Thursday, February 13, 2014

My 'Scandal' Void: Is it February 27th Yet?

This is me, every Thursday night at 10pm, when I am reminded of that big, gaping hole in my life that can only be filled with Gladiators in Suits, steamy political drama, and Olivia Pope's flawlessness.  This is me when I remember that a new episode of Scandal will not be airing:  

Just kidding!  I'm a good four months away from being of legal drinking age.  Hahaaa.  Gotcha, Mom;)

In reality, I sit in my room during the 10 o' clock hour, looking like this:

And then, when the clock finally hits 11, I let out a deep sigh, because I have survived another Scandal-less Thursday night and I am one step closer to the February 27th return of one of my favorite shows.

I've been filling my void by watching some of my favorite episodes, such as "Hunting Season" and "White Hat's Back On", on Netflix.  I've also been scrolling through Tumblrs that are dedicated to Scandal, such as this one and this one.  

We're only two weeks away now, and the anticipation is killing me!

If you're like me, you have short-term memory and you've kinda forgotten what was happening on the show before the long winter hiatus.  I know there was something about Mama Pope, some B6-13 craziness, teeth pulling, murder, and plenty of romantic drama.

Luckily, ABC will be playing re-runs of recent episodes in the weeks leading up to the show's return, starting with "YOLO" tonight.  

I'm still deciding on whether or not I will write Scandal recaps.  I might give it a try and see how it goes!  

But, are you as excited as I am for the show's return?  How have you been filling your Scandal void?  Let me know in the comments.

And, be sure to refresh your Scandal memory tonight at 10pm on ABC!

--Teisha xx

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