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'Teen Wolf' Weekly News Round-Up, Vol. 2

Well, hello everyone!  I'm glad to have you back.  I hope you all had a great week!  I had a pretty good week, although I must admit I was a little lost and confused on Monday at 10pm.  I didn't know what to do with myself!

I have a lot of Teen Wolf news for you guys this week.  So, get excited and enjoy this week's round-up!

Season 4


First things first, you guys need to follow MTV on Snapchat.  Yesterday, the channel shared a couple of short Behind The Scenes videos and pictures of Teen Wolf Season 4 work.  And, hopefully, these won't be the last Teen Wolf posts.  To follow MTV, go to 'Add Friends' on Snapchat, type 'mtv' (just like that, no caps or anything) and press the add button.  Voila!  Instant BTS access.


Here are some Behind The Scenes goodies via Teen Wolf Wiki which I am finding it difficult to actually place into the post, so I'm just going to link it:  Teen Wolf Season 4

What Kate Is

Last week I posted  about Kate Argent's return and what she actually is.  I stated that she was a were-jaguar because of a tweet made by Jill Wagner shortly after she made her appearance in the finale.  However, that tweet was deleted by Wagner.  Initially, it was believed that the tweet was deleted because of spoilers, but now I'm wondering if it was deleted because Wagner was actually wrong.  Maybe Kate isn't a were-jaguar after all.  

There has been a lot of conversation going around about a creature of Mexican folklore called the Balam, which has been seen in the NBC show Grimm.  I don't watch Grimm, but there are definitely some similarities here between Kate's appearance and that of the Balam.  Don't you agree?  

Also, we should consider that this creature is from Mexican folklore.  That gang that came after Derek in the Season 3B finale was a Mexican gang.  And, I also mentioned in last week's round-up that Scott & Friends will be headed to Mexico to save Derek at the start of Season 4.  Coincidence?  I think not.

The Cast

Holland Roden for Line Magazine

OMG, have you guys seen Holland Roden's gorgeous cover and spread in Line Magazine? If not, no worries!  Line Magazine is an online magazine and there is no subscription required.  That means you can view Holland's 16-page spread for free!  16-pages!

Holland is absolutely stunning in all of these photographs, shot by Martina Tolot, and her interview is a great read.  

I'd never heard of Line Magazine before Holland's issue, but I think it is definitely a magazine I will check out again.  If you love beauty and fashion as much as I do, you'll definitely appreciate this magazine.  And, if you are as obsessed with Holland Roden as I am, you will love her feature.  Her beauty literally pains me.

We Love You Too, Dylan!

This week, Dylan took to Twitter to remind his fans that, although he doesn't tweet much, he recognizes and appreciates us.  And, he did it the cutest way possible:

This tweet literally made my week and made me weak.  Literally.

We'll Be In Need of a Carver Twins Fix

If you are super bummed about Max and Charlie Carver leaving Teen Wolf you should know that you can still see them on your TV screen this summer!  The twins will be working together on the HBO series The Leftovers.  

I am super excited for this show for a few reasons:

1)  The description:  "When 2% of the world's population disappears without explanation, the world struggles to understand just what they're supposed to do about it."  How intriguing does that sound? 

2)  Damon Lindelof:  I am a HUGE fan of Lindelof, okay?  And, if you don't know who he is, I have one word for you: LOST.  Yes, he was one of the creators and writers of that crazy mysterious hit ABC drama that is my favorite show of ALL-TIME.  Seriously, you guys, I binge watch re-watch LOST probably once a year, usually during the summer when I'm back home.  I live in a house of 7 people, myself included.  And, we all have very different tastes in television.  But, LOST is the one show we will all gather around the TV to watch together over and over.  Damon Lindelof is brilliant.  And knowing that he is one of the creators of The Leftovers is definitely giving me incentive to watch.

3) The Carver Twins, of course!  I have fallen in love with these guys so much in the past (almost) year.  I am going to miss their faces on Teen Wolf a lot, but I look forward to checking out some more of their work.  Also, I love that these two work together.  I feel like they are the twins of Hollywood right now and I look forward to seeing where they go!

Now I just have to convince my mom to get HBO...


Via Tyler Posey's Instagram
This week, Tyler Posey took to Instagram to tell his followers that he is getting his Comedy/Drama tattoo removed.

Tyler doesn't look too happy in the photograph, and that's probably because tattoo removal is not a pleasant process.  Tyler described the experience as "the most painful thing since child birth".  
I have no desire to know what that feels like.

Wedding Bells A-Ringin'

T. Pose's week wasn't completely terrible, though.  He and his lovely fiance Seana Gorlick went wedding cake tasting at Cakes By Rumy in Sherman Oaks, California.  I think they are the cutest couple ever and I wish them nothing but happiness!  The two childhood sweethearts are getting married this fall.


Season 3B DVD

There is some good news, and there is some bad news.  Good News first this week:  We have a release date for the Teen Wolf Season 3B DVD!  The Bad News:  It's June 17th!  

That's quite a long wait for the DVD.  And, that also means that we won't be able to rewatch Season 3B or get any fun Season Extras during the Teen Wolf hiatus.  So, there go my hiatus plans out the window.  I guess we'll have to stick to watch Seasons 1, 2, and 3A until then!  But, I'm still really looking forward to this DVD:)  How about you guys? 

The Multi-Talented Mr. Haynes

This doesn't exactly count as news, considering it was posted to YouTube 5 months ago.  However, I am just now discovering it, and I figure that maybe some of you guys haven't heard about it either.  What am I talking about?  This ah-mazing cover of '19 You + Me' by Colton Haynes and New Heights:

I had no idea Colton could sing!  I am extremely in love with this song right now.  I have been listening to it on repeat for the past couple of days.  It's so beautiful and Colton's voice is incredible.  

What do you all think about this week's news round-up?  I'm especially curious about your thoughts on Kate Argent!  Talk to me in the comments.  Don't be shy!

I'm not Peter Hale, I won't bite;)

76 days until Season 4!

--Teisha xx

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