, is online.  So, there is no subscription required to read it.  It's absolutely free!  Here is a link to the Spring Issue featuring Holland

Social Media Love

Around the InterWeb

It's time for my favorite feature of the Teen Wolf Weekly News Round-Up, a compilation of tweets and Instagram photos from some of your favorite Teen Wolf Stars.


Clockwise from left:  Colton Haynes with his Arrow co-star Emily Bett in NYC via his Instagram; Crystal Reed taking expressive selfies in bed via her Instagram; Max Carver with a cute pooch named Candy Darling via his Instagram; Tyler Posey's Woman Crush Wednesday, his adorable fiance Seana Gorlick via his Instagram; 'There Will Be Blood' on the set of Teen Wolf via Melissa Ponzio's Instagram; JR Bourne, Dylan O'Brien, and Tyler Posey's chairs on the set of Teen Wolf via Melissa Ponzio's Instagram.


You can click on this photo to enlarge it!

Clockwise from left:  Dylan O'Brien tweets a picture of his support for the anti-bullying cause; Linden Ashby teases about a secret from Season 4 of Teen Wolf; JR Bourne retweets a picture from his NOH8 Campaign photoshoot; Arden Cho reminds us that boys will be boys, even if they are super hot celebs.


That's all for this week, folks.  

Remember:  34 days until Season 4.

Also, a quick PSA:  Season 3B of Teen Wolf is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  The DVD's official release date is June 17th.  

I'm definitely buying it.   3B was by far my favorite season of Teen Wolf.

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week.

See ya next Monday!

--Teisha xx

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