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'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Man With the "Silverfinger"

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Contrary to the image above, this episode was not all sunshine and rainbows.  Actually, I don't think there was any sunshine and rainbows.

 I just thought Scott & Kira looked incredibly adorable on his dirt bike. 

But, here's what really went down...

Previously on Teen Wolf:

The kids threw a rager at Derek's bachelor pad while he was away.  The party was crashed by a bunch of mask-wearing ghostly figures who went around branding backwards number 5's behind people's ears.  And, more importantly:

--Kira definitely has some supernatural abilities.
--Stiles may or may not be bisexual.
--Stiles may or may not be the person who told Barrow to kill Kira.
--Allison's dad may or may not be dead.
--I may or may not be am definitely losing my mind because of this show.  (Huh...now I know why they put "Lose Your Mind" in all of the Season 3B promos.  They weren't just talking about the characters, were they?)

On to this week's episode...


Mr. Argent Isn't Dead!

Instead, he is being patched up by Allison and telling a story of himself as a young man. He was 18 when he had his first encounter with the masked, demonic ninjas.  And, just for the sake of me not having to type "demonic ninjas" all the time, we find out in this episode that these men are called the Oni.  So, from now on, they are the Oni, kay?  

So, in Mr. Argent's flashback, Gerard had him do a gun deal with a Yakuza gang.  Apparently, the Yakuza are badass, and Gerard was testing his son to see how he would handle the situation.  The Oni arrived, and they were after the gang boss, but they took down all of his men first.  Then, all three Oni tore into the boss, who just so happened to be supernatural.  He's half animal, but not werewolf.  

Of the few who survived, there was a man named Katashi, aka "Silverfinger" (because he had a prosthetic pinky finger that was silver).  Mr. Argent remarks that Katashi is in the country, that he has been tracking him down for a couple of months.  He also tells us that the broken mask that he keeps locked away came from him shooting one of the Oni in the face.  When he shot the mask, it broke, and he was able to buy himself and Katashi time to escape.  (And, I guess he was able to collect souvenirs on the way out?)  But, he says that behind the mask there was darkness.  "Absolute Darkness".  Dun dun DUN!

Kira + Scott = Scira?

Kira enters her bedroom, looking absolutely smitten and googly eyed.  She falls back onto her bed and has a flashback:

Scott took her home after the party, on the back of his motorcycle.  They talked about him and his friends being werewolves.  She asks to see his werewolf side.  Scott seems wary at first, but he turns for her.  She reaches up and touches his face.  It looks like this:

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

This scene reminded me of this scene from The Vampire Diaries (Season 1, Episode 10) so much:

Both of these moments say the same thing.  These guys think that they are hideous monsters who don't deserve to be loved, but they have found women who believe they are absolutely beautiful, and I love this idea so much.  It shows that there are actually some good people out there in the world who can find beauty in ugly things.  There is actually some hope left for humanity!  But, enough of my philosophical thoughts...

School the Next Day

Scott arrives at school with Ethan and Aiden on his tail.  They are protecting him (or maybe they just want into his pack) from the Oni who were looking directly at him before the sun came up.  Everyone's worried that the Oni are coming after Scott next.  But, Scott says that he does not need bodyguards.

Scott meets up with Stiles, who takes him to the classroom where he had discovered that he'd written the cryptic message with Kira's name on the board.  But, now, the message is no longer there.  Stiles also cannot find the key that let him into the room.  WHAAAAT?  And, to make matters worse, in a news report about the shrapnel bomb Barrow used, it is noted that he hid the bomb and detonator among nuts, bolts, and screws in a box wrapped as a birthday present.   This sounds reminiscent of the trick Stiles and Scott pulled on Coach the day before Halloween.   That was Stiles' idea.  So, of course, Stiles is freaking out.  Scott tells him that he looks "tired" and that he should take a sick day, go get some rest.  


Mr. Argent, Allison, and Isaac are making plans to go find this mysterious Katashi guy.

Agent McCall arrives at the police station.  He is on the phone, bragging to someone about how he's going to put Sheriff Stilinski out of government work (I can't STAND this guy).  McCall opens his computer, where he gets a security alert with a picture of Scott and Kira snooping through his stuff.  (What computers have that technology?  Let me know, because my sisters are always snooping through my stuff.)

"Thanks, Mom"

Yes, this one moment deserves its own subheading.

Stiles goes to the hospital where he talks to Mama McCall.  This scene gave me SO MANY feels, because Stiles is so scared and worried about what is happening to him, and it's just written all over his face.  And, sad-faced Dylan O'Brien gets me every time.  (Dylan's acting skills are impeccable.)  Stiles admits that he has only gotten 8 hours of sleep in the last 3 days.  He has been feeling irritable "to the point of homicide", blacking out, his Adderall hasn't been working, he has been having vivid dreams during the day, experiencing anxiety and panic attacks -- needless to say, the kid's got it rough.  

Mama McCall injects him with a sedative and tells him that he's just sleep deprived.  Then she tucks him into bed and he begins to doze off, but not before this happens:

Photo Credit: MTV

At this point, I think that the Teen Wolf writers are literally trying to ruin my life?  Like, COME ON!  How heartbreaking was this moment?  And, at this point it was only 18 minutes into the episode!  How am I supposed to continue 42 more minutes with that scene stuck in my head?  

Mama Stilinski Cont'd.

Scott and Kira leave school without Ethan and Aiden, because Kira took some pieces out of their motorcycles.  (Sorry, I don't know motorcycle parts.  Don't judge me.)  Clearly, Scott wants some alone time with his lady.

Meanwhile, Isaac and the Argents are getting ready to find Katashi.  The plan is that Isaac will stall Katashi's henchmen with a business deal, (he's supposedly selling one of Mr. Argents' old guns, like 15th century old) while the Argents scour the building for Katashi himself.  Isaac looks adorable in a suit and tie, but he's really nervous about being a believable businessman.  So, Allison takes him off to the side and gives him a pep-talk, tucking his shirt into the front of his pants and doing this:

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She kisses him! And she lets him get some feels on her booty.  Her father is only a few feet away, so this isn't awkward at all.  "How do you feel now?" Allison asks.  

Confident as hell.  That's how he feels.

Scott and Kira go to Scott's house, where he starts to lock all of the windows and doors.  The reality is that Scott brought Kira along because he is worried that the Oni may be after her.  Everyone says that the Oni were staring at Scott before the sun came up, but what they failed to realize was that Kira was standing right behind him.  So, it's quite possible that they are actually after her.

At the hospital, Mama McCall checks on Stiles and sees that he is sleeping.  Then she pulls out his file and looks it over again.  Something sparks her interest because she goes to the records room where all the patient medical files are held.  She pulls out a file and goes through the symptoms again.  Insomnia, hallucinations, impulsiveness, irritability. 

And guess who's file this is?  

Photo Credit: MTV

 CLAUDIA STILINSKI.  Stiles' mom.  Whaaaaaaat?  

Photo Credit: MTV

I'm right there with you, Mama McCall.  This is all just so sad.  His mom was having the same symptoms he is having right before she died?  What does this mean?  Is Stiles' condition genetic? Is Stiles going to DIE?!  Dun dun DUN.... 

(This season, you guys.  This FREAKING season.)


The Argent's plan is going pretty well.  Allison is kicking ass: 

Photo Credit: MTV

Isaac is successfully completing the business deal with Katashi's henchmen, serving as a great distraction.  The henchmen offer him $150,000 for the super special gun he is selling them.  He tells them that he's going to need to count it.  All of it.  Great stalling tactic, Isaac.

In Scott's bedroom, he and Kira are being cute:

Photo Credit: MTV

She's telling him about legends of kitsune, which are these awesome, supernatural foxes. Scott tells her that he doesn't care about all of this talk about foxes and wolves not getting along.  He wants to mack.  They are just about to kiss...

Photo Credit: MTV

...when Scott hears a car pull up.  He thinks it's his mom, so he and Kira head downstairs.  But, it's actually his dad.  Ugh.  

"What are you doing here?  And why do you still have a key?" Scott wants to know.   But, his dad wants to know something, too: "How did you get a key to my office?"

In the meantime, Isaac is done counting his dough.  But, it doesn't really matter because the head henchman has grown suspicious of him.  He grabs Isaac, and Isaac goes on the defense, showing his werewolf side.  Katashi sees all of this from his security system on his iPad and knows that something is up.  He turns towards the door, a gun in his hand, pointed at Mr. Argent who has just arrived.  But, Allison easily takes that from him with some long chain whip tool she just so happens to have. 


Isaac comes in, held hostage by Katashi's head henchman who happens to be a werewolf, too.

Mama McCall comes home to find her son and her ex-husband arguing.   


The masked men come into the house.  Mr. McCall is all, "Who the hell is this?", and he thinks he is going to take this guy out because he's an FBI Agent with a gun and training--no.  The Oni don't care about none of that.  

He gets stabbed.  (In my opinion, Scott totally could have stopped his dad from walking into the Oni's knife, but I think we can all agree that this guy kinda deserved it because he's a douche.)  

Then, Derek bursts in.  (YAY DEREK!)  And, the twins are right behind him.   And everybody was kung-fu fighting!

The Oni get thrown out of the house every which way. 

Mama McCall throws some black Mountain tree ash across the threshold of the front door, so then the Oni can't get back in. 

Meanwhile, the Argents are talking to Katashi after he realizes that Mr. Argent was the guy who saved his life 24 years ago.  He is telling them about the Oni, saying that they are demons that are "unstoppable".  I don't like the sound of that.

"She's a Kitsune, Idiot"

Back at the McCall household where all hell just broke loose, Scott asks Derek where he came from.

"I've been following you."  

"For how long?"

"All day."

The official Teen Wolf Tumblr actually posted this joke, and I thought it was hilarious and that I would share it with you all.  Because, it's so accurate!  Derek is so bad ass, but he still has his sweet, caring side which is why we all love him so much.  SO ADORABLE.  (But, it doesn't end there, you guys.  Keep reading.)

Scott's dad is bleeding pretty badly.  A tendon's been torn.  Ouch.  He needs to get to a hospital or he will bleed out.  But, the Oni are still outside the door, just waiting for someone to come out, or some opportunity to come in.  And, trying to get by them would be stupid, because, according to Katashi, "NOTHING" can stop the Oni.  

Just like all of the other supernatural beings currently in the McCall household, Kira cannot cross the black ash threshold.  Ethan and Aiden don't understand why, and they are interrogating her about what she is.  

Derek intervenes.  "She's a kitsune, idiot.  Use your eyes.  You can see it all around her."  

Apparently, there are 13 types of kitsune.  Celestial, wild, ocean, thunder, etc.  But, one type is evil: the nogitsune.  Kira is worried that she is a nogitsune, but Scott assures her that she's not evil.  I mean, have you seen that smile?  She's not evil.

Photo Credit: MTV

Or, are we all being fooled? Kitsune are tricksters. Hmmm...

"Are You Willing to Die for Him?"

Derek is talking to Ethan and Aiden, who are explaining that they are there to protect Scott.  

And, Derek says: "I'm sure you would kill for him.  But are you willing to die for him?"  

Because Derek IS!  (All the Scott & Derek feels in this episode!  What's their ship name, btw?  Because Scerek seems weird to me...)  And, that's what it really means to be in someone's pack, to be that dedicated to the Alpha.

Anyway, Katashi is telling the Argents and Isaac about his "Silverfinger".  He explains that the pinky finger is the strongest finger when it comes to gripping a sword.  He gave his finger to his superior in penance.  

In parting, Katashi tells Mr. Argent that he owes him more than his pinky, and more than his life.  "I owe you my honor."  He also tells Mr. Argent to let the Oni destroy the nogitsune they're looking for.  "Even if it is your own daughter".  Why would he say that?  Allison's not a kitsune.  Right?  RIGHT?  

At this point, I have no idea who's who and what's what, tbh.  

Weakness in the Barrier

The Oni are tired of watching the soap opera that is taking place before them, so they start hammering away at the invisible barrier keeping them out of the McCall house.  They are testing for weaknesses in the barrier.  And, guess what?  THEY FIND ONE!

Scott is on the phone with Allison.  "They won't hurt you," she's telling him as the Oni are trying to make their way inside.  "All they want is the nogitsune.  They are looking for someone with a dark spirit attached to them."   (That last part is very important, guys.  Keep it in mind!)

The Oni enter the house, and Scott instructs everyone not to do anything.  "Is he serious?" one of the twins asks.  (Sorry, I can't tell them apart.)  Yes, he's serious.

Scott turns to Kira, taking her hand and telling her to trust him.  They walk over and stand before the Oni, who grab them, touching them behind their left ears, and staring into their eyes.  According to MTV, this is the Oni's way of checking to make sure that the person in their presence is who they say they are.  

Scott and Kira's hands break apart (unwillingly, it appears).  And, both of them fall to the floor.  Scott reaches up and touches behind his ear, and sure enough, there is a backwards 5.  We still have no idea what this means.

UPDATE:  We DO know what this means! Thanks to one of my lovely readers, and a little more investigating, I have learned that the backwards 5 symbol that is being left behind on everyone's ears is the Japanese kanji for "self".  So, when the Oni leave this symbol on Scott and friends, it is verification that that person is who they say they are.  They are themselves.  This is very important for understanding the end of the episode.

Dark Spirit

Back at the hospital, Stiles has just woken up.  He calls out for Mama McCall, but she's not there.  We see him walk down the empty hallway.

The McCalls are just now arriving at the hospital, however, with Agent McCall being rushed to the ER.  Scott tells his mom that he's going to go find Stiles.  

And, he definitely needs to, because this is happening:

Photo Credit: MTV

No big deal.  They're just gonna brand him and leave like they did with everyone else, right?  


Here is what happens:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

UPDATE:  With the new information about the kanji symbol, I now understand that in this scene, the Oni was going to verify that Stiles was himself.  However, Stiles stopped him from doing so, and even rips out his heart! This scene tells us that Stiles is definitely not himself and that he is the one who has a dark spirit attached to him.  Therefore, he is the one the Oni want to kill.  SAY IT AIN'T SO!

(Can we note how Dylan plays the role of sinister, possessed Stiles to perfection?  I'll probably be commending Dylan's acting in every recap, because I adore him.  I mean, who doesn't?  So, yeah, get used to that.  SORRY NOT SORRY.)  

Scott arrives and asks Stiles if he is okay.  "Yeah, fine." Stiles says.  




*Regains composure*


So, that was "Silverfinger". 

If you haven't seen the promo for next week's episode, you can find it here.  It looks awesomeeeee.  

What are you guys' thoughts?

Is Stiles ruining your life?
Is this season making you "lose your mind"?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

--Teisha xx

P.S. If you ever find any inaccuracies in my recaps, just let me know and I will fix them ASAP.

One of the main purposes of my writing these recaps is to help viewers (and myself) gain a better understanding of what is going on in the show.  But, I find myself confused occasionally, too.  Sometimes, all of the scientific/mythological/supernatural elements of the show can become a little too much to keep up with, but I always try my best to get it right for you guys;)  



  1. The symbol the oni leave behind is the kanji for self. It means whoever is marked is who they say they are. That's why Stiles blocked them, he's obviously supernatural and doesn't want them to find out what he is.

    1. Wow! Thanks so much! Everything makes sense now, especially that ending. I will update this ASAP:)