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'Teen Wolf' Recap: "The Divine Move" Is Made

Photo Credit: MTV  / Edited by Teisha

I don't know why I do it. 

I mean, week after week I go into an episode of this show foolishly thinking that I know what's going to happen (because I read SO much Teen Wolf meta on Tumblr, it's not even healthy).  But, each week, I am left stunned and speechless and crying in a corner. 

Jeff Davis' mind is on another level.  And this week, he taught me once and for all not to underestimate him.  

I will never do it again.  EVER.

Also, I'm kind of sad because this is the last recap I will be writing until June 23rd:'(  I have no idea what to do with my life now, let alone this blog thingy I've created.  

Previously On Teen Wolf

We lost one of the strongest young female leads on television today, and it was beyond devastating.  Here are some other things that happened in last week's very important episode:

--We got Stiles back!  He was his usual, comedic self.  However, he is very sick.  We know that he is cold, he's in a LOT of pain, and he grows weaker by the minute as the Nogitsune grows stronger.
--And, speaking of that sneaky little fox...last week we saw the Nogitsune gain control of the Oni.
--Lydia is not the only Banshee in Beacon Hills. Meredith, whom we met in "Echo House", also has that unique power.
--We did NOT find out the McCall family secret -- the suspense is killing me!!
--And, most importantly, we lost Allison.  She died protecting those who could not protect themselves, and in the arms of her first love.

It took me a week to come to terms with Allison's death/Crystal's leaving.  And, tonight, all of those emotions came rushing back.  This show has left me emotionally drained.

Last week's episode was epic, and I didn't think it could possibly be topped.  But, Jeff Davis and the writers, and the cast, and the crew: they did it.  They freaking. DID. IT.  

The Divine Move

Stand and Fight

Photo Credit: MTV

This episode starts off with Isaac, Scott, and Lydia sitting in the Police Station, being questioned by the cops about Allison's death.  

Scott has a flashback to what happened moments after Allison's death: -- Papa Argent coached him on what to say to the police.  Scott would tell them that he and Allison were attacked, or mugged.  Papa Argent tells him that if he can't think of an answer to any of the police's questions, just say "It happened so fast".  Scott turns to him and asks, "How are you doing this?"  Papa Argent answers, "It's what we do."  That is so sad, you guys.  No person should have to do that, to shut out their emotions when the only thing they had left in the world is suddenly gone.  NO ONE should have to go through that.  But, Papa Argent has; TWICE. 

Meanwhile, at the Yukimura's, Mama Yukimira offers Stiles a mug of tea, telling him to drink it so that he'll relax.  "What is it? Like, magic tea?"  Mama Yukimura looks at him like he's stupid  (but, can you blame him?).  "No, Chamomile tea.  Drink it."  

Papa Yukimura tells Kira that Stiles isn't safe at their house, but he isn't safe anywhere tbh. Stiles still looks terrible, like he's dying.  He wonders aloud what their next move should be.   Mama Yukimura tells him that he needs to make a Divine Move, which is a truly inspired, out-of-the-box move that turns the game around.  Kira starts thinking about how Mama Yukimura trapped the Nogitsune's fly spirit inside of a glass jar back in "The Fox and the Wolf".  She tells her that it wasn't really the jar that trapped the Nogitsune, but where she buried it:  the Nemeton.  She doesn't know much about the Nemeton, but we know someone who does: Deaton.  He knows that tree like the back of his hand.

Moving along, we find ourselves at the Argent's place, where Papa Argent is arriving home, and Isaac is with him.  Papa Argent tells Isaac that he doesn't have to stay with him, he'll be alright.  He's dealt with this before.  He has the ability to compartmentalize his emotions.  However, Isaac doesn't have that ability, so this happens:

Photo Credit: MTV

And, at the Sheriff station, Sheriff Stilinski is talking to Deputy Parrish.  He wants them to keep the tragedy of Allison's death quiet so that the press won't bombard Scott & friends.  As he and Parrish are talking, Parrish appears distracted, looking at something behind the Sheriff.   He draws his gun just as we see the Oni appear and kill a random officer.  Then, there's guns blazing.  

At Derek's loft we see the former alpha holding a lighter's flame to Ethan's back.  I assume he was burning closed one of Ethan's bullet wounds, which he got last week in "Insatiable".  Once that is done, Aiden is ready to go.  He wants to get out of this town where everything seems to be going to hell.  But he wants to talk to Lydia first, to convince her to run and hide "like any sane person would do".  Say what you will, but I like the twins, and I like Aiden and Lydia together, although I would like Lydia and Stiles together more.  I just think that she really needed someone after Jackson left, and Aiden was that rebound.  I like their relationship.

Photo Credit: MTV

Those are the faces of two very tired teenagers.

Derek gives the twins a very motivational speech (who knew Derek gave speeches?).  He basically tells them that they are being cowards.  If they really want into Scott's pack, they need to fight for his cause, which is protecting his friends.  Don't run. Scott never runs from his problems.  He keeps fighting, even when he's been knocked down.  The twins need to find another way to "STAND AND FIGHT".  (I put this is caps because Derek kinda yelled.  But, a good yell.  Like, a Coach yell.)

Lydia and Scott have beaten Kira and Stiles to the veterinary clinic where they talk to Deaton.  The Nogitsune was caught once before, how can they do it again? Well, they definitely can't bury it inside of the Nemeton, because it's been cut down and it's not very powerful anymore. So, the question is, what has the power to contain the Nogitsune like the Nemeton did? Possibly something that was made from it's wood (which would be powerful)?  
If you guessed the box that Derek keeps his mother's claws in, you're correct!   

Bad Moon Rising

This scene was so amazing, it deserved its own section.  

Photo Credit: MTV

Nogitsune Stiles arrives at the hospital, looking for Mama McCall.  He asks the doctor at the desk to page her for him.  And, the Oni just appear behind him out of thin air, like it ain't no thing.  Just page Melissa so me and my supernatural friends can talk to her please.  But, before the guy even has the chance to pick up the phone, one of the freaking Oni stabs him through the gut.  Like, really? Was that necessary? So, Nogitsune Stiles decides to find Mama McCall himself.

Here's the cool part.  We see the Oni walking down the hallway, in slow motion, slashing nurses and doctors left and right.  There are papers flying everywhere, the lights are flickering.  And, the music!  The song is a cover of 'Bad Moon Rising' by Morning Ritual and Peter Dreimanis.  I cannot do this scene any justice.  All I can say is that it was beautifully shot, and is probably one of my favorite Teen Wolf scenes ever, especially cinematography wise. I'm glad you guys are reading this recap, but this is a scene that you really need to go watch.  It is Perfection.  But, here are a few GIFs:

Photos Via MTV

And, look at Dylan's face.  This is the last time you guys have to hear me say this (until June, at least): I LOVED him in this scene, I LOVED him in this episode, I LOVED him in this freaking SEASON!!!  

You're Gonna Need A Bigger Gun

When we come back from commercial, there is a stand-off in the Sheriff station between the po-po and the Oni.  And, all I can think this entire time is "Please don't kill Parrish.  PleasedontkillParrish!"  There is a lot of shooting.  But, the police aren't really having any effect on the ninjas.  So, Bad-Ass Sheriff Stilinski pulls out a rifle, and I ain't mad at him.  Someone needs to do something before someone dies.  

Photos Via MTV

The shot from the rifle actually knocks an Oni on its back. "You're gonna need a bigger gun." Sheriff tells Parrish.  The Oni close in, and in the midst of all the fighting, The Sheriff gets a cut on his arm and Parrish gets a cut on his abdomen.

In the hospital, Mama McCall and Papa McCall are walking down the hallway.  He is telling her that he is about to dip like he did before.  But, he doesn't have the balls to say goodbye to Scott, so he wants Mama McCall to do it for him.  But, she's not really willing to pick up his slack.  (Before, I would have been totally cool with Papa McCall leaving, but now I just want to know the McCall family secret, so he can't leave.  He needs to sit down right where he is!)  The McCalls get in an elevator, and during their ride, the lights flicker.  Uh-oh, that's never a good sign.  The doors open to the floor where there is complete mayhem (aka the Oni are killing people).  The Oni turn to see them and come after them.  Papa McCall shoots a few of them to ward them off, and quickly presses the button for the door to close.  The bad news is that Mama McCall has been stabbed.

Meanwhile, at the Argents, Isaac is telling Papa Argent that Allison was trying to say something before she died.  If you remember, she was telling Scott that he had to"tell [her] dad".  But, she never finished what she was going to say.  Isaac says he thinks she just wanted to tell him that she loved him.  But, she had already made a point of telling her father that earlier in "Insatiable", before her death.  They talk about this moment, when Allison was with her father, partaking in the family tradition of making silver weaponry.  She was making her silver arrowheads.  This sparks Isaac's interest.  He wants to know where the arrowhead is.  Papa Argent tells him that it's downstairs.  Isaac says he needs to see it because he has a feeling it isn't there.  

Back at the hospital, Mama McCall is in pain, and we don't like to see Mama McCall in pain. 

Photo Credit: MTV

 The cut on her leg is seeping black smoke.  Papa McCall is like "What the hell?" She knows why the wound is really like that -- because it is from a supernatural weapon -- but she tells him that it's just poison.  Which, it probably is poison, but we're not talking arsenic.

Back at the veterinary clinic, Scott has just gotten off the phone with Derek -- he still has the triskele box.  Lydia looks like she is about to pass out.  She tells them that she got a rushing feeling, and she feels as if they are running out of time.  Kira stumbles in supporting a very sick Stiles, and he says he got that same feeling.  This does not mean Stiles is a Banshee.  It probably just means that he feels himself growing weaker.

Silver Arrowheads

At the Argent's, Isaac and Papa Argent realize that Allison made more than one silver arrowhead--she made five, and one is missing.  Why did she make five when she was only supposed to make one?  Because, she'd figured out how to kill an Oni.    When Papa Argent shot an Oni, back in "Silverfinger", he only broke its mask.  However, he used a silver bullet, and that's what did the damage.  Had he shot the mask with a regular bullet, there probably would have been no effect.  So, last week in "Insatiable", Allison shot the Oni that she killed with a silver arrowhead.  She shot it in the chest, where the silver remained.  If the silver remains in the Oni, rather than going through, then it will kill them.  

Allison figured it out.  Even in death she is helping her friends.

We go to the station yet again.  And, praise whatever higher power you believe in, cause Parrish is still alive, y'all.  He and the Sheriff are both injured, but they are alive, and the good news is that the Oni have left.  They just up and left; guess they were tired of playing with the police for now.  Papa Stilinski looks at his arm, where just like Mama McCall's wound, there is a black smoke emitting from it.

Meanwhile, Scott and the gang (Lydia, Stiles, Kira) are arriving at school.  At the doors, Stiles tells them, yet again, that he is willing to die blah blah blah.  I know that it's honorable that Stiles is willing to die for his friends and for the greater good.  But, I can't take anymore of this talk about him dying. I WON'T HAVE IT!  And, neither will Scott:  "The plan is to save you.  That's the plan I'm going with."   They open the doors to the school and walk inside.  Suddenly, they are in Japan, the setting of the first scene of "Silverfinger", except this time it's snowing.  How does that happen?

Photo Credit: MTV

The door closes behind them.  

At the hospital, Papa McCall is worried because Mama McCall looks like she's zoning out, losing consciousness..  She tells Papa McCall that he needs to call Scott.  Because, if anything happens to her, he is going to have to work out their issues so that their kid won't be an orphan, basically.  "Promise me you'll make it work." He nods.  I'm not okay with this scene.  It sounds like she's saying goodbye to me:(  The doors of the elevator open up, and Papa McCall points his gun out into the hallway.  But, there are no Oni, only the aftermath of mayhem--blood and bodies everywhere.

Derek arrives at the school where the Nogitsune and Oni are waiting.  

Photo Credit: MTV

Cut to the inside of the school/Japan/wherever the hell Stiles, Lydia, Scott and Kira are.  They are still standing around, looking dazed and confused.  Then Nogitsune Rhys shows up (being, the bandaged Nogitsune) and tells Stiles that, as promised, "We're going to kill all of them.  One by one".  

Bardo - Between Life and Death

We pick up right where we left off.  "What is this?" Stiles asks.  "Where are we?"  

"Between life and death," Nogitsune Rhys responds.  Lydia recalls Kira telling them about "Bardo".  That was when the gang first met Kira back in "Anchors".

Nogitsune Rhys tells Stiles that he is indeed dying, and now everyone he cares about is dying, too.  What does that mean?  The Nogitsune tells Stiles that he has captured almost "all of the territories on the board"; the hospital, the Sheriff Station, the Animal Clinic -- cut to Deaton being approached and attacked by the Oni.  He, like Mama McCall, the Sheriff, and Deputy Parrish, is left with some slashes -- one across his back and chest.  Ow.  Deaton put up a hell of a fight, though, considering that he had no weapons.

Nogitsune Rhys asks Stiles if he knows about the ritual of seppuku.  "No, and I don't want to," Stiles says. Ha! Love him.  But, the Nogitsune tells him anyway.  Seppuku is when a samurai disembowels himself with his own sword to maintain his honor.  "But, that's not the cut that kills him.  The killing stroke is made by his kaishakunin, who beheads the samurai with his own katana."  (None of this is made up.  Seriously, I Googled it.  It's on Wikipedia.)  Scott is Stiles' kaishakunin.  The Nogitsune tells Stiles that he is going to make his best friend kill him.  And, the incentive is the fact that if Scott doesn't kill Stiles, everyone that has been touched by an Oni's blade (Mama McCall, Sheriff, Deputy Parrish) will die.  Excuse me, I'm NOT okay with this!  Stiles asks the Nogitsune why he is doing this, and he tells him, "to win the game".   The Oni draw their swords, and so does Kira Bad-Ass Yukimura.

Photo Credit: MTV

At the Sheriff Station, Parrish is losing consciousness, and the Sheriff yells at him to keep his eyes open.

And, at the hospital, Mama McCall is looking a lot like Stiles does in the condition he's in. 

Photo Credit: MTV

Again, she tells Papa McCall to be good to Scott, not to leave him again.  "You told me to leave," Papa McCall says.  "I told a drunk to get out of the house.  I didn't tell his father to get out of his life."  Loved this line!  She asks him if he came back to make it up to Scott.  He says that he came back to make it up to both of them.  Aww.  He wants Mama McCall back.

And now, back to the EPIC fight scene that is taking place. (I personally think this is one of Teen Wolf's better fight scenes.  It's just very visually appealing.)  Basically, Kira and Scott are fighting off like 3-4 Oni, and Stiles and Lydia are huddled in a corner watching because they have no supernatural fighting skills.  "How is this happening?  How are we in this place?" Scott calls to Kira over his shoulder.  "You're asking me?  A month ago, I'd never even touched a sword," Kira replies.  

Meanwhile, outside of the school, Derek and the twins are still fighting with Oni as Nogitsune Stiles watches.  (So, Derek and the twins are outside of the school fighting.  And, Scott, Kira, Lydia and Stiles are inside of the school fighting.)   There is just a lot of fighting going on, and we cut back and forth to both scenes.  Aiden takes on two Oni, and he starts to get slashed pretty bad.  Kira's sword gets knocked out of her hand and she is cornered.

At the hospital, Mama McCall is starting to bleed out of the mouth and things are just not looking good for her at all and I'm freaking out and writing really long sentences.

And, thank goodness for commercial breaks because so much is going on and I need a breather.

The Divine Move Is Made

Everyone is still fighting, and things are just looking really bad.  So, Stiles picks up the sword Kira dropped.  

Photo Credit: MTV

He is going to sacrifice himself.  His friends are trying to convince him not to.  "What if it's just another trick?" Lydia asks.  The Nogitsune tells her that there are no more tricks -- yeah, as if we're gonna believe that guy.  The whole time, Stiles is shaking and taking deep breaths, and preparing himself...but then he stops.

In the reflection of the sword he sees what I believe to be the ceiling of the school.  If there is a ceiling, how can snow fall?  Stiles looks around, taking a closer observation of his surroundings. In the snow he spies a textbook, and there is also a student desk off to the side.

"You have no moves left." Nogitsune Rhys tells him.  Stiles takes down the sword and tosses it to Kira.  He's got one move left.  "A divine move".  Hell, yeah!  

The twins realize that there is no way that they can beat the Oni.  But, just in time to save the day are Papa Argent and Isaac, and they've got Allison's silver arrowheads!  The Nogitsune runs off like a little bitch.  

Stiles tells Scott and Kira that they have to stop fighting the Oni, because it's just an illusion.  "It looks real and it feels real, but Scott, you gotta trust me.  It's an illusion."  Scott trusts Stiles.  He stops fighting and heads towards the doors.

Photos Via MTV

 They return to reality, entering the school's actual hallway.  Everyone is perfectly fine, no harm's been done.  "We're okay."  You've spoken too soon, Scott.

He gets thrown against the lockers, and Kira gets backhanded.  It's Nogitsune Stiles and he is not pleased that Stiles is ruining his game.  "You think you can beat me at my game?"  Guess we'll have to see.

Meanwhile, outside, Papa Argent has gotten rid of most of the Oni.  One of the arrows falls to the ground.   Papa Argent tells Aiden to grab it because it's the last one.  Aiden dashes for it, just as another Oni comes after him.  Aiden grabs the arrow and shoves it into the Oni's chest.  The Oni is killed.  But, guess what?  Aiden isn't going to walk away scot-free.

Photo Credit: MTV

Because this move just wasn't effective enough last week, I guess.  They had to do it a-freaking-gain.  

And, back in the school, the Nogitsune is advancing on Stiles and Lydia.  Again, this is another one of those scenes that you really just need to watch, because Dylan was BRILLIANT in it.  BRILLIANT, I TELL YOU!!

If you recall, the scroll said that the way to expel a Nogitsune from its host is to change the host.  How can they change the host?  Well, he can't be a fox and a wolf.

Photos Via MTV

And that's how the Nogitsune died.  Or, how it's spirit was trapped in a wooden box.  

At the hospital, Mama McCall wakes up.  She's got her color back, and the wound on her leg has pretty much healed.  Deaton is doing okay at the Animal Clinic as well.  And, at the Sheriff station, Deputy Parrish helps Sheriff Stilinski to his feet.  Everyone's going to be okay!  
But, Stiles is NOT okay.  He falls to the floor.

Dude, It's Beacon Hills

Photo Credit: MTV

Not to worry, everyone.  Stiles only fainted.  He's gone be alright.  But, everyone's not okay.  Lydia gets one of her feelings, because just outside, this is happening:

Photos Via MTV

How dare they do this!  Did we NOT just lose a character last week?  Were we NOT just falling in love with the twins?  Had they NOT just redeemed themselves?  Are you freaking kidding me?

This scene was so well done by Max and Charlie Carver.  It felt so real.  I cried.  #TissuesForTeenWolfIssues

Lydia runs outside and sees this happening.  She turns and runs into Stiles' arms, and he comforts her.  (Stiles is looking completely like himself now.  Nice and healthy.)

The closing montage is very touching.  The song, "My Own" by Whitaker, is perfect and just makes all of this so much more emotional.  I LOVE IT!

We see the Yukimiras putting away their game of Go.

Scott is at home, sitting in his kitchen.  More than likely he's thinking about Allison.  

Photos Via MTV

I think Posey was absolutely amazing in this scene, and he didn't even speak.  Powerful stuff, y'all.  

Isaac is holding onto the wooden box, leaving the Argent's place with Mr. Argent.  I don't know what to make of this scene.  Will Mr. Argent be taking Isaac under his wing now?  Also, is Mr. Argent moving away?  Not too sure.

Kira is talking to Lydia at her locker.   I love these lines: "I wish I could say something to him.  I wish I could say something to all of them.  But I don't know how much space or how much time I'm supposed to give them."  I also loved this scene, seeing Lydia and Kira bond.  Kira will never replace Allison, but it's comforting to know that Lydia has someone.  Lydia looks like the weight of the world is on her shoulders having to walk through the halls of Beacon Hills High without Allison.  But, at least she's not alone.  

Coach is walking down the hall with Malia, the new girl in school (I was wondering where she'd gone).  Malia smiles at Lydia and Lydia smiles back sadly.

We cut to Scott's bedroom where he is teaching Malia how to whip out her claws.  She figures it out, and almost claws Stiles' face off in her excitement.  It's a cute moment.

Then, back at school, Ethan is telling Danny that he's leaving town.  But, Danny says it's okay.  "You're breaking up with me?" Ethan smiles. 

My reaction:

Danny knew about werewolves all this freaking time? 

"Dude, it's Beacon Hills." Danny tells him. If it's so obvious, WHO ELSE KNOWS?

Stiles is at home, taking all of his crime postings off of his wall.  When his dad asks him what he's doing, he tells him that he's clearing his head.  And, I'm crying because it's just a normal day in Beacon Hills.  Like, a literal normal day.  Sheriff is at home.  Stiles is cleaning his room.  There will probably be a Mets game on later that they'll watch together.  Okay, I'm going to stop.  I'm just glad that Stiles is himself again, and that Papa Stilinski doesn't have to worry about him anymore, and they can just be happy for a while.

Scott is at the Animal Clinic, working.  Deaton asks him if he's ever heard of the term "regression to the mean", which basically means that no matter how bad or good things get, they always come back to the middle.  Scott tells him he isn't sure that applies to a town  like Beacon Hills -- he so right.

And, in the final scene, we have Derek and Stiles in the school locker room (odd choice of location).  Derek is telling Stiles about a dream he had.  It was more like a nightmare.  

The nightmare was about those hunters that had caught Derek and Peter.  You know, the ones that had them chained up at the end of "Anchors".

In this nightmare, those hunters broke into Derek's loft with guns.  They were asking him about La Loba, the She Wolf.  Where is she?  Derek refuses to tell them where Cora is, so they should just go ahead and kill him.  Cora is the She Wolf?

"Cora?  Who the hell is Cora?" Severo, the leader, asks.

Derek looks confused.  The leader looks confused.  I'm confused.  Then someone throws in a can of tear gas and a beast starts attacking.  Everyone starts shooting, but the beast ends up taking all of them out.  A gun cocks, and Derek turns.  The gun fires.

Derek and Stiles talk about the myths of how people can be turned into werewolves.  A bite, drinking water out of the puddle of a werewolf's print, and another one.  We see a flashback of Kate Argent talking to Papa Argent, asking him if you can get turned by a scratch.  He tells her maybe, if the claws go deep enough.   Then we see a flashback of her death, Peter cutting her throat with his claws.   Are you putting together the pieces of this puzzle?

If this is all just a dream, why does Derek look so worried?  Derek tells Stiles he doesn't remember waking up.  He asks Stiles, the resident dream specialist, how he should know if he's in a dream.   Stiles tells him that in dreams, you have extra fingers.  Derek grabs Stiles's hand.  There are 6 fingers. Ew.

Back in Derek's loft, he realizes that he is not dreaming. 

Photo Credit: MTV

 The hunters breaking into his loft was not a dream.  And neither is what's about to happen next:

They done brought back this chick.  (I'm just glad they didn't raise her from the dead.  They've written it so that she never died, which is great.  Because, I would hate for this show to go down that Vampire Diaries route where everyone is invincible and people can be brought back from the dead.  That's never any fun.)


--Why is Kate Argent's face blue?  What is she exactly?
--Are you as upset as I am that we still don't know the McCall family secret?
--Weren't we supposed to learn Stiles' name this season?  
--Also, what was with all the hype about the super secret role Gina Holden was going to play that seemed to only be a very minuscule one in "Echo House"?  
--Wasn't this just a great episode?

Wasn't this just a great SEASON?  Teen Wolf is getting better each season.  What show does that?  I'm so excited for Season 4.  I cannot wait to see what the writers have in store.  I'm hoping there are even greater things ahead for us fans.

I can't wait to return to you guys in the summer.  June 23rd -- let the countdown begin!

Thanks again to all of my Teen Wolf readers.  I will try to come up with some great content to hold you guys over during the break!  So, keep an eye out for that:)

Until then, you can just talk to me in the comments!


--Teisha xx


  1. First of all it was shotgun not a rifle.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. I don't really know my guns, but I also don't think that this detail is that important. All that matters is he got a bigger gun!