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'Teen Wolf' Recap: "De-Void" of Answers

I'm backkkk!  Did ya miss me?  If not, that's okay.  I missed you guys, though.  Trust me, I would have much preferred to have been writing a Teen Wolf Recap than studying for midterms.  

But, the past is the past.  And, speaking of the past, we dipped into it a little with this week's episode.  Does the setting in the picture above look familiar?  It should.  This was the night of the prom, when Lydia was bitten by Peter Hale, from Season 1!  Hmmm, how does that tie into this week?  Keep reading to find out!

Previously on Teen Wolf

We took a trip to the 1940s, 1943 to be exact.  It was World War II, at a Japanese Internment Camp, and things got a little crazy:

--Kira's mom, Noshiko, is about 900 years old, and her dad is 43.
--Noshiko fell in love with Rhys, an American Army Medic.
--Rhys died of extensive burn injuries sustained during an uprising at the Internment Camp.  The uprising was a result of a lack of medicine to treat illnesses like pneumonia.  (The doctor had been selling the medicine on the black market instead of treating patients with it.)   
--Angry at those responsible for her lover's death, and wanting them to pay for their crimes, Noshiko called out for a nogitsune, one that feeds off chaos, strife, and pain.  However, the nogitsune took over Rhys's dead body rather than hers.  (This is why the Nogitsune is wrapped in bandages, because Rhys's burn wounds were wrapped.)
--So, everything is Mama Yukimura's fault, basically.

And here we are now, trying to figure out how to deal with Nogitsune Stiles who is "De-Void" of emotion.

Let me just say, I loved this episode.  There was stellar acting all around.  I feel like it should have been subtitled "The Episode of O'Brien's Many Faces", because, as usual, Dylan KILLED it this week.  (I will try to add as many GIFs of Stiles' amusing faces as possible, kay?  Cause they are just priceless.)

But, let's talk about...


Chaos Has Come Again

I really enjoyed the opening of this week's episode, because Dylan.  Basically, we were reminded that the nogitsune is really strong and a bad ass, and I just loveeeee seeing Dylan O'Brien play those roles.  

Everyone arrives at Derek's loft (except Scott and Kira who are on their way).  Papa Stilinski tells Nogitsune Stiles that if there is any part of his son still in there, he will allow him to put the cuffs on him.  Nogitsune Stiles holds up his hands.  

Photo Credit: MTV

Stiles is still in there, you guys!

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV


Then Allison tries to tase the Nogitsune, but that doesn't really work either.

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

And then, Derek charges at him and fails miserably.

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

So, Papa Argent pulls out his gun, and Papa Stilinski pulls his gun on Papa Argent.  

Photo Credit: MTV

O'Brien Face #1:

Photo Credit: MTV
Nogitsune Stiles is amused.  

So, then there's a standoff between Papa Argent and Papa Stilinski, and Nogitsune Stiles is taunting Papa Argent, coaxing him to shoot him.  And everyone is yelling at the other, and you know something bad is about to happen, but thankfully it doesn't.  Instead, Allison realizes that the Nogitsune is creating strife, and he loves it.  This is exactly what he wants.  But, not really.  What he really wants is for everyone to protect him from the Oni, who arrive as soon as the sun goes down.  (This little freaking trickster!) And, guess what, that's exactly what they do.  Because, if anyone is going to kill Stiles, it's going to be them and not no Oni.  

Photo Credit: MTV
Papa Argent goes to shoot at the Oni, and realizes that his gun won't fire so he just pulls out another one (Bad Ass).  He and Papa Stilinski start shooting and Allison and Derek are prepared to fight.

Scott and Kira arrive to gunfire.  But, the Oni are gone and so is Stiles.  #Typical

Mama Yukimura is in the basement of Eichen House, paying her respects to Rhys's body.  She picks up a piece of the broken wall which, put together, shows the kanji for self.  "Why that kanji?"

It's Nogitsune Stiles!  

Mama Yukimura tells him that it means that Rhys died as himself and not as a monster, like the thing inside of Stiles.  He takes the knife she was planning to sneak him with and stabs himself.  WHAAAA?

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Like, you literally just disemboweled yourself.  Why? Oh, here's why:

Photo Credit: MTV
 Ewww, gross!
Photo Credit: MTV
Yeah, I'm sure it has.  

Nogitsune Stiles has disappeared, but those flies that just burst forth from his intestines are doing his dirty work.  One enters the hospital, finds Isaac's room, and creeps into his body through the hole in his arm where the IV is injected.  And, just like that, Isaac is possessed.  NOOO! (Kinda been missing Isaac, though.  So, hopefully this means we'll see him this episode.)

A Game Without Rules

Kira is spending the night at Scott's since she is kind of upset with her parents, you know, due to all the lies they've been telling her/secrets they've been keeping from her.  She takes the bed and he takes the chair.  But, she asks him to get in the bed with her.  Oooooooooh.   He gets in bed with her and they kiss.  !!!  

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

And then they snuggle.  SO CUTE! Ugh, I'm so jealous of Kira.  Outside the window, there is a freaking fly.  Boy, are those things annoying.

Allison and Papa Argent arrive home.  She wants to know, was Papa Argent really going to kill Stiles?  "To be honest, I'm not sure," He tells her.  Well, he couldn't have anyway since  she removed the firing pin from his gun.  Allison goes to her bedroom and finds Isaac there.  They share a moment.

Photo Credit: MTV

Derek's wound, which he got from one of the Oni's swords, is not healing.  And, it looks pretty nasty, too.  

Photo Credit: MTV

But, since the Oni are such powerful creatures, it is going to take some time for that wound to heal.  Anyways, Derek is about to play chess.  He wants to figure out what move the Nogitsune is going to make next.  But, chess is a game without rules.  So, there is no way that Derek can know what move the Nogitsune is going to make next.

Photo Credit: MTV

Peter reminds Derek that chess is Stiles' game, not the game of a Japanese Fox.  He also tells Derek to put something on his wound before it gets infected.  And oh hey, as soon as he says this, one of the Nogitsune's fly crawls into it.  Because you couldn't feel OR hear that Derek?  Really?  Now, you're gonna do bad things.  *Sighhhh*.

Ethan and Danny are in the locker room.   Ethan has been working out with the lacrosse team, and he's thinking about trying out next year.  But, we have to remember that Aiden didn't want to be a high school student again in the first place.  And, they're brothers/best friends/do everything together.  So, he doesn't know if joining the team is going to happen for him.  

Ethan goes to wash his face, and a fly lands in the water cupped in his hands.  He doesn't notice it, and splashes the water in his face.  So, it could have gone in his mouth, his eye, his nose, but either way, we know that it made its way into his system.  He and Danny go take a shower together.

Aiden and Lydia are in her car, and her GPS is giving her directions.  However, she makes four rights, and four rights make a circle.  Lydia says her GPS must be flawed.  But, Aiden clarifies that her GPS isn't even on.  Weird.  This was particularly unnerving to me, because we heard the GPS, just like Lydia.  But, it wasn't even on?!  Now I understand how this girl feels! 

Freaked out, she pulls over immediately.  She and Aiden end up in a parking lot where they find this kid:

Photo Credit: MTV

Apparently, he just fell out because, oh, that's right, he stabbed the hell out of himself!

Also, in this moment, a little fly creeps into Ethan's ear.  EW.  I am really grossed out by these flies.  I hate flies!  UGH.  Stop it!

Stiles Knows A Secret

Photo Credit: MTV

Allison wakes up in bed.  Isaac stands in front of the mirror, going through her makeup weapons bag.   He makes the point that her family's new code is supposed to be about protecting.  She tells him that most of her weapons are non-lethal, but they don't really look that way.  He tells her that it's okay, though.  She needs lethal weapons because there are some bad werewolves out there like the twins.  He is beyond the idea of giving them a second chance.  He picks up her bag and takes off.  She goes after him, but she's been shackled to the bed.  Kinky, but inappropriate in this moment.  

Everyone (Mama McCall, Lydia, Aiden, Scott, and Dr. Deaton) are helping get Stiles into the house.  They set him on the couch.  Melissa wants to take him to the hospital, but considering what happened the last time he was in the hospital, they decide not to.  Actually, he's healing.  Yay, Stiles isn't going to die! (Sidenote: Dr. Deaton's clothes caught my attention in this episode.  This is very random, but his clothes just looked very laid-back and chill, which I feel goes against his professional, getting-things-done demeanor.  So, sorry for being random, but just wanted to say that.)  

Aiden suggests that they tie him down with really big chains.  Dr. Deaton has something that will be more effective: Kanima Venom!  He drops a bit of that in Stiles' mouth, and Boom, the kid is paralyzed.  Nogitsune Stiles can't move, but he can still talk.  And, as usual, he's taunting everyone.  He tells Aiden that Ethan is at the school and that he's in danger, so Aiden takes off to save his brother.  "Hope he gets there in time.  I like the twins." Nogitsune Stiles says.  I like the twins, too.  Then, Melissa delivers one of my favorite lines from the episode: "Doc, you brought something to paralyze his body. You got anything for his mouth?"  Haha.  LOVE Mama McCall.  

Deaton does have something for his mouth.  A classic:  ducktape.

Dylan O'Brien is UH-MAZINGGGGGGG.  Look at the fury written across those eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Stilinski is in his hearing, the one that determines whether he gets to keep his job.  He is presented with two piles of cases: successes and failures.  One is much larger than the other.  Second favorite line of the episode: "Which Pile is Which?"  I see where Stiles gets his sense of humor.

Papa Argent goes to help Allison stop Isaac from killing the twins.  Just as he is leaving, he finds Derek at his front door.   Derek enters the apartment and drops his mother's claws on the table.  This was all that was left of her after Argent's crazy sis killed his family in that house fire.  Papa Argent knows this is gonna be trouble.

Photo Credit: MTV

Please don't fight.  You guys make such a great team!

Back at the McCall house, one of my favorite scenes is unraveling.  Mama McCall is patching up Stiles.  She looks up, and he looks like this:  (Cue, O' Brien Faces #2-4)

He cries, but he's faking!  Ugh, I thought Stiles was back.  This freaking Nogitsune is such a tease.   He tells Mama McCall that she's got to do better, she's got to be able to hold up when Scott finds out the truth about why his dad left.  Whaat?  Why did Papa McCall Really Leave?   Apparently, Melissa did something, something that Scott would never forgive her for.  And, after Papa McCall left, she called the Sheriff and told him, and Stiles overheard.

Nogitsune Stiles finds this all very amusing.  O'Brien Face #5:

Photo Credit: MTV

In case you're wondering, in this GIF Stiles is saying, "You told the Sheriff, but you didn't tell Scott."

At this moment, theories are just swarming around in my head:

--Is Scott adopted? 
--Is Agent McCall not his father?
--Did Mama McCall cheat on Papa McCall?
--Did she cheat on Papa McCall with Sheriff Stilinski?

Like, I literally have no idea what the secret could be.  I don't know what Melissa could have done that would make Scott hate her.  But, I need to know NOW.  RIGHT NOW!

At the hearing, Papa McCall wants to say a few things about Papa Stilinski.  Oh, God, he's about to sink his ship to the bottom of the ocean.

Scott, Lydia, and Deaton are talking about what they can do to save Stiles.  They are talking about turning him into a werewolf, but Scott is worried about that.  What is Stiles doesn't want to be a werewolf?  What if Scott bites him and accidentally hits an artery or something?  He's never turned anyone before.   Maybe Derek could do it, but they can't reach Derek.  He's too busy with Papa Argent right now.  Lydia suggests they try someone else.

Ding dong, Peter Hale is here!    

War of The Mind

Peter tells the crew that Stiles doesn't look like he can take a smack, much less a werewolf bite.  But, this is more a war of the mind than the body, anyway.  And, there are better methods for winning this war. So, since it's a war of the mind, they're going to get into Stiles' head.  Cue O'Brien Faces #6 & 7:

Aiden arrives at the school, where he discovers that his brother plans on trying out for the lacrosse team.  They start arguing about being in Scott's pack, and whose fault it is that they're not already a part of it.  It's about to be a bro-fight.  But, they are stopped.  Isaac tases both of them.  3rd favorite line of the episode:  "I guess this is the part where I say something witty.  I"m not witty."  Oh, Isaac.

Back at Casa McCall, Lydia agrees to tell Peter who his kid is if he helps Scott help Stiles.  Just a big circle of help here.  So, Scott is going to go into Stiles' mind, but he needs someone to go with him--a guide.  And, guess who that will be?  Lydia of course.  This should be interesting.  

Guess who shows up at the school to stop Isaac?  Kira.  AND Allison.  The latter hits him pretty hard.  He gets up, looking angry.  

Photo Credit: MTV

And, then the twins are up and everyone's kung-fu fighting.  

Photo Credit: MTV

Scott and Lydia have to figure out a way to somehow guide Stiles back into control of his mind. Scott wonders if this is just another trick.  4th favorite line, coming from Peter: "When are you people going to start trusting me?"  Lol.  Obviously Scott meant the Nogitsune. 

Lydia and Scott wake up inside of Stiles' mind, restrained to beds in Eichen House.  Fun times!

Photo Credit: MTV

Inside Stiles' Head -- A Game of 'Go' and the Nemeton

Back at the Argent apartment, Derek is dousing Papa Argent with gasoline.  And, he's ready to burn him down.  "You burn my family, I burn yours."  Derek looks absolutely crazy.  Tyler Hoechlin did such a good job in this episode, so kudos to him.

Photo Credit: MTV

 But, he tells Papa Argent that he's not gonna light the place up just yet.  No, he's going to wait for Allison to come home so that she can watch.  How considerate of him. 

Back at the Police Station, we discover that Papa McCall saved Papa Stilinski's job.  However, we have no idea what Papa McCall said in that meeting.  But, he admits that there are a couple of reasons why he helped Papa Stilinski:  1) Nobody could solve all the crazy crimes that take place around Beacon Hills.  And, 2) He didn't return to town to take Papa Stilinski's badge.  That was an excuse to stay.  He came to talk to Scott.  Papa Stilinski tells him that he should tell Scott everything.  Yes, tell him.  TELL US.  I want to know!

Back in Stiles' head, Lydia and Scott are still trying to break free of the bed restraints.  5th favorite line of the episode: "Do I actually need to remind you that you're a werewolf?" Oh, right.  Scott finally breaks free of the restraints.  

I notice something, there's definitely an echo in this hospital room, one that wasn't really apparent in Eichen House in the "Echo House" episode.   Maybe we couldn't hear it in that other episode, but we can hear it now.  Scott tells Lydia to stay behind him, and just as he says this, the door to the room slams shut between them and they are separated.

Photo Credit: MTV

Lydia is transported to Prom Night, Season 1. She is looking for Jackson (I miss Colton Hayne's face).  "Are you in here?" No, but the Nogitsune is.

Meanwhile, Scott is with Allison in a closet, and they are making out.  

Photo Credit: MTV

The nogitsune is coming towards Lydia, slamming locker doors.  In the living room of the McCall house, her nose is bleeding.  Uh-oh.  Reminds me of Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries.  

LYDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  Peter tries to help Lydia remember where she really is.  And, she does.  So, does Scott.  He remembers that he and Allison are not together, so he leaves her in the closet.

Do you remember this room?  We saw it at the beginning of "Anchors" (the first episode of Season 3B) where Scott, Allison, and Stiles woke up after being dead for 16 hours, and found the Nemeton.   Now, Stiles and the Nogitsune are sitting atop the Nemeton, playing a game of Go.  And, don't they look cozy?   

Photo Credit: MTV
This episode is really good, and there are only 8 minutes left, (including commercials).   That's not enough time for anything conclusive to happen!  Not to mention there are only 2 episodes left of this season after this--is that enough time to save Stiles?  I am so worried, you guys.  

Good Stiles, Bad Stiles

Allison and Kira are still trapped in the school with the boys.  But they are not any damsels in distress.  


Scott and Lydia start running, trying to reach Stiles, but it seems as if they are inside of an infinity room.  You know, like in those nightmares where, no matter how fast or far you run, you can never reach your destination.

Photo Credit: MTV

Question: if they are running inside Stiles' head are they burning calories or nah?  

Derek still wants to kill Papa Argent.  But, lucky for Argent, he knows how to break free of a chair. It's something hunters teach their kids.  If you can remember, Papa Argent did this to Allison once.  He tied her up, made her think she was in danger, but it was really a test to see how fast she could get out of her binds.  I think this happened at the start of Season 2.  Papa Argent is able to grab Derek.  

Photo Credit: MTV

Lydia and Scott find a way to reach Stiles.  Stiles is part of the pack, and, to send a signal of location to their pack,  wolves howl.  

Oh, hey, what's Scott doing here?  A light goes off in Stiles' head.  His friends are here to save him.   He knocks the board away.

The nogitsune becomes upset and roars.  Once Stiles remembers what is going on, everything is out of balance for the Nogitsune, and because of this he loses control. Derek, Isaac, Ethan and Aiden fall from under his compulsion. 

Lydia and Scott wake up.  But, Stiles isn't waking up.  Peter doesn't care about that, though.  He wants Lydia to give him the name of his child.  "Malia."  

This name seems to trigger Stiles.   The kanima venom having worn off, Stiles startles, rips the duck tape off his mouth, and begins to vomit the nogitsune's bandages.

 The nogitsune is no longer in Stiles' body!  YESS.  But, he IS free.  And, he literally materializes from the floor.

Peter and Scott grab the Nogitsune and pull the bandages down from his face.  

Photo Credit: MTV

It's Stiles.  OMG!  WHAT?  I don't really have a problem with another Stiles, tbh.

But...WAIT, What?  Is this Good Stiles?  And, who's that other Stiles?

Everyone is so surprised to see another Stiles, that they don't notice that Nogitsune Stiles is gone, and he took Lydia!!!!


I really liked this episode.  It was SOOOOO good.  And, per usual, Dylan O'Brien was phenomenal.  

BTW, if you guys haven't seen the After After Show of this episode, featuring Void Dylan, please go watch it.  It is so hilarious.  Here's the link.



--Which Stiles is Good Stiles/Bad Stiles?
--Is Stiles really back, or are we being fooled?
--What is the McCall family secret?  (I'm especially curious of you guys' theories on this!)
--Who is going to die at the end of the season?

Be sure to comment below.  Let's talk about this amazing episode and theorize about the end of the season!

Also, I have added a new poll at the bottom of this page: Which main character is going to die  at the end of Season 3B?  Let's see if our predictions are correct.  Poll closes 3/24 at 9:59pm!

See ya on the flip side!
--Teisha xx


  1. scott stiles mr.mccall and hers cleared for season 4 but sadly (not for me) derek did not.
    and i think scott isnt mccall's son he is sheriff's son so stiles and scott might actually be brothers (sorry i just re-watched motel california)

    1. I agree that Derek will be the one to die at the end of this season. It's sad for me:'( I love Derek. But, I kinda love everyone, tbh. And, you may be right about the whole Scott and Stiles being brothers thing. Everyone is thinking back to "Motel California" and Stiles saying "Scott, you're my brother." That may not have been a metaphor. Stiles may know that he and Scott are actually brothers. But, I don't know. That still doesn't feel right to me. Kind of a far stretch. Jeff Davis is playing with our minds so hard.