Wednesday, February 12, 2014

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Stiles Is "Riddled" & We Love It!

Photo Credit: MTV

Look at that face.  I can relate, because this was my facial expression during pretty much all of last night's episode.

Words cannot express how utterly phenomenal "Riddled" was.

I think we all knew that this episode was going to be an emotional roller coaster, but man was it a wild ride.  I mean, no one told me that Stiles would be crying for most of the episode.  I WAS NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR THAT!  I need warnings for these things.  

But, let me just go ahead and say that Dylan O'Brien's acting was brilliant this week. BRILLIANT, I TELL YOU!  Stiles is no longer the comic relief of this show, no longer the main character's sidekick.  He is the driving force of Teen Wolf.  Proof of this is the simple fact that the majority of my blog views come from the 'Stiles Stilinski' & 'Dylan O'Brien' tags on Tumblr.  #Truth

This kid has such a promising career ahead, and I cannot wait to see where his talents lead him.  (I'm so excited for The Maze Runner later this year!)

Here's what happened this week...  

Previously on Teen Wolf

Last week, sh*t started to get real.  We discovered that those demonic ninjas, the Oni?  Yeah, they're not as bad as we thought.  In fact, the one person we NEVER thought could do or be bad is the one who is doing and being bad...  Here's a list:

--Stiles was missing his mom & breaking our hearts :'(
--Stiles' mom died from something that caused her to have the same symptoms he is experiencing now:  blackouts, insomnia, irritability, etc.
--Allison kissed Isaac
--Kira is a kistune.  But, we don't know what kind, which is important because...
--There is an evil type of kitsune called the nogitsune, and evil is not good
--Scott's dad got stabbed (but I won't even mad?)
--Scott & Kira got marked with the backwards 5, which is the Japanese kanji for "self".  So, they are who they say they are.  On the other hand...
--STILES DID NOT GET MARKED.  Instead, he ripped out an Oni's heart.  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO STILES?! HE IS NOT HIMSELF!  Well, at least not all the time. 

Grab some tissues, buckle your seat belts, and enjoy the ride.  Because, this is...


Come Find Me

Scott is asleep in his bedroom and his phone is vibrating.  He wakes up and answers it.  At the other end of the line, Stiles is breathing heavily, and he sounds scared.  He tells Scott that he doesn't know where he is or how he got there.  He thinks he may have been sleep walking.  The call goes away.  Scott starts to panic.  And, when Scott panics, I panic.  He tries to call Stiles back a few times without an answer.  Stiles calls back and Scott answers immediately.  Stiles tells his best friend that he can't move.  His leg is stuck on something and he thinks it's bleeding.  Also, wherever he is, it smells really bad.  Like, so bad it makes his eyes water.  Scott tells Stiles that he's going to call Sheriff Stilinski.  Stiles asks him not to.  "Come find me.  I know you can do it... You can find me.  I have to turn the phone off.  I'm going to call you right back."  

Stiles hangs up and Scott bursts into action.  He yells for Isaac, telling him he needs his help.  "What's wrong with Stiles?"  Isaac asks.  "I don't know."

THIS WAS THE BEST OPENING SCENE EVER!  There was so much panic and confusion and tension and raw emotion!  But, this was just the beginning, I assure you.

Meanwhile, in the art room of the school in the late hours of the night, Aiden is posing for Lydia who is drawing a picture of him.  He tells her that he thought he would be posing nude.  And, just when he starts to strip down, Lydia interrupts him, hearing something.  DARN YOU, LYDIA!

"I hear music," Aiden tells her.  "What do you hear?"  "Voices." She tells him.  She moves closer to the speaker where the sound is coming from.  "Come find me."  It's STILES!

Stiles calls Scott again and tells him he thinks he is in a basement.  It's cold, freezing.  He starts to whisper, telling Scott he has to hang up.  "Stiles, why are you whispering?"  "Because I think there's someone in here with me."  CHILLS!

Mama Yukimura

Kira is chilling in her bedroom doing homework.  She reaches over to turn on the lamp, only to discover that her light bulb is dead.   She reaches up to remove the dead bulb, but realizes that when her hand nears it, it glows brighter:  

Photo Credit: MTV

Her mom comes in just as this happens. CAUGHT!  "What did you do?" she asks.  Kira doesn't know what she just did.  Her mom places a new light bulb in the lamp:

Photo Credit: MTV

You saw that right?  That little spark?  Apparently, Mama Yukimura has the same power her daughter does.  But, unlike Kira, she knows how to control it, because she didn't break the bulb.  Mama Yukimura acts like nothing happened, and Kira pretends that she didn't see.

Mama Yukimura will be back later in the episode, playing a very surprising role in all of this craziness that's going on.  So, keep reading!

In Stiles' bedroom, where the gang (Lydia, Aiden, Scott, & Isaac) has gathered, they find something particularly weird and interesting:

Photo Credit: MTV

Stiles is a fan of All Time Low!  Haha, just kidding.  I mean, maybe he is, but that's not the point.  The point is this crazy map he's made!

As we know, Stiles likes to play crime solver, just like his old man.  He uses red string for unsolved cases.  In this case, Stiles himself is the unsolved.  He doesn't understand what's happening to him, but we do.   He's possessed!

Also, a new worry is introduced -- it's the coldest night of the year in Beacon Hills, 20 degrees.  And, if Stiles was sleepwalking, he is probably barefoot and in pajamas and could catch hypothermia. 

Lydia is determined to call Sheriff Stilinski, but Scott tells her not to.  They argue about it for a few seconds, and Scott ultimately decides that she's right.  What is going on with Stiles is more serious that he thought, especially if Lydia has a "feeling" about it.  Because, as Aiden puts it, "she only gets these feelings when someone is about to die." 

The Police Station is only 5 minutes away, so they should tell the Sheriff in person.  Lydia says that she's going to stay behind.  There has to be some evidence of where Stiles is in that bedroom.  Isaac says that the only thing is Stiles' room is "evidence of total insanity".  HOW DARE YOU!  (Isaac has had his own issues in the past, so I think it was kinda rude for him to judge Stiles here.  Just my personal opinion.)

Scott and Isaac leave, and Lydia and Aiden stay behind.

FINALLY, we actually see Stiles for the first time in the episode.  He uses the light on his phone to check out his surroundings.  He was right about being stuck on something:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV


Let's play a game called, "How Many Times Does Stiles Cry in This Episode?" Current tally = 1.

We hear a noise, and we can't really tell what it is, but we can be sure that Stiles was right -- he's not alone.  "Who's there?  I know you're there, I can hear you."  

Stiles continues to look around the room.  His light lands on a man sitting in the corner, his back turned to Stiles.  The man drops a piece of chalk on the floor, which Stiles focuses his light on ever so briefly.  When he lifts his light back up, the man is gone and the kanji symbol for "self" is drawn on the wall.  A breeze comes through (A breeze in a basement!  Keep that in mind.  Does that make sense?) and blows the chalked symbol away.  (Another note: there are leaves on the floor.  I ain't see no tree, though.)

At the Police Station, Stiles' dad looks absolutely heartbroken, and also kinda constipated? 

Photo Credit: MTV

I'm sorry, that was a bad joke and very insensitive.  Serious things are happening right now.  

Sheriff Stilinski is only sad for a second, though.  Just like Scott, he jumps into action, sending his men out and putting out an APB, and all that other cop stuff.  And, the cop stuff works!  They find Stiles's Jeep, parked at the hospital, but the battery is dead.

The team decides to spread out and look everywhere in the hospital for Stiles.  

Derek beat Scott and Isaac to the roof.  Stiles isn't there.  Isaac goes to tell Sheriff Stilinski this bad news, and also to find Allison.

Derek and Scott pick up on Stiles' chemosignals (chemical signals that communicate emotion) on the roof.  They can smell stress and anxiety in the air.  There was some kind of struggle on this roof.  Who was Stiles struggling with?  "Himself," Derek tells us.  Whaaaaaat?

Back at the Police Station, Agent McCall has arrived.  He sees the Wanted signs with sketches of the Oni that he described to the police.  However, he is upset that no one seems to be out looking for the man that stabbed him. You deserved it, dude, get over it.  Sorry, McCall.  You're not the high priority of the night.  Stiles is.

Eichen House

Aiden and Lydia are still in Stiles' bedroom, where Stiles has a drawing of one of Lydia's trees. (Remember those from the first half of Season 3?)  Aiden finds it kind of humorous that Stiles is crushing on Lydia.  Lydia doesn't really think it's funny though, and NEITHER DO I.  

Out of boredom, Aiden plucks one of the strings of the map.  Lydia hears something, so she also plucks a string.  Whispers.  

"What did that sound like to you?" She asks.  "Like a string being pulled." Aiden answers.  "You didn't hear people whispering?"  "I definitely did not hear people whispering." Lydia tries the string again, just to make sure she's not just hearing things, because, it's not like she hasn't heard weird things before.  By this point, she shouldn't even be surprised, imho. 

Photo Credit: MTV

"You didn't hear that?"  "Lydia, I'm not sure anyone hears what you hear."  The whispers say something about a house.  What house?  Lydia looks to a picture on the wall that the string leads to.  Eichen House, the mental institution William Barrow was committed to. 

"That's where Stiles is." 

Meanwhile, Stiles is still screaming and crying (Cry Tally = 2) and my heart hurts.  Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a person. "Who's there? WHO ARE YOU?!!!"

Whoever the man is, he starts speaking in a language I don't understand -- Japanese.  But, eventually he starts talking English. "Not, who are you, Stiles.  Who are we?...Did you notice we've stopped shivering?"  Stiles is smart.  He knows that this is a sign of the onset of hypothermia.  "We are going to die before you get out of here." 

"Stop saying that.  Stop saying we." Stiles demands.  Why is he saying "we"? Hmmm.

The man tells Stiles he better get up.  "How? THERE'S A FREAKING STEEL JAW TRAPPED ON MY LEG!"  Stiles is angry, and scared, and he literally roars.  (Applause for Dylan O'Brien.)

"Is there?" The masked man, with teeth that are very similar to those of the nogitsune killed at the beginning of "Silverfinger", asks.

The trap that was on Stiles' leg is now on the opposite leg.  Stiles is freaking out.  "What is this?  What are you doing?"

"We are trying to save you, Stiles.  We are trying to save your life."  

Lydia meets Sheriff Stilinski and Scott and others at the Eichen House.  

Meanwhile, Agent McCall is analyzing the transcript of Stiles and Scott's phone conversation.  He is particularly interested in the part where Stiles says, "something smells terrible.  My eyes are watering."  

Mama McCall arrives, wanting to help in any way she can.

Sheriff Stilinski, Scott & friends burst into the basement of Eichen house.  

Photo Credit: MTV

But there is no Stiles.  Lydia is confused, because she just knew Stiles would be here.  Sheriff Stilinski is so frustrated that he yells at her: "WHERE IS HE?!"  

As everyone heads back upstairs, the camera pans to a spot on the wall where the kanji symbol for "self" is engraved.  And, we realize that maybe Stiles was here.  But, he's not now.  

#WHEREISSTILES?  Inquiring minds want and need to know!

Skinny Defenseless Stiles

Agent McCall and Mama McCall are in his car, heading somewhere.  Agent McCall thinks he knows where Stiles is.  He suggests that Stiles is actually still asleep.  Although he made a phone call to Scott, in which he seemed completely lucid and to have recovered from a sleepwalking spell, Agent McCall believes he has actually done all of this in his sleep.  Hmm.  For once, the guy is presenting some useful information and not being a jerk about it.  But, he's probably just being nice because he's still got the hots for Mama McCall.

Back in the undisclosed Stiles location, the guy with the mask is annoying Stiles, and me, too.  He's asking all these crazy riddles that ain't nobody got time for.  

Photo Credit: MTV

What gets bigger the more you take away?

What gets wetter the more it dries?

When is a door not a door?  

Everyone has it, but no one can lose it.  What is it?  (I thought Charlie Carver's answer was pretty amusing.)

Stiles doesn't know, so he gets growled at in Japanese.  And, then, he is dragged by his TRAPPED FOOT.  OUCH!  

Are you guys ready for this?  

So, Stiles is being dragged by this masked figure, and then suddenly:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Agent McCall was right!  Stiles was dreaming!  I was completely fooled, because I thought Stiles was really hurt and kidnapped, but he wasn't.  We were fooled, once again, by the Teen Wolf writers.  

And, where was Stiles?  In the coyote's den.  You know, where Malia lived for years, and kept her sister's doll, as seen in "More Bad Than Good".  This is why Stiles was cold.  This is why there was a breeze in the basement, and leaves.  And, this is why he said it smelled bad.  I feel like there has to be some kind of symbolism in Stiles ending up in this location.  It seems to represent a space for the lost and confused.  Malia blamed herself for her sister's death and stayed in that den.  Now, Stiles blames himself for what's going on with Barrow and his trying to kill Kira.  I'm just trying to make a connection here.  It's an English Major problem I have.  I analyze too much...

Cry Tally = 3

Isaac arrives at the Argent house.  Through all of this action and drama, Allison was sleeping.  She had no idea what was going on because her phone was off, but she claims that she never turns her phone off.  She checks her voicemail.  She has a bunch from an unknown number.  There is a recording of a man talking in Japanese.  Sorry, you have the wrong number.

Aiden is telling Derek that he overheard Scott and Stiles talking about the whole Barrow, Kira, cryptic message situation.  He thinks that Stiles is the nogitsune.  Derek thinks that a stupid idea.  Why would someone chose "skinny, defenseless, Stiles" as their host, rather than someone bigger, with more power?  These questions seem to make a light bulb come on Derek's mind.  (Haha, better keep him away from Kira!)

Bro Hug

At the hospital, which is where Stiles has been taken, Agent McCall and Sheriff Stilinski are talking, and Stilinski is thanking him for his help.  They shake hands. 

Mama McCall tells Lydia and Scott to go home, they have school in the morning.  (Really?  They still have to go to school after the night they just had?  Well, I guess these things are kinda common for them, actually.)  As they walk down the hall, Lydia hears something.  It's just a banging noise, metal hitting metal.  She tells Scott she didn't hear anything, though.  Hmmm.

At school the next day, Scott enters the hall, and Kira calls out to him.  He doesn't seem to hear her.  Either that, or he doesn't want to talk.  Derek comes out of nowhere.  He wants to talk to Kira about what happened at the power plant with Barrow.  Actually, he wants her to show him what happened.  We don't get any Scira moments in this episode!  Darn:(

Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski are talking about Stiles' symptoms.  The Sheriff says that he's been keeping track of them, and he understands what's happening.  "I think we need to do some tests."  WHAT TESTS?!

Back at the power plant, Derek and Kira come across Stiles' bat, which they discover is magnetized.  This seems to concern Derek.  "Kira, I'm going to need you to tell me everything you know about fox fire."

Isaac and Allison utilize Mr. Yukimura to translate the voicemail on her phone.  He tells them that the recording seems to be of a man giving orders at a Japanese Internment camp to prisoners.  But, the recording is fake.  The man mentions the "Oak Creek" internment camp, but there was no such internment camp in California.  Oops.   Someone slipped up.

Lydia is hearing that banging noise still, but she won't admit it to Scott.  All around her, the sound of metal against metal, like locker doors being slammed shut, is magnetized, and it's driving her crazy.

At the hospital, Stiles is about to go through the MRI.  The doctor tells him that there will be a lot of noise, but Stiles refuses the earplugs and headphones he is offered.  He is left alone to talk to his bestie.  ALL THE FEELS IN THIS SCENEEEE!

Stiles is being tested for frontotemporal dementia; this is what his mom had.  It causes areas of the brain to start to shrink & it's the only form of dementia that can hit teenagers.  There's no cure.  

SCOTT IS CRYING.  "Stiles, if you have it, we'll do something.  I'll do something."  Scott says.  

Uh?  I can only take this to mean that, if it comes down to it, Scott is willing to turn Stiles into a werewolf?  I mean, how else could he save him?  What else could he do?  

Then this happens:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV



This scene is even more moving than Stiles telling Scott "you're my brother" in the "Motel California" episode.

I cried so hard, you guys.

Cry Tally = 4 (At this point, I'm not sure if I'm counting Stiles' tears or mine.)

Are You Threatening Us?

Derek and Kira arrive at the hospital, but Kira decides not to go in.  She doesn't want to be the one to tell Scott that Barrow might have used the fox fire she created to jump the nogitsune's power into Stiles' body (via baseball bat).  Well, can you please jump that nogitsune back into Barrow?  She, unintentionally of course, helped the dark spirit take control of Stiles.

Stiles is in the MRI.  This will take 45 minutes to an hour, and he has to try not to move.  That's a high expectation for a kid with ADHD.  Plus he has to listen to that loud noise, like "a hammer hitting an anvil".  Such a lovely sound.  The noise begins, and weirdly, Lydia can hear this, too, even though she's sitting in her car with the music turned up really loud.

Meanwhile, Derek is in the hall talking to Scott.  He tells him about that mysterious conversation he had with his mother.  She told him that the Hales didn't just live in Beacon Hills, they protected it.  Derek thinks the town needs someone like Scott to protect it.  "And, someone like you to teach me a few trade secrets." Scott adds.  Why can't Derek realize his own potential to be a leader?  So, he's not the nicest guy around.  But, he is a good guy.  

All this talk of protection makes a light go off in Scott's head.  Stiles was protecting everyone.  Protecting them from himself.

Derek and Scott rush back to the roof of the hospital.  They realize that Stiles wasn't just struggling with himself.  He was struggling not to do something.  They find a bag of tools.  What could he have done with this?  They look up to see an electric wire that has a slit in it.

In her car, Lydia can't take all of the noise anymore.  So, she screams.  But, fortunately for us (and Holland Roden's vocal chords), we don't actually hear it this time.  We just see it.

Photo Credit: MTV

Don't tell me I'm the only one who gets tired of her screaming.  That Oni shut her up real quick in "Illuminated".

Anyways, we know what this means.  Someone's going to die.  Dun dun DUN!

At the hospital, Papa Stilinski and Mama McCall are looking at the activity of Stiles' brain as he lays in the MRI.  The doctor points something out to them -- signs of atrophy.  Basically, this means that, yes, his brain is getting smaller, declining in effectiveness and vigor.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the glass, Stiles is in the MRI, feeling anxious and probably claustrophobic.  He squeezes his eyes shut, and suddenly, he's dreaming.  And, of course, it's about the nogitsune.  

Photo Credit: MTV

"If you answer correctly," the nogitsune says, "we might consider letting them go...your friends, your family, everyone who ever meant something to you.   We're going to destroy all of them, Stiles."  At this point, I have had enough of this guy, with his mock Bane voice, and his stupid riddles.  "Everyone has it, but no one can lose it."

Stiles still doesn't know.  Maybe he should just go with Charlie Carver's answer, tho.  

The nogitsune starts to unravel the gauze that is wrapped around his face.  I am not prepared for whatever hideous monster the show's creators have put behind those bandages. 

And, just as the person is about to be revealed, Stiles figures out the answer to the riddle.

A Shadow. 

And guess who's behind the mask:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
Sexiest monster ever!  (Well, besides Klaus Mikaelson, but that's an argument for another day.)  This I can deal with. 

"Hello, my Shadow Self."  Lol.  Stiles didn't say this.  But, didn't you guys get tired of hearing Stefan say that at the beginning of almost every episode of The Vampire Diaries this season?

Stiles wakes up, and looks like this:

Photo Credit: MTV
 Oh, hey.  It's Dark Spirit Stiles!  (This is the creepiest gif ever.)

The lights of the hospital flicker.  A power surge, they say.  It's really that electric wire Scott and Derek found on the roof.  Yeah, it broke.  

When the lights come back on, Stiles is gone.  "Where's my son?!" Sheriff Stilinski exclaims.  Goodness, give this man a break!  He just found his son and now the kid's gone again.  This guy's gonna have a freaking heart attack.  

While everyone is running around, Stiles is just chilling, tying his shoes.  Don't worry, Dad, your boy is fine.


Stiles enters the hallway of the hospital, where there is absolute chaos.

At the other end of the hall, elevator doors open.  And, look who it is:

Photo Credit: MTV

Yes, you're Kira's mom.  Mama Yukimura.  Whatchu doin' here?  

Apparently, she's here to take down the nogitsune that has inhabited Stiles' body.  And she assures it that she will not be deterred by its choice of host, even if it is an innocent boy.   EXCUSE ME.  YOU BETTER BE DETERRED.  YOU BETTER NOT KILL STILES!

"Are you threatening us?" Dark Spirit Stiles asks.  Yes, yes she is.

This chick even brought back-up.  She ain't playing no games:

Photo Credit: MTV
 Look at Dylan's facial expression, though.  Ahhhhh!

Dark Spirit Stiles tells her that "we're not really afraid of your little fireflies".  I'm still not sure who "we" refers to.  I don't think the Dark Spirit is speaking for Stiles? ... Or is he?  I'm not sure about that part.  You guys let me know your theories in the comments!

Anyway, Mama Yukimura tells Dark Spirit Stiles that if the Oni cannot defeat him, she knows someone who will.  This seems to get his attention.

Photo Credit: MTV


And, finally, the closing scene of the episode:

Kira arrives at the hospital, and that broken wire is flying wild and free.  It comes right at her, and then....


Guess we'll have to tune in next week to see what happens!

What did you guys think of this episode?  This is, by far, my favorite.  "Motel California" has been knocked down a notch to my second favorite.  Because I LOVED LOVED LOVED this episode.  

DYLAN O'BRIEN IS AMAZINGGGGGG.  I cannot say it enough.  You guys are probably going to get tired of me saying it, but it is fact.

Stiles cried in four scenes, and I cried at like, 10 scenes.  


--Whose death did Lydia's scream forewarn?
--Who is willing to kill Dark Spirit Stiles if the Oni can't?
--Do you think Stiles will be: a) dead or b) a werewolf by the end of this season?  Or do you have another theory of what his fate will be?
--Will Kira survive the flailing wire?

So excited for next Monday!

See you guys then.

--Teisha xx


  1. though this is ages late, I thought I'd say my theory on the we.

    I think the Nogitsune is refering to him and Stiles because I believe Stiles is still aware of whats going on when the Nogitsine is in full control.

    I also believe Stiles was the Nogitsune and the Nogitsune was him, they basically merged with each other though the Nogitsune in control Stiles influenced him a lot, including his more mocking snarky talkative personality that it defiantly didn't seem to have when he possesed Kira's dead boyfriend.

    He also seemed to focus on the people that meant more to Stiles, and focused on the pack, when really shouldn't it been just kira and his mother he focused on, not the whole pack, I think that was partly due to Stiles influence and how the Nogitsune might have turned his emotions against him, his love for Scott and his freinds turning into hate.

    The Nogitsune just seemed for me to good at acting like Stiles and picking up parts of Stiles behavior for me to believe Stiles was trapped in his mind. I think he was aware of what he was doing, especially because in season 4 he told Malia he liked being possesed.

    So when he said we, he did mean we as it was the Nogitsune AND Stiles she was talking to

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