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'Teen Wolf': "Insatiable"' Fox Feeds On Fandom's Pain

You guys, I had a great opening written for this week.  It was about all of these theories I'd read over the weekend, all of this critical thinking I'd done about Teen Wolf...

But, none of that seems relevant now, let alone valid.  

I don't even know what to say.  It's 2 A.M. and I've yet to come to terms with this episode.  Let's just talk about it, shall we?  

"Insatiable" killed me.  

But, I wasn't the only one...

Previously On Teen Wolf:

--Mr. O'Brien continued to flaunt his talent in everyone's faces, and we were not complaining.  Void Stiles is the best thing since sliced bread.  (And, so is Void Dylan.)
--Isaac, Derek, and the Twins became possessed by flies that burst forth from Void Stiles' abdomen...after he split it open.  Gross, I know.
--Also, going off of that, Tyler Hoechlin was pretty amazing as crazy, possessed Derek.  Job well done, sir! 
--There is a BIG McCall family secret (and it better be good or I'll be pissed!).
--Lydia and Scott took a trip into Stiles' mind, and they found him chilling with the Nogitsune, playing Go on top of the Nemeton. 
--Void Stiles barfed up another Stiles.  We're not sure if this is actually the real Stiles yet.
--Void Stiles grabbed Lydia and dipped while we weren't looking.  

Now, for this week's episode.

They told us we weren't ready.

They were not joking...


(I just love that title.  I love that word.  Insatiable.)

Is It Over? Not Yet.

This week's episode opened with Deaton telling one of the twins to "Hold still.  Don't fight it."  What is he trying not to fight?  The gag reflex of having Deaton's hand stuck down his throat.  That's right.  Ethan, Aiden, and Isaac had to get rid of those flies that were possessing them, and this was the best route.  

But, let's focus on the important matter at hand (pun intended) -- what is going on with Stiles?

At the McCall house, Mama McCall is tending to Unidentified Stiles.  I loved this scene because of this moment:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

She was hesitant to touch him!  This is sad, for Stiles (if this is really him).  But, I was just looking forward to how everyone would react to Stiles after this whole Nogistune possession thing.  Everything can't go back to being goody goody after all that he's done.  (Which, of course it wasn't him doing those terrible things, but it was his face!)  I was just curious if the writers would acknowledge the negative effects on Stiles' relationships because of his possession, and they did.  Bravo!

We don't have to worry for too long whether this is the real Stiles, because the Oni meet him downstairs.  He is verified as being himself with the kanji (backwards 5) branding behind his ear.  

Now that that's out of the way, let's focus on the other big problem of the episode -- where is Lydia?  Of course, if you've seen all of the promos for "Insatiable", you know that Nogitsune Stiles has taken her to Oak Creek Internment Camp, which we saw in "The Fox and the Wolf".  We cut to that location now, where Lydia is scurrying down that long hallway where all of those souls were killed by Nogitsune Rhys.  

Nogitsune Stiles trails behind Lydia, who is hearing the screams of those who died here.  And, I LOVEDDD Dylan O'Brien in this scene.  He has been killing it this entire season and I cannot praise his talent enough.  "Are they saying that Stiles is dying?" He asks Lydia of the voices she hears.  "He is you know."  --  The delivery of this line...freaking PHENOMENAL.  His voice is so sinister.  Ugh.  LOVE IT!  

Strong willed Lydia informs the Nogitsune that she isn't going to tell him anything.  But, he doesn't really want her to tell him anything.  He wants her to scream.  And, so she does.

Meanwhile, Mama Yukimura thinks it's important that her daughter learns how to play Go.  Kira isn't really in the mood to play games right now; in trying to find Lydia, they are dealing with a matter of life and death.  This isn't a game.  "It is to him."  Her mother says.  "And he's winning."  So, if Kira wants to save her friends, she has to learn how to play.

At the Police Station, Sheriff Stilinski sits at his desk, waiting for news on Stiles.  Deputy Parrish comes in, tells him he should go home and get some rest.  Then, they start talking about Parrish himself.  Who is he and why is he in Beacon Hills?  He had to know the history of the police at that station before he took the job.  (The majority of them are dead.)  Parrish says that he was just drawn to Beacon Hills.  Hmmm.  What do we know about Parrish?  He is 24 and he has a military background.  Do you know who else fits that description?  Isaac's brother who died in combat.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Anyways, Stiles arrives! 

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

I never get enough of their hugs!  Love this family so much:')

Papa Stilinski, Stiles, and Scott are talking.  Since Stiles is back, is it over?  Not yet.   Now they've got to find Lydia and put an end to this Nogitsune once and for all.  What does the Nogitsune want with Lydia anyway?  She's a Banshee.  Is he trying to find a dead body?  That's what she's good at.  Stilinski asks Scott what he thinks, since he knows "the whole story" about the internment camp.  This phrase, "the whole story" makes a light bulb go off in Stiles' mind.   He's heard someone say that before, and so have we.  Remember in "Echo House" when Stiles went to use the phone, but it was already being used by the girl who was actually talking to no one?  She kept saying things about how "they should know the whole story" and that "one of them", being Stiles, was standing right behind her.  (That was such a good episode.)  Stiles remembers that girl now, Meredith Walker.  They need to find her.  She might be able to help.

Meredith is still at Eichen House, but she was moved to the Closed Unit because she wouldn't stop screaming.  When the Sheriff goes to see Meredith, he and the orderly find another orderly in her cell, knocked out and keys gone.  Meredith done dipped!

Don't Find Me

In the woods, Ethan and Aiden are looking for tracks, trying to find Lydia.  All of a sudden, they start getting shot at.  And, these aren't just regular bullets.  These bullets contain wolfsbane.

Allison and Isaac find Lydia's car.  Isaac says that he can smell anger in the air.  "Sounds like Lydia."  Allison says.  They get into Lydia's car, and they are talking.  Apparently, Allison and Isaac had sex the other night, and she wants to know if she was having sex with him or possessed him.  He tells her that it was him, and he remembers it.  Cute:)

Then, Allison turns to the window and does this:

Photo Credit: MTV

The message says "Don't Find Me".  It parallels to when Scott used to leave Allison messages on her windshield of when they would meet up.  This was at the start of Season 2, when she was forbidden to see him.

Photo Credit: MTV
Ohhh, those were the days.  Remember?  Back when this show was fun and romantic and just another teen Sci-Fi drama?  Now it's an EPIC drama that will, if it hasn't already, ruin you freaking life.  

I don't know about you guys, but if my friend left me a top secret message like that,  I would at least try to consider why they don't want to be found, even if I am still going to save them.  But, that doesn't happen here.  Allison and Isaac look confused, but the message falls on death ears.  If they had just listened to the freaking message, we would have been saved a lot of heartache.  SO MUCH HEARTACHE.  

At school, which is actually in session, besides the fact that none of our main characters are there, Coach is on the phone talking about a medical bill he's not pleased with.  He announces to the class that today they are going to talk about the "corrupt institution of healthcare".  Haha, oh Coach.  It probably would have been an interesting lecture if they didn't have an unexpected guest:  Meredith.

Photo Credit: MTV

The Coach talks to Meredith, asks her what nuthouse she came from.  She tells him Eichen House and everyone visibly backs away.  Everyone but Coach -- thumbs up to him.  She says she's trying to help.  "I can hear them.  They scream.  They scream when someone is about to die."  Coach wants to know if they are screaming right now, and how many of them are screaming.  "All of them."  Well, this ain't good.

Should we talk about the fact that anyone can walk into this school?  Serial killers?  Mentally unstable?  Derek?  They need to work on their security system.  

Stiles is asleep on the McCall couch.  He jumps awake and looks around.  He asks Scott what happened and how long he was out.  Nothing happened, he was only out for a couple of hours.  Poor baby.  He can't even sleep anymore without thinking something terrible is going to happen to him.  Also, there's something else going on with him:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Stiles is in pain!  He is in freaking pain and he hasn't told anyone anything.  This poor child.  As if he hasn't gone through enough.  Ughhhhh. My heart hurts for him.  

He tells Scott that the pain isn't that bad.  That it's like a dull ache all over.  But Scott realizes that he isn't just cold, he's freezing.

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

It probably hurts a hell of a lot if Scott merely touched him and the pain transferred.  Usually, when we see Scott take someone's pain, it takes effort.  But, here, he wasn't even trying to take Stiles' pain and it transferred.  Stiles is in serious pain, you guys.  But, why?  That is the question.

The Coyote, The Raven, The Fox...They're All Hungry

Back in the woods, the twins are trying to escape gunfire.  One has been shot and injured (still can't tell them apart, although I think one is taller.  Doesn't matter though, because I'm not sure which one that is.)  The are struggling to get out of the forest, and per usual, Derek comes out of nowhere to save the day.  Love Hero Derek.  

At school, Kira is telling the Coach that he can't let the orderlies from Eichen House take Meredith.  "Who are you?" Coach asks her.  Lololol.  She's Kira.  She's new.  The orderlies arrive, and there is one, whose name isn't even worth knowing, who is a complete douchebag.  He teases Coach (apparently they know each other).  Finally, he gets to the point: where is Meredith?  "Right here in my office."  Coach says.  He opens the door.  Sike!  She's gone.  (People are always disappearing on this show.)

At the Argent's, Allison is working on a gun or something, and her dad comes downstairs to talk to her.  

Photo Credit: MTV

She's trying to keep herself busy because she feels useless.  But, working on that gun doesn't seem like much help either, just saying.  So, her dad provides her with something else to do.  "It's time for you to graduate."

And, back at Oak Creek, Lydia is telling the Nogitsune, or maybe just herself, that her friends are going to find her.  

Photo Credit: MTV
He teases her about the fact that no one has shown up to save her yet.  Maybe they have bigger fish to fry? (Derek and the twins.)  Maybe they're chasing useless leads? (Stiles and Scott.)  

Lydia asks the Nogitsune what he wants.  "More...The trickster stories are all about food.  The coyote, the raven, the fox, they're all hungry.  I'm the same.  I just crave something a little different.  I eat what you feel.   And, I'm insatiable."  YESSS, DYLAN KILL IT!

Photo Credit: MTV
Back at the school house, Meredith has made her way into the music room where she is pulling on the strings of the piano.  And, do you know what happens when she pulls the strings?  She hears voices, just like Lydia did with the strings in Stiles's bedroom in "Riddled".  She is trying to understand what the voices are saying.  She is asking them to speak just a little louder.  Then, the douchey orderly comes in and we cut to commercial.

Main point here: Lydia is not the only Banshee in Beacon Hills.  Which is weird, because back in Season 3A, "The Girl Who Knew Too Much", Jennifer, aka the Darach, seemed surprised to see a Banshee, as if they are a rare occurrence.  However, there was another right down the street the entire time!

Coup de Foudre

When we come back from commercial break, the orderly has a taser and he is threatening to use it against Meredith.  She's just like, "Hold up, bruh.  I'm tryna see what the voices have to say." Lol, she didn't really say this, but it's what I heard.  Coach rushes in, along with Kira, Scott, and Stiles, and he tases the douchey orderly with his own taser.  Ha! Take that!  "This school has a very strict no bullying policy."  I feel like Coach had a lot of screen time this episode and I wasn't mad at that.  

Moving along...  Meredith is rescued and once Scott and Stiles get her into the Jeep, they ask her where Lydia is.  "Who's Lydia?"  Oh lawd, don't tell me all of this was for nothing!  The girl doesn't even know who Lydia is.  Don't let the Nogitsune be right.  Don't let this be a "useless lead".  

Back at the Argent's, Allison is with her father, talking about a family tradition:

Photo Credit: MTV
Making silver bullets!  Such great bonding time.  Fun FUN FUN!  But, Allison's weapon is the bow, so she would rather make a silver arrowhead.  Her father doesn't see any problem with that.  Then, we get into a very sentimental moment.  Allison tells her father that, she didn't get to say anything to her mom before she died, so she want's to let him know, that if anything happens to him:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Papa Argent assures her that he isn't going anywhere. :'(

Scott arrives home with Stiles and Meredith.  They find Papa McCall in the living room with Isaac.  And, we get to witness the return of Stiles Stilinski, Comedic Genius.  

McCall wants to know what they're doing home when they should be at school.  

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
Or, maybe it was Meredith who stole this scene.  I'm not sure, they were both hilarious.  I missed being able to laugh at Teen Wolf.  I feel like I've just been crying recently.

Anyways, Stiles, Isaac and Meredith head upstairs.  Papa McCall blocks Scott.  They need to talk.  YESSS! They need to talk.  I have been waiting for this.

Papa McCall shows Scott an indent in the floor in front of the stairs.  Apparently, this indentation came from Scott's head.  Once upon a time, Mama McCall and Papa McCall were arguing.  Scott came out of his room, and Drunk Papa McCall grabbed his wrist.  Scott pulled away and fell down the stairs.  He was out for 20 seconds and when he came to he didn't remember a thing.  Mama told Papa to be out by the morning, so that was why he left.


Papa McCall looks teary eyed and sad.  And, I guess this is supposed to be an important moment, but Scott isn't moved, and neither am I.  I mean...WHAT?  I still don't understand why he left?  I mean, I guess he thought that his drunken behavior had hurt his son and that he was putting his family in danger.  But...really?  If this is the McCall Family Secret, I am hella pissed because it is soooo lackluster.   I'm doubting that it is though, because this doesn't cause Scott to hate his mom.  If anything, it makes him angry with his dad.  Scott tells his dad that he's had many accidents in his life.  And, guess what?  He healed.  So, he doesn't need his apology.  "See you at graduation or whenever you decide to show up again."  Dangggggg.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Isaac and Stiles are talking to Meredith.  At this point, she knows that Lydia is the red-haired girl, so we're getting somewhere.  Stiles asks Meredith if she can find out where Lydia is; Meredith can, but only if Lydia tells her.  And, she already asked.  Lydia told Meredith what she told Allison via window message: she doesn't want to be found.  Again, these people are ignoring Lydia.  She has twice given them a very important message that they have not heeded or even stopped to consider.

They will regret this later.

And, in case you are wondering, the twins are alright!  Derek has them hid out in the coyote den.  Bless Derek and his heroic ways.

Back upstairs, Isaac and Stiles are trying to help Meredith hone her Banshee powers.  Isaac is being pretty useless and repeating what Stiles says, so Stiles asks him to back off.  "I have more experience with Banshees." He tells Isaac.  "Yeah, and mental patients."  Isaac says.  Haha!   I've missed this witty banter so much.  If only Isaac was wearing his scarf!  Meredith asks if someone is going to get that.  Get what?  The phone.  Needless to say, there is no phone ringing...

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

This was SUCH a cute moment!  I mean, you know how cute it is when a guy talks on a little kid's play phone?  That's pretty much what happened in this scene, and we got to see Dylan O'Brien as the guy.  This is probably the part where I say he's gonna be an awesome dad with adorable kids, but I don't really know him like that, so... 

Meredith hangs up the phone.  What did the voices say?  "Coup de foudre."  It's French and it means "Love at First Sight."  As you read this, thousands of girls are rushing out to get this French phrase tattooed on their bodies, and I am one of them.   

Kira is at home with her father talking about the game of Go.  He tells her that there are different styles of playing the game:  Aggressive, Passive, and Orthodox.  When you look at the game board, you should be able to know who played what piece.  (Can I just say that his game seems crazy complicated and that I would honestly never want to play?)  

The novice player is black, and they always go first.  And, here, the white pieces are the Nogitsune.  The style is agressive.  But, Kira's mom put those pieces that way to represent the Nogitsune.   "Are you sure about that?" Her father asks.  Hmmm....

Allison is working away at her arrowhead when she gets a call from Scott.

He tells her that they know where Lydia is.

And so does Mama Yukimura.  She marches up to Oak Creek, the Oni right behind her.   Mama Yukimura looks super fly in this scene.  This would be a good moment to point out how amazingly well she's aged.  What are her beauty secrets?  I need to know.

Change In Ownership

At Derek's loft, where the twins have been brought to safety, he and Argent are talking about the bullet shells that were used against them.  Papa Argent studies them and murmurs, "That's not possible".   What's NOT POSSIBLE?  Who shot the freaking bullets?

With perfect timing, Allison calls and tells her father that she's headed off to go save Lydia.  He tells her to wait for him, but she says there's no time.  "WAIT, Allison, WAIT!" He practically yells at her.  I wrote in my notes at this point, "Something bad is about to happen.  Too much emphasis on him telling her to wait." *Sighs*.  I hate being right.  Something bad is about to happen.

Scott, Stiles, and Isaac are in the Jeep headed to Oak Creek.  They start talking about the elephant in the room: Stiles' condition.  He looks absolutely terrible.  He's pale, thin, and looks like he's getting worse.  Say it ain't so!

GIF Credits: MTV

Stiles says he doesn't care if he dies, just as long as no one else gets hurt because of him.  I don't care if he doesn't care.  THE FANDOM CARES!  And, that's all that matters.  (But, we know Stiles isn't going to die.  Dylan's filming right now.  So, deep breaths.)

We haven't forgotten about Lydia.  She's still stuck with the Nogitsune, and even though she's scared, she is being her snarky little self.  

GIF Credits: MTV

I love Lydia so much!  Stand up to that Nogitsune, girl!  

Everyone arrives at Oak Creek at the same time -- Allison, Kira, Scott, Stiles, Isaac.  Papa Argent is running a little late, though.  I loved this scene, too.  Scott gives the gang a pep talk.  A couple of weeks ago, they were standing just like this when they were about to go help Malia.  They saved her, and she was a total stranger.  Now, this is Lydia.  Their friend, someone they care about.  They can do this.   "I'm here to save my best friend." Allison says.  "I'm here to save mine."  Scott says.  "I just didn't feel like doing any homework."  Isaac says.   Hilarious!  Favorite line of the episode.

They enter the gates of Oak Creek where they meet Mama Yukimura and the Oni.  Kira's mother tells her that she should go home, and take her friends with her.  Kira replies that she can't do that.  She realizes now, after looking at the board game, who she's playing against in all of this.  She's playing against her mother.

Stiles and Scott rush inside to find Lydia.

Allison draws her bow and tells Mama Yukimura to call the Oni off.  Mama Yukimura doesn't.  Instead she goes on and on about how Stiles can't be saved, that their friend is gone.  Kira makes a great point: Her mother doesn't seem to want them to save Stiles, because if they do, she will have to accept the fact that Rhys didn't have to die.  And, it's her fault that he did.  

"The nogitsune is my demon to bury." Her mother says.  

Meanwhile, inside, Lydia tells the Nogitsune that the Oni are coming.  But he's been waiting for this.  He wants them to come.  He brought Lydia along so she could tell him when they were coming.   The Oni arrive and the Nogitsune snaps a foxtail (which I assume he kept after he stabbed himself in the gut with it on last week's episode).   He needed them to be close enough when he snapped the foxtail because that would create a change in ownership.

Photo Credit: MTV

"Now they belong to me."  

HOLY CRAP!  That was a shocker.  But, it won't even the biggest shocker of the night.  

Grab your tissues.  Keep reading.

There Is No Pain... Because It Doesn't Hurt

When we return from commercial break, we are at war.  The Oni are evil now.  They aren't there to take out the Nogitsune.  They're there to take out Scott and friends.   How can they stop the Oni?  Mama Yukimura tells them that they can't.  

Scott and Stiles find Lydia, but she is not very pleased to see them.  Didn't they get her message?  YES, THEY GOT IT, LYDIA, BUT THEY IGNORED IT.  Lydia wants to know who else came, who else is at Oak Creek?  Allison, Kira, Isaac.  Lydia knows something bad is about to happen.  They take off down the hall to head back outside.  Stiles collapses, and Lydia stops to help him.  Scott continues running.

Outside, Isaac is getting slashed left and right, and things are not looking good for him.  Meanwhile, the Nogitsune is off to the side smiling at it all.  Allison is shooting arrows at the Oni as they tear away at Isaac, with no effect.  They are about to finish him.  Allison pulls out her last arrow.

Photo Credit: MTV

This time, she does not miss. 

Photo Credit: MTV

All the action seems to stop, and everyone seems surprised that she actually killed one of the Oni.  All of their attention is on the shock of that kill, that no one sees this coming:

Photo Credit: MTV


I take a few deep breaths.  

Lydia knows that her friend has been injured.  This was what she foresaw.  This is who she didn't want to come.

Photo Credit: MTV

The Nogitsune seems pleased with the work he's done, so he and the Oni leave.

Scott rushes over to Allison, Isaac falls to his knees.  Allison asks if Lydia is okay.  She is.  Scott grabs Allison's hand and tries to take her pain.  He realizes that nothing is happening.  "It's because it doesn't hurt."  :'(((( 

At this point, we have to accept that this is real.  This is happening.

Photo Credits: MTV

And, the reactions of her friends and family...

Lydia didn't get to say goodbye.

Papa Argent arrived too late.

Photo Credit: MTV

Scott's first love died in his arms, just like Derek's.  

Photo Credit: MTV


Rest In Peace Allison Argent, you beautiful soul.

I can't say that I loved this episode.  It was a great episode.  I mean, we got Stiles back.  There was action, suspense, and a huge shocker (I love shockers!).  But...Allison's dead.  I don't know, maybe one day in the distant future I'll be able to come back and watch this episode and appreciate it.  But, for now, it just hurts.

I mean, is this really happening?  Is the Season Finale really next week? Is Allison really gone?  It seems just like yesterday that Stiles' life turned into Inception, Kate Argent was haunting Allison, and Scott was running from his shadow.  It seems just like yesterday Allison was alive and still a part of the show.  Oh right, she was..  

In all honesty, though, I knew it was going to be Allison.  I just didn't want to believe it. There were some clues.  This was what I had originally written as part of my opening, but I got rid of it because it seemed irrelevant:

"There has been a lot of speculation that Allison is going to die.  Crystal Reed has been known to get very emotional when questioned about the death of the season, as seen in this video, so that is worrying many.  Also, Season 4 is filming, and Crystal is in Australia as I write this, so that has people questioning as well.  I initially thought the death would be Derek, but I think Tyler Hoechlin is actually filming for Season 4 right now."

So, there we have it.

With all the pain felt by the Teen Wolf fandom this week, the Nogitsune should be immortal.

Supposedly, next week is supposed to be bigger than this week.  I'd like to see them try.

Please respect my privacy during this time of mourning.  But, feel free to leave lots of comments below to cheer me up.  What did you think of tonight's episode?  What about Allison's death?   What does the finale hold?

Other questions
--Is Deputy Parrish Isaac's brother?
--What's the real McCall family secret?
--Who shot the twins?

Talk to you guys in the comments.

"Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux mêmes."  
We protect those who cannot protect themselves.


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