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'Teen Wolf' Recap: Stiles Visits "Echo House"

Oh, hey, Malia's back.  And she does not look happy.  Wonder why?  Keep reading;)

Previously on Teen Wolf

There was a lot of chaos, strife, and pain.  All the important things:

--Isaac is in the hospital because he got electrocuted by the fuse Dark Stiles cut.
--Coach got shot in the stomach with an arrow.
--A bomb went off in the police station.
--Of course, all of these tragic incidents took place because of Dark Stiles' evil schemin'.
--Dr. Deaton poisoned the evil fox inside of Stiles with Letharia Vulpina.
--Kira proved, more than once, that she is becoming a bad ass.

**Also, I would like to apologize to that cute deputy I said didn't have a name.  His name is Parrish!   I feel so bad, calling him No Name, and I'm surprised no one corrected me.  But, his name was referred to only once (that I know of), in "Riddled" when Sheriff Stilinski starts giving out orders about finding Stiles.  It's easy to miss if you aren't paying close attention.  I only noticed after my 3rd time watching that episode;)

I thought last week's episode was great, but not as wild a ride as "Riddled", which was okay--we needed a breather.  But this week, things definitely started to pick back up.

Let's take a trip to...

"Echo House"

72 Hours

The episode begins with Stiles in the car with his dad.  And, it's the REAL Stiles this time.  (Since the nogitsune has been poisoned inside of him, Stiles has regained control of his body.)  The Stilinskis pull up to Eichen House, which was first mentioned in "Riddled" as the mental institution William Barrow was committed to.  

As Stiles and his father are about to head inside, Scott shows up.  And, he's pissed because he didn't get the memo that his bestie was about to be locked up in this place for 72 hours.  But, Stiles assures Scott that this was his idea, because he doesn't want to hurt anyone, especially Scott.  Not again:'(  Scott tells Stiles that he is going to find a way to get that nogitsune out of him.  "If you can't, make sure you do something for me.  Make sure I never get out."  NOOOOOOOOOOO!  Stop it, Stiles.  

Scott is left standing outside of the hospital looking all lonely and dejected:

Photo Credit: MTV

The inside of Eichen House is especially creepy.  It didn't seem this spooky when Lydia & friends (Scott, Sheriff Stilinski, Aiden) came bursting in two episodes ago, looking for Stiles in the basement.  There are mentally unstable patients sitting around idly, staring at Stiles as he passes.  Stiles and his father are talking to the nurse and filling out papers.  The nurse tells Stiles that there will be no phone calls, no emails, and no visitors for the first 72 hours he is in the hospital.  "I feel like we're forgetting something,"  Papa Stilinski says looking worried.  "We forgot your pillow."  HOW FREAKING SWEET!  HOW FREAKING HEARTBREAKING!  The Sheriff suddenly changes his mind, saying that Stiles can't stay in this place if he's not going to sleep, and Stiles can't sleep without his pillow.  But, apparently he's forgotten that Stiles hasn't had a good night's sleep in weeks, so it's no big deal really.  But, he just doesn't want to leave his son in this place.  Like, when your parents leave you for college and are double-checking to make sure you have everything.  (My mom didn't do that.  She was like "Sayonara, sucka."  Lol.  Jk.  My mom misses me all the time...I think.)  Anyways, this happens:

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

It's always really sad when a child has to comfort their parent.  That role reversal always hits me hard, man.  At this point, we are four minutes into the show, and I am already tearing up.  #Typical

Stiles goes upstairs with the nurse.  He sees someone creepin' in the shadows of a hallway, and his nurse chides him, telling him to come on. Then, he sees a guy who is tying a rope to the banister of the staircase.  He is clearly about to commit suicide, and is chanting: "I can swim in the ocean, yet still remain dry." That sounds like a riddle. Then he hangs himself.  The camera pans to the nogitsune, who's looking like he's up to no good.  #AlsoTypical

Was this guy possessed by the nogitsune?  Did the nogitsune tell him to kill himself just to shake Stiles up, or just to create that chaos he loves so much?  Hmmm...

Shugendo Scroll

Dr. Deaton, Scott, and Allison have Mr. Argent on speaker phone.  They are talking about Stiles, of course, because everyone loves Stiles!  The lichen the Doctor injected in Stiles will wear off in a few days.  Then they start talking about this scroll, a Shugendo scroll that holds information on how to exorcise a Nogitsune.  So, you know what that means: FIND THE SCROLL. The last person to buy the scroll was a man named Kincaid.  You might remember him from "Silverfinger"; he was Katashi's big scary henchman, the one Isaac was selling that antique gun to.  A lightbulb goes off in Allison's brain, and she thinks she might know where the scroll is.

Stiles, after seeing that guy kill himself, wants to make a phone call but is refused.  He does not want to stay here anymore. His nurse takes him to his room and tells him that if he doesn't go to sleep, she will have him tied to his bed with 5-Point Restraint, just like his new roomie Oliver.  Poor kid.  (Oliver is played my Matthew Shively, who you may recognize from True Jackson VP.) 

The nurse leaves and Stiles & Oliver start talking.  He tells Stiles that there are a lot of suicides around Eichen House.  Especially on Monday.  And, everything echos in this place.  That's why it's nicknamed Echo house. 

Stiles sits on his bed, time lapses, and suddenly, it's morning.  He didn't sleep at all.  I'M SO WORRIED ABOUT THIS CHILD!

But, I'm also kind of worried about Oliver, who has a cough.  Someone fix this boy some tea.  No, but really, he says he swallowed a fly a few days ago and it feels like it's still there crawling around in his throat.  EW.

Stiles goes around with his roomie, who's giving him the rundown of the place.  The violent patients are kept in the Closed Unit.  Some patients have OCD, and a lot of them think they are Jesus.  But, Stiles is more interested in the payphone he sees on the wall.  There is a woman on the phone, and she is saying, "I think they should know the whole story.  One of them is standing right behind me."  Stiles overhears this conversation and is really spooked, as he should be.    The lady hangs up and the phone becomes free.  Stiles goes over the phone, only to discover that it's dead.  Apparently, they turn off all of the phones for 24-hours after a suicide.  And, apparently, that lady was just talking to herself?

And, can we talk about how adorable and sweet Oliver is?  Like, why is this kid even here?  He seems normal to me (so far).  

Then Stiles spies with his little eye:

Photo Credit: MTV
Malia! Girl, whatchu doing in here?

PUNCHING PEOPLE OUT! Because that's what she does, she punches Stiles square in the face.  She is taken away, and Stiles is restrained as well, although he didn't do anything.  

Photo Credit: MTV
Okay, see this thing Stiles is lying on top of?  It's the roof of the basement.  When he looks down into the basement, he has a vision.  Weird!

Even weirder, Ms. Morrell shows up out of nowhere, asking him what he saw.  How did she know he saw something?  And, what is she doing here?  (In case you forgot, Ms. Morell is the French teacher/Counselor at Beacon Hills High, played by Bianca Lawson.)

What did Stiles see?  Himself.  He saw himself trapped in that basement.  He's been there before.  Dun dun DUN!

Derek and Papa Argent are just chilling:

Photo Credit: MTV
Derek is using his spidey senses to tell what's going on in the station.  The evidence of the Katashi murder case, is being moved to federal facilities.  Then they start talking about Jackson (I kinda miss that kid), and how they got lucky in saving him.  What if they aren't so lucky with Stiles?  "Would you feel any remorse putting Stiles down?" Derek asks.  "Stiles, yes.  But not a nogitsune."

Stay Awake

Stiles is in a group therapy session and Ms. Morrell is the counselor.  So that's what she's doing here.  The group is talking about guilt.  (Oliver is still coughing.) Stiles is asked how guilt makes him feel.  "Nervous," he answers, which is how he is feeling right now, because he keeps seeing the nogitsune:

Photo Credit: MTV

Stiles, in his nervousness, starts rubbing his neck, and Ms. Morrell spies something pretty suspicious going on there.  

Photo Credit: MTV
What's on your neck, tho?  

Ms. Morrell immediately ends the session and takes Stiles to her office.  

This mark is not only on Stiles' neck, but his back as well.  It's called the Lichtenberg figure, and it appears on lightning strike victims.  

She tells Stiles that when the mark fades, the nogitsune will be able to regain control of him.  She gives him amphetamines (which he could easily become addicted to, so thanks for that) to keep him awake.  He is vulnerable when he is asleep.  If Scott & the gang can't figure out a way to save Stiles before the marks fade, Ms. Morrell is going to inject him with Pancuronium Bromide, which causes respiratory paralysis.  Uh, excusez-moi?

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

 She calls it "maintaining the balance" but I call it MURDERING STILES.  How dare you!  I liked you!

"Stiles, stay awake," she says in a very warning tone.  And, we can only assume that Stiles is going to fall asleep at some point.  


Stiles wants to get into the basement so that he can understand why he had that vision.  Oliver sneaks up behind him, scaring him.  The only person with the key to the room is the head orderly, Brunski.  He keeps the keys on him at all times.  Looks like Stiles is going to have to do some schemin'.  

The gang gets together at Allison's place (Scott, Ethan, Aiden, Lydia) to discuss the plan of getting the scroll.  Allison thinks that the scroll is hidden in Katashi's silverfinger.  And, since the evidence (including the silverfinger) from Katashi's murder is being moved to Federal Lockup, the gang is going to have to rob an armored car.  Sounds FUN!

Stiles is in the bathroom talking to himself in the mirror.  Malia is in the shower behind him.  (Just to clarify: she's in the boy's bathroom, he's not in the girl's bathroom.)  Malia says that since she's been a human, she hasn't been as warm as she was when she was a coyote.  She strides up to Stiles naked.   No biggie.  

So, why did she punch Stiles?  He invaded her home, put her on the run, turned her back to human, and she has to look at her father and figure how to tell him that her mom and sister died because she almost ate them on a full moon.  She wants to go back to being a coyote.  Stiles knows someone who may be able to help her (Scott), but he will help her if she helps him (get the keys to the basement).

Back at Allison's, the gang does a run down of the plan.  They are going to track the truck (via Allison's dad's cool tracker).  The twins will do some distracting.  Scott will break open the back door and get the finger.  Since they are actually going through the plan, step by step, something tells me it's not going to turn out how they hope.

Back at Eichen Echo House, Oliver is fighting Malia, but it's a ploy.  I'm not sure if Oliver is in on it, though.  I think he is, but Poor Oliver if not:(  Malia slips Stiles Brunski's keys, which she snagged while the fight was being broken up.

At the station, Argent enters a room where there is a woman smiling at him.  He knows the woman, but she is not his lawyer, whom he had been told he was meeting with.  "Hello, Christoph." She says.  She's smiling but looks intimidating, imho.

Stiles is trying the keys to the door of the basement but gets caught by Brunski and sent to the quiet room.  When asked where he got the keys, Stiles answers:  "Vending machine?"  Stiles's sarcasm gets him injected with a sedative.  Staying awake is no longer an option for him.  OH NO!

Let Me In

Kira visits Scott, wanting to help him and the gang get the scroll.  She pulls out a sword and shows him a bunch of awesome moves.  He is immediately convinced.  I love that he acknowledges that she can take care of herself!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Stiles wakes up:

Photo Credit: MTV
He's in a locker.  "Let me out!" He yells.  "Let me in." the nogitsune responds.  Stiles is crying and scared, and just wants to get out.  He is brought out of his nightmare by Malia, who broke the lock on his room to get in.  She tells him that there is another way to the basement: "The Closed Unit, where they keep the real psychos."  Sounds fun, let's go.

Meanwhile, the gang has found the armored truck.  And, their plan is in full swing, but then things go awry.  Kira puts the tracker on the truck, and then Parrish, one of the evidence movers comes out.  He doesn't see Kira, but he does see the driver of the car slumped against the wheel with a bullet in his head.  Ruh-roh.  Parrish pulls out his gun, and begins to scope out the area.  Then the back doors of the truck open, and Kincaid pops out.  He knocks Parrish out. (I hope he was only knocked out.  I hope he isn't dead!)

Papa Argent is talking to his visitor.  They are very vaguely talking about "the code" (of honor within the werewolf hunting business I guess?  IDK, tbh.)  He asks her if this is about Allison.  What is this woman fishing for?  "I don't fish, mi hijo.  I hunt."  Okay, officially afraid of her.  (I'm not sure, but I think this may be the lady from the first episode who was electrocuting Peter and Derek?  She was asking about the She Wolf.  I may be dead wrong.  Can't remember much from that episode besides Stiles screaming in his PJs and his daddy hugging him.)

Moving on, Kincaid gets the finger before Scott & the gang.  Uh, can we have that sir

Photo Credit: MTV

 They offer him $150,000 for it, but it's actually worth $3 million.  Whoa.  

"Give me the finger." Scott says.   


HAHAHAHA!  Scott doesn't really get many funny lines, but this one was good.  "You know what I mean." He said, after he'd realized how that sounded.

Then, Kira jumps onto Kincaid's back with little affect.  But, it makes Kincaid angry.  Everybody was kung-fu fighting.  Kincaid is kinda indestructable.  Like WTF.  This guy is a beast.  LOL, literally.  Kincaid easily takes down Scott: "You have the eyes of an alpha, but where's the strength?"  "Up here."  Carver Twins to the rescue!  They so cute, tho.

Stiles and Malia finally make it to the basement where they find the kanji for self on a wall.  Hmmm.  What's that doing there?  They start looking through some files and pictures.  Apparently, this hospital used to practice trepanation, which is a surgical procedure where holes are drilled into your head.  That doesn't sound pleasant.

Stles asks Malia to check to see if the lines on his back are fading.  They are:(  Uh-oh.  Malia tells Stiles that she's cold and he takes her hands in his.  There is a moment of hesitation and then:  

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
Shout-out to FeatheryMoose1 if she's reading, because she totally called this last week!  Good inference skills, girl;)

Yes, they KISS! OMG! Stiles is a M.A.C.K (Man Acquiring Copious Kisses).  Sorry, I couldn't think of another word for 'a lot' that starts with 'c'.  

This was Malia's first kiss.  I wish Stiles Stilinski were my first kiss! JEALOUS.

But then, Malia takes her shirt off.  Is Stiles about to lose his virginity right now?  YES!  YES HE IS! OMG!  Go Stiles!! Finally.  I thought it was kinda weird that he lost his virginity in the basement of a mental hospital, but whatever floats your boat.  I'm also glad that he lost his virginity to someone who was also a virgin.  I don't think I would have liked it as much if it had been Lydia, because I think she's just really experienced and the whole thing would have been unbalanced.  But, now that Stiles has a little experience, he and Lydia can totally get it on and it won't be completely awkward!  Why am I going on about this so much?

One more thing though--this scene felt kind of familiar.  Dylan O' Brien is taking v-cards all over Hollywood.  This is the 3rd time that I know of.  Once in First Time (which is a great movie which I really love.  Good music in it, too).  Then, another time on New Girl (which I started watching solely for the purpose of Dylan's episode).  And now on Teen Wolf.  Am I missing anything?  What's next Dylan?  Because I'm not complaining;)

Moooooving along, Scott tells Ethan and Aiden to stop beating up Kincaid.  He's not about killing people.  He takes the scroll out of the finger and they dip.

Stiles and Malia are just chilling after their romp in the basement.  Then a lightbulb goes off in Malia's head.  They go back over to the wall.  It's hollow.  Stiles finds a pipe (how convenient), which he wields as a bat, and smashes the wall to pieces.  (Stiles actually could do some damage with a bat if he needed to.  Skinny Defenseless Stiles, my butt.)  Inside, they find a body (the face wrapped up), and it appears to have been there for a long time. 

Photo Credit: MTV

 This is the body of the nogitsune.  Malia reaches into the body's jacket pocket and pulls out a picture.  "Recognize them?"  she asks.  "One of them.  I've got to get this to Scott."  WHO IS IN THE PICTURE?!

Before we find out, Stiles is tased.  And, guess who tased him--OLIVER.  Like, WHAT?  I liked you, Oliver!  What are you doing?  I LIKED YOU A LOT!  He tases Malia as well.  Apparently,  he took Brunski's stun gun and his Haldol (which is a tranquilizer).  Then he starts talking about trepanation and how he's going to let the evil spirits out of Stiles.  EXCUSE ME?  I DON'T THINK YOU'RE QUALIFIED FOR THAT KIND OF PROCEDURE.  NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY YOU'RE IN THIS PLACE.

When we return from commercial break, Stiles has been restrained:

Photo Credit: MTV
Oliver coughs up some blood and...a bug?  So, he was serious when he said like there was a bug in his throat.  GROSS.  

Oliver starts up the drill, and goes for Stiles' head until a voice says, "start with her."  It's the nogitsune.  The nogitsune got into Poor Oliver's head!  Aw, I'm kinda glad to know he isn't doing this all on his own accord.  

The nogitsune is telling Stiles to let him in, or else Malia's head gets drilled into.  Stiles resists for a while, but then Oliver gets his drill going.  

Photo Credit: MTV
This is so stressful!  I don't want Stiles to let the nogitsune in, but I don't want Malia to die either.  What to do, whattodo?!

Stiles lets the nogitsune in.  SO NOBLE!  Dark Stiles easily gets out of those restraints and goes over to Oliver.  He smacks him across the face with the drill (hope he's okay).  Malia wakes up and calls for Stiles, but he just walks away.

I'm not sure if I've said this in any of my previous recaps, but I kinda like Dark Stiles.  I love to watch Dylan play that role.

Back at the clinic, Dr. Deaton and Scott are talking about the scroll.  

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Whaaaat?  This is the second time that the idea of turning Stiles into a werewolf has been mentioned.  I don't know you guys....  I don't know if I want Stiles to be a werewolf.  But, I definitely don't want him to die.  I want as many people as possible to say human on this show.  It makes me think of The Vampire Diaries, where everyone has pretty much become supernatural, and invincible, or brought back to life, and it just makes the show less fun.  But, if it means saving Stiles' life, bite him up.

Final scene:  Malia is leaving Eichen House and Ms. Morrell asks her if she knows where she's going.  She's going to go find Scott.  Ms. Morrell tells her where she can find him.  Malia is happy.  

Photo Credit: MTV


So, REALLY great episode this week.  I LOVED the atmosphere of this episode.  Being in unfamiliar territory with Eichen House was what did it; that place was just plain creepy. And, also, Stiles and Malia?! SO CUTE.  #Stalia  

So excited for the last four episodes of the season, although I don't want it to end!

Btw, did you guys see that preview for the next four episodes?  It looks CRAZY EXCITING!

Here are some random gifs from that preview, too:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
In case you're wondering, Stiles is saying "SHOOT ME!" in that last GIF.  Nooo.  Please don't.  And, please don't die Derek.  We know that a regular will not return, but I hope it's not Tyler Hoechlin.  Please God. no.


--The question must be asked again: Will Stiles become a werewolf by the end of this season?
--Do you think Derek will be the "fallen hero" we've been teased about?
--Will Stiles and Malia become an item? Or does she care more about becoming a werecoyote again than she cares about love?

Leave yo thoughts in the comments.

Talk to you guys soon,
Teisha xx

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