Monday, April 14, 2014

Teen Wolf Weekly News Round-Up, Vol. 3

Hello, again!  Thanks for coming back to the blog.  And, if you're new, welcome to the family!

In case ya didn't know, last night was the night of the MTV Movie Awards!  The show was enjoyable, the best aspect being that we got to see many of our favorite Teen Wolf stars, like the cutie (wearing Nudie) to the right ;) 

There isn't very much Season 4 News this week, but plenty of Cast Updates.  I hope you enjoy Volume 3. 

(Did I really only start writing these 3 weeks ago?  I feel like I've been doing it forever.  It's definitely getting me through the hiatus, though.  How about you guys?)

Season 4

The Newbies

So, by now we all know that Season 4 of Teen Wolf will be bringing back the lovely sport of lacrosse.  And if you didn't know, now ya know.  (Sorry, I've just always wanted to say that). 

This week, we got some super cute pictures of cast members decked out in their lacrosse gear, like these pictures of Dylan Sprayberry and Mason Dye:

And, speaking of Newbies, Sprayberry and Dye have been spending a lot of time with Cody Saintgnue who happens to be another addition to the Teen Wolf cast.  Go say hello to him on Twitter, welcome him to the family, and tell him I (@TeeM_Cee) sent ya.... You don't really have to do that last part.  Not unless you want to;)  

Also, since we're talking about Twitter, you guys should go follow me there!  Here is a link, and you can also find my Twitter feed at the bottom of this page in case you'd like to test the waters before making such a huge commitment.  But, I would really like to connect with you guys outside of this blog (sometimes I can feel like I'm talking to myself).  I am super active on Twitter, and I get notifications on my phone which I usually respond to pretty quickly.  If you follow me, let me know and I'll follow back!

But back to lacrosse.  The guys weren't the only ones to suit up this week:

Via Arden Cho's Instagram
The only question is whether Kira is playing on the Men's or Women's Lacrosse Team?  I would love to see her go head to head with the guys.  That would be awesome, and I think she could definitely hold her own against them!

The Cast

MTV Movie Awards

I made you guys a terrible collage of some pictures from last night's awards show.   Sorry So Sloppy!

Clockwise from left:  Arden Cho; John Green and Dylan O'Brien; Susan Walters and Linden Ashby; Seana Gorlick and Tyler Posey; Holland Roden; Tyler Hoechlin and Grumpy Cat.

And, here are a few other Movie Awards goodies:


I can't get enough of their bro hugs!  


Or how cute he is!

Via Linden Ashby's Twitter

Or how beautiful they are!

Via Tyler Posey's Twitter

Or how humble he is.  

I love this cast so much.

I Need to Rant

If you keep up with her Instagram, you know that Arden Cho has been traveling the country visiting different universities, and giving talks about being an Asian in Hollywood and Self Empowerment.  Apparently, Arden gave a talk at Duke this past week.  Here she is looking cute and adorable:

Via Arden Cho's Instagram

So, why am I upset, you wonder?  Well, I don't think I've ever mentioned it before, but I am a Junior at UNC-Chapel Hill.  (I'll make an About Me page soon for any of you who are curious about the girl behind the monitor.)  Duke University is literally a short drive from UNC-Chapel Hill.  Literally:

I could have gone to see Arden but I didn't even know she was here until after the fact.   This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  When will a Teen Wolf star ever be in North Carolina again?!  How rare is that?  (I'm gonna go cry in a corner now.)

Too Late

We've got news on Crystal Reed's new project, which is a movie titled Too Late.  Here is the synopsis:
"A troubled private investigator explores the sleazy depths of Los Angeles on the trail of a beautiful missing young woman and personal redemption."
Well, doesn't that sound interesting?  If not, maybe these pictures will spark your interest:

 Crystal looks amazing, which is to be expected.  I'm excited to see her play a more mature role and witness some more of her acting talents.  Do you guys think you will see this movie?  I know I will!

Eye Candy

Christian Taylor, who has directed and produced amazing episodes of Teen Wolf, such as "Motel California" and "De-Void", will be leaving the show to go work on MTV's new series Eye Candy, which will star Victoria Justice. Taylor will act as Executive Producer on the show that is based from an R.L. Stine novel. The goal is that the show will become "MTV's version of CSI".

I'd Rather Be At Coachella

Yes, I would much rather be at Coachella hitting up LACOSTE parties with Holland Roden and Max Carver.  Wouldn't you?

Photo Via Holland Roden's Instagram

Wish I was in California right now, enjoying the sunshine.  One day, maybe.  Until then, I'll be fine with the crazy North Carolina weather.


69 days until Teen Wolf Season 4!

Enjoy the rest of your week, don't forget to follow me on the Interweb :)

--Teisha xx


  1. I love your site! Some really great recommendations on here and the "To-Reads" Section in your footer is "to die for!" Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award, you can check out the post here!!

    1. Aaah! I'm so excited for this! Thank you so much for spreading the love:) (I may not be able to post about this just yet since I am in the midst of finals week, but keep an eye out for it. Thanks again!)

    2. Haha you're very welcome!! I'm glad you feel that way, it's well deserved :) Good luck with finals!!

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