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'Teen Wolf' Recap: Chaos & Strife & Pain, OH MY!

Photo Credit: MTV

I love how you can just look at this picture and tell whether Dylan is playing Stiles or Dark Stiles.  Of course the lighting and other technical things play into it, too.  But look at the eyes.  

That's just good acting right there.

Previously on Teen Wolf:

I cried a lot and Stiles was an emotional wreck.  Mostly because the nogitsune kept yelling riddles at him that he couldn't answer, and also because his foot was stuck in a steel trap (but not really?).  So much happened in "Riddled", and it was an ah-mazing episode!  Here's the rundown:

--Stiles was missing, (but not really?).  He was sleepwalking and dreaming that he'd been kidnapped, and in the process, called his best friend to come find him.  Mama & Papa McCall found him sleep in the coyote's den and woke him from his nightmare.  (This kid's real life has turned into a nightmare, tbh!)
--Stiles and Scott shared a bro hug.
--Stiles has frontotemporal dementia:'(  This is the illness that took his mother. There is no cure for this disease, so...  
--Scott may be willing to turn Stiles into a werewolf if there is no other way to save him.
--In his MRI scan, Stiles is taken over by the dark spirit.  Permanently?  We'll have to wait and see!
--Mama Yukimura, who is a kitsune like her daugther, and the Oni, want to kill Dark Stiles.  And, if they are unable to, she knows someone else who is willing to take on the task.
--Lydia screamed (so, I guess someone is about to die).
--Kira was about to get backhanded by a flailing electrical wire when the episode ended...

Last week was crazy and an emotional roller coaster (and my favorite episode!).  This week was even crazier!  Less emotional (thank god), but full of action.  

Lots of things to talk about, so let's just get down to it!

"Letharia Vulpina"


This week's episode starts off in Japan.  There are men standing in a room, and in the center of the room, lying on a cushion, is a white wolf.  The wolf is sick and the men are waiting for a doctor.  And, oh hey, guess who the doctor is: Deaton!  Deaton is in Japan?  They needed a veterinarian and they called America? Really?  That's what I was thinking at first, but things start to make sense eventually.

Deaton asks the man in charge, named Ikeda-san, whether his wolf, Yuki, has been around any bright neon green plants?  The plant is called lichen, or "Letharia Vulpina", and poisonous to wolves and foxes.  Ikeda-san orders one of his men to take Deaton to the plant.  The man doesn't move, and neither do any of the others.  Ikeda-san calls them all "superstitious idiots" as he leads Deaton to the location himself.

This place looks familiar, it's the spot where the nogitsune was killed at the beginning of "Silverfinger".  And, there appears to be plenty of lichen growing here.  "You really think Yuki got in here and ate this stuff?"  "Actually, I think Yuki probably doesn't even come in here."  

"I didn't poison [Yuki] with lichen," Deaton admits.  But, he did give him a paralytic drug, one that he also put on the outside of the vile he asked Ikeda-san.  Ikeda-san falls to the ground.

Basically, Deaton set this whole thing up because he wants the plant.  Born out of the blood of a nogitsune, this lichen is extremely powerful.  Ikeda-san asks Deacon what he is going to do with the lichen. "There is a fox hiding inside a teenage boy. And, I am going to poison it."  YEAH, DEACON! Saving the day!

Meanwhile in America, Kira doesn't get hit by that crazy wire! Yay! Luckily, she ducks out of the way.  But, others are not lucky enough to escape the wire's wrath.  An ambulance crashes into a fire hydrant when the driver tries to avoid the wire. The wire lands in the hydrant's spilled water which is traveling through the hospital parking lot.  Just arriving at the hospital are Isaac and Allison.  When Isaac spots the danger, he bursts into action:

Photo Credit: MTV
Please tell me I'm not the only person who LOL'ed at this gif.  I mean, just look at Isaac's face, and Allison's face.  She looks so calm as she is thrown to the side.  It's too funny, you guys.  

But, I shouldn't laugh, because Isaac saved her life, and this was a serious moment.  I'm always laughing during serious moments of this show.  Why am I so heartless and cruel?

Anyway, Isaac manages to save Allison but not himself.

Photo Credit: MTV
Nooo! Isaac:(  He'll be okay though, he's a werewolf.  He'll heal.

On the other side of the parking lot, Kira is jumping over cars to get to the wire.  "Why would she go near the wire?" you might wonder.  Because she knows she can do this:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
Kitsune powers, ACTIVATE!  This was really cool, though.  Kira took a real risk in going for that wire.  She doesn't know how to control her powers yet, and she didn't even know if she would be able to diffuse the wire.  Her actions were very commendable here.  How could you not love her?  Heroine in the making.

Derek and Scott arrived in time to see Kira in action.  Scott seemed kinda mesmerized by the whole thing.  Now she's 10x cooler than cool in his eyes.  

Derek rushes over to Isaac who is still lying on the ground.  And, HE'S NOT BREATHING!  Whaaat?  Whyyy?  

"I Swear to God it's Me"

When we return from commercial break, Scott is lying in bed, remembering what happened two nights ago/what happened during the commercial break.  Isaac was rushed into the hospital on a gurney.  Kira's mom told her that she saw her diffuse that wire.  Sheriff Stilinski learns that Stiles left the hospital in his Jeep, so now he's worried again.  Agent McCall notices that the wire was cut and is getting suspicious.  Derek told Scott that he needs to tell Sheriff Stilinski what's really wrong with his son.

Scott goes into the living room and talks to Mama McCall who is really worried about Stiles:'(  Stiles has been missing for 48-hours (this is how we know that two days have passed). 

At the police station, Sheriff Stilinski is reading a text from Stiles that says, "Am okay.  Please don't look for me.  Be back soon."  As he is reading this text, Agent McCall comes in and asks him if the police have had any trouble with the Yakuza  gang.   They haven't.  Why you wanna know, tho?

Mama McCall and Scott arrive at the hospital to visit Isaac and find Allison in the hall asleep.  She has been waiting to see Isaac, but they won't let her in because she's not family.  But, Isaac doesn't have any family:(  "He's got us," Mama McCall states.  And, she has a key card.  Allison and Scott enter Isaac's room, and this happens:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
I was just as confused as Scott was at this moment.  But, it was sweet though.  It's good that Allison and Scott have moved on can still be friends after their breakup.

So, in the hospital, Isaac was looking all kinds of bad.  Remember how I said that he was a werewolf and he would heal and we need not worry about him?  Well, I was wrong.  HE'S NOT HEALING.  You guys, the Teen Wolf writers are continuously slipping the rug out from under me.  They continue to fool me at every. freaking. turn.  And, I assure you, this was not the only surprise of the episode.  Oh, there are some other major ones coming.  Just you wait.

Scott does that cool werewolf trick that we saw Derek use on his sister in the first half of Season 3, and alleviates some of Isaac's pain.  (It's not really that cool though, because it causes pain to Scott.) Scott assures Allison that he's working on getting the nogitsune out of Stiles.  (You don't even know where he is, tho?) 

After Scott has his talk with Allison, he gets some supernatural information from Kira.  She tells him that nogitsune are tricksters.  But, they don't just cause problems for the hell of it. A nogitsune usually gets angry enough to wreak the kind of havoc Dark Stiles is wreaking when they have been greatly offended.  Who offended to nogitsune and how?

Later, at school, Stiles and friends (Ethan & Aiden) are in the locker room changing out for gym class.  

Photo Credit: MTV
Look at those studs.  None of the guys in my gym classes ever looked like that... :(((  Not, that I would have paid attention though.  Too busy trying not to die of exertion.

Coach is making everyone sign a card for Isaac (cute) and telling them that if they see Stiles, let him know ASAP.  

The werewolves of the class hear a high-pitched noise that they recognize.  It's the sound from the omitters that the Argents use.  The sound is coming from the basement, so they rush down there.  And, they find this cutie:

Photo Credit: MTV

"Okay, I know what you guys are thinking, but it's me.  I swear to God it's me."  Aww, Stiles.  We missed you!  We were so worried about you!  

Not Ethan and Aiden, though.  They kinda want to tear him apart.  But, Scott's not about to let that happen.

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
Look at the face Stiles makes when he's thrown against the locker!  And, the face the twin makes when Scott shuts him down with that Alpha growl.  Hahaaaaaaaaaa, these gifs are hilarious this week.  

Moving on, Stiles tells the guys that he has no idea what's been going on, but he knows he's been up to something.  Something really really bad.  He pulls out a bag full of daunting looking tools.  So now, they have to figure out what he's done and put an end to it before people get hurt.  

The Man With the...Missing Finger?

Lydia's mom (who will always be Mrs. Lockwood to me.  RIP.) is talking to Peter in the hallway at school.  Apparently, he was talking to her mother about doing hearing tests for students, because he's from the health department (lol).  Someone sign Lydia up quick, because her hearing has been all out of whack recently.  

Scott, Stiles, and the twins go through Dark Stiles' bag of deadly goodies.  "What are you building? A Terminator?" one of the twins asks (STILL can't tell them apart, sorry).  They pull out a map of the cross country trail.  Uh-oh.  Isn't that where your insanely fit classmates are running around right now? 

Mr. Argent arrives at home with his gun drawn, ready for trouble, because someone has clearly broken in.   And, he finds:

Photo Credit: MTV

It's Derek! He always makes his appearance at random times in the show.  

Both admit that they have been looking for, but have not found, Stiles.  (Go ahead Sterek shippers, go crazy about the fact that Derek is looking for Stiles;) I have to admit that it's cute, tho.)  "What are you going to do if you find him?" Derek asks.  


Back at school, Kira discovers that she can run really really fast.  And, Stiles and Scott arrive on location.  Coach looks relieved and confused to see Stiles.  

And then, back at the Argent's place, Derek and Mr. Argent find a silver case filled with money--$150,000 to be exact.  If you recall, Isaac was doing a "business deal" in "Silverfinger" with Katashi's men.  He was supposedly selling them an antique gun for $150,000, but in reality he was stalling the henchmen so that the Argents could search the building and find Katashi himself.   Mr. Argent isn't sure where the money came from, though, because the deal was never real or finished.  Suspicious.  

Agent McCall comes in, an evidence baggie in hand.  Inside the bag is a...silverfinger.  Apparently, Katashi was found dead, and Derek & Argent are looking hella guilty right now.

And then, back at school again, Ethan tackles Danny and tells him he misses him.  

Photo Credit: MTV
They so cute, tho:)

Kira is still running, ahead of everyone else.  Scott catches up with her and makes her stop so she won't run into the trap they think Stiles has set.  

"EVERYONE STOP!"  Stiles yells to his classmates as they catch up to Scott & Kira.  Everyone gathers around, watching as Stiles picks up a link of chain.  It's actually not a trap.  Coach sarcastically congratulates Stiles on finding nothing and demands to know what's going on.  And, just as he asks this, he trips a wire, which sends an arrow through his abdomen.  Ouch.  Or, "oh crap", as he puts it.  

"You're Not Just an Uncle"

Lydia decides that she wants to go to Peter to see if he will help her figure out what's going on with her hearing.  Why didn't she know where Stiles was?  Why is she hearing things really loudly?

Meanwhile, Coach is having the most hilarious reaction to getting shot with an arrow in the history of getting shot with arrows (which goes back pretty far).  "I'M GONNA DIEEEEE!  GET IT OUT OF ME!"  Again, Scott utilizes his supernatural abilities and takes some of Coach's pain away.  Thankfully, the man passes out.  

Photo Credit: MTV
Stiles has blood on his hands and he's freaking out.  

Photo Credit: MTV

He could have actually killed Coach.  What if it had been his head or his throat? "But it wasn't" Scott reminds him.  Something tells me it won't be long before Stiles actually DOES kill someone.  

Derek and Mr. Argent are chilling in the police station with handcuffs on, because apparently, they've been framed for murder.  

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
Don't you just love Derek's one-liners about Stiles?  Last week, he called him "Skinny Defenseless Stiles".  

Mr. Argent doesn't believe they are really at the police station because they've been framed for murder.  He thinks that there is something bigger going on.  Hmmm...

At Derek's bachelor pad, Peter tells Lydia that he is wiling to help her if she will help him.  He opens a can and dumps werewolf claws onto the table.  We should recognize these from "Galvanize", when Derek used them to contact his mother on the other side.  Not sure what Peter plans to do with them, though.  Does he want a manicure? (Another terrible joke, sorry.)

On the trail, Coach is being taken to the hospital and Sheriff Stilinski reunites with his son.  

Ethan shows Scott something inside of Stiles' jeep.  It's wrapping paper and a box of nails and bolts.  This is the same wrapping paper that was used for the prank pulled on Coach on Mischief Night, as seen in "Galvanize".  This was also William Barrow's thing (as Stiles mentioned in "Silverfinger"), making bombs out of nails and bolts, disguised as birthday presents.  (Look at us connecting dots and sh*t.  We're awesome.)  The bomb that Barrow made, killing a bunch of children, went off on a school bus.

Cut to Papa Yukimura and other school officials running towards the Beacon Hills High bus lot.  Students are getting off of the bus, except for one.  There is a kid named Jared, who has been told not to move, holding a birthday present.  Not the kind of present I'd want for my birthday, tbh.

Back at Derek's place, Peter tells Lydia and Allison that his sister, Derek's mama, stole a memory from him.  He wants to access it by using her claws.  This is what Lydia is going to help him with.

At the school, Sheriff Stilinski's handsome police sidekick (whose name I don't know), is going to go onto the bus to take a look at the bomb, because he has a little bit of experience in that field.  Please don't die cute guy who's name I haven't even learned yet.

Meanwhile, at Derek's, Lydia and Peter are arguing because she can't hear anything from the nails.  (Okay, this whole bit with the claws is really weird to me.  Anyone else?)  Peter gets really angry (and a little hostile) because he thinks she's not trying enough, and Allison pulls her electric stick weapon out on him (not sure what it's really called, but it doesn't matter).  Peter then starts to tease Allison about how he's not afraid of her weapon, because her aunt Kate had one just like it, and he killed her.  

This guy is seriously a jerk.  In the first half of the season, he was still a douche, but he was helpful and seemed like he might actually try to redeem himself.  But it seems like he takes one step forward and two steps back.   

In frustration at Peter and Allison's arguing, Lydia throws the claws and they stick into a wooden wall.  (That girl's got some power.)   Lydia hears voices coming from the nails.  She knows what Peter's stolen memory is: 

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
Whaaat?  Please explain.

Fox Tails

Mama and Papa Yukimura have a secret meeting in his classroom.  They are talking about these secret fox tails, that are apparently really important.  For each tail broken, an Oni is brought forth.  However, there is a limited supply of tails, which means a limited supply of Oni/help to get rid of the nogitsune.  She breaks two tails, and her husband looks like he is physically pained with each snap.  She promises him that these Oni will be much stronger, tho.  (Btw, Kira is snooping outside and overhears this entire conversation.)

At the schoolhouse, the cute officer is on the bus with Jared.  He is talking to him, to keep him calm.  We learn that the officer is 24, however we do not learn his name, which is kind of annoying.  He opens the box, and inside he finds Sheriff Stilinski's name plate for his desk.  Whaaaat?  I thought for sure that that bus was going to blow up, that Jared and Officer No-Name were going to go BOOM-shakalaka.  FOOLED AGAIN.

What does this clue mean?  What does the bomb have to do with his name plate?  Sheriff Stilinski thinks back to earlier in the day when a delivery man brought some packages to his office, packages that he still hasn't opened... Uh-oh.

At the police station, Derek and Mr. Argent are witnessing absolute chaos.  They are confused about what's going on and why they are being released from their handcuffs.  Derek's spidey senses start tingling.  He turns around and looks into the Sheriff's office where the packages, one shaped like a cube (OR A BIRTHDAY PRESENT), sit waiting to be opened.  "GET DOWN!"

Can we talk about this?: 

Derek talking to Papa Argent earlier in the episode.  Photo Credit: MTV

The explosion.  Photo Credit: MTV

After the explosion.  Photo Credit: MTV
Derek, once again, proves himself to be a natural born hero and leader.  

Chaos, Strife, & Pain

The Yukimuras are waiting for the Oni to arrive.

Stiles, Scott, and Sheriff Stilinski have arrived at the police station.  Lots of people are hurt, including police officers.  Stiles calls Scott over to help one of the deputies who is badly injured.  Scott takes some of his pain, but unfortunately, the deputy dies. 

Kira rushes into the station, telling Scott and Stiles that the Oni are coming.  They all leave to find a safe location for Stiles.

Meanwhile, Lydia refuses to tell Peter who his child is.  But, she knows.  She and Allison leave after Allison electrocutes Peter.  

Stiles, Scott, and Kira are in the Jeep, rushing to the animal clinic because it's lined with mountain ash, and that will hold the Oni off for a while.

Lydia and Allison sit in Lydia's car, looking at their phones.  Here is what they pull up:

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
Whaaat?  That's a surprise.  When Shelley Hennig was first cast as Malia, there was news going around that she would play a "super secret role" on the show.  But, when the case with the Tate family was closed, I thought we would never see her again.  And, because of this, I thought that the news surrounding Hennig's casting was overly dramatic and hyped up too much.  I never realized Malia would return, but she has.  And, her role was super secret.  I was wrong about everything as usual.

Stiles, Scott, and Kira make it to the clinic.  But, just as they are about to enter, the Oni arrive.  Scott is able to fight them off with Kira's help (Mama Yukimura ain't the only bad ass in the family).  They defeat the Oni, but Scott got stabbed with one of their swords:(  
They enter the clinic.  Kira goes to pull the sword out of Scott's stomach, but SHE IS STOPPED.

Dark Stiles is here!  

He slams her head against one of the medical tables and she hits the flo.  

And, OMG YOU GUYS.  Dark Stiles was SOOO creepy in this episode.  SO SO SO SO creepy.  Like, how can I go from thinking Dylan O'Brien is the most adorable, innocent looking creature on the planet in one moment, and in the next, be hiding under my covers because he is hella scary?  Oh, that's right, it's called Dylan's Ah-mazing Acting Skills.

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
But, he DOES.  He shoves the sword even deeper into Scott's stomach.  So deep, it goes through him and comes out of his back.  OUCHHHH.  And, he twists it.  I could literally feel the pain in my heart, you guys.  It was like he was twisting my heart;'(  

Imagine how Scott feels, having to look at the face of his best friend as the person who is hurting him.  ALL THE FEELS.  I can't...



Okay.  Deep breath.  I'm back.

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
Dark Stiles takes the pain from Scott, looking like he's enjoying a high.

Photo Credit: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV
The biggest surprise of the episode for me!


(Can we make a note of how Ethan & Aiden have been right in all of their instincts about Dark Stiles?  Aiden was sure in "Silverfinger" that Stiles was the nogitsune, but Derek didn't agree.  And, in this week's episode, they were ready to tear the nogitsune to pieces, although it swore it was the real Stiles.  So, props to them.  Maybe everyone should start listening to what to have to say more often?...)

So, what does this mean?  Has sweet, innocent Stiles been permanently taken over? When will we see him again?  Why is Teen Wolf messing with my mind???? 

Foxes are tricksters.   "They'll fool everyone." Dark Stiles, says.  

"Not everyone."  Enter Deaton.  He injects Dark Stiles with lichen and he falls to the floor.
(Deaton's bad ass.)  The doctor pulls the sword out of Scott.  
"What was that?  Was that a cure?  Is he okay?"  Scott asks.  Bravo to Scott, who is able to look past the exterior of Dark Stiles and remember that this is not his friend.  But, I kind of wonder if Dark Stiles is going to do something so bad in the coming episodes, that Scott would find it difficult to look at Stiles the same way again?  It would make for an interesting story.  What do you guys think?

The nogitsune was poisoned, but not dead.  "Not yet."


What did you guys think of that episode?  Teen Wolf continues to impress me, and leave me wanting more with Season 3B.  This is GOOD TV.


--When are we going to get real Stiles back?
--We still don't know who Mama Yukimura thinks is willing to kill Stiles if the Oni can't.  Is it Papa Argent?  I've heard theories that it's Kira, but I don't know about all that.  What do you guys think?
--If Peter is Malia's father, who's her mother? 
--Do you think it's Papa Argent who offended the nogitsune?  If so, how?  (Remember that Papa Argent was framed for murder so that he would be in the police station at the time of the explosion.  So, it seems that the nogitsune was after him!)
--Who is Stiles kissing in the promo for next week's episode?

Comment below.  Share your thoughts, ideas, opinions, critiques (of my ideas or the show).  Let's get some discussion going on about this amazing show!  Promise I'll respond;)



    1. I hope it's Lydia! But, you never know, he's probably just dreaming again;)

  2. I think it's Malia, from the first few episodes of the second part of the season.

    1. Hmmm, I didn't think about that. Now that would be interesting!