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'Teen Wolf' Recap: Everything is "Illuminated"

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"Galvanize", the last episode of Teen Wolf, left us with burning questions about Kira's supernatural abilities (the girl caused a blackout in all of Beacon Hills!) and the masked men who attacked Isaac at the episode's end.  And then there were other, more important, questions:  Will Scott and Kira get together?  Will Allison and Isaac hook up?  Will Lydia and Stiles hook up?  Will Ethan and Danny get back together?  (There's definitely a recurring theme here.)  These are the questions that haunt me at night!!

So, you can imagine how excited I was at the prospect of getting some answers with episode 3.16.  But, alas, last night's episode did not really answer any of my questions.  If anything, it just left me with more questions.  Argh!  I mean, obviously the writers want me to tune in next week, so they have to leave me hanging.

However, with all of that being said, I must admit that tonight's episode was fantastic.  I love the title choice of "Illuminated", because, although some questions went unanswered, many other important factors were brought to light.  So, let's just delve into this, shall we?

The episode started right where it left off: the night before Halloween.  We see two young boys running around their neighborhood, smashing pumpkins.  Little rascals!  Their shenanigans only stop when they hear footsteps.  Down the street, headed their way, is a tiny army of masked men.  These are the same men who just roughed up Isaac.  What happened to Isaac anyway?

We move to Allison's bedroom where she and her dad were finally able to get to Isaac, who lies on the floor; he's pale, shaking, in some kind of stupor.  Mr. Argent (is it weird if I call him that?) smacks Isaac around a bit, yelling at him to turn, to trigger his werewolf side.  Isaac does so, and is able to break free of the trance he was in.

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Allison and Mr. Argent ask Isaac about what happened.  Who were the people?  Where did they come from?  Isaac seems a bit dazed and confused, but tells them that, "it was like they came out of the shadows".  Well, that's interesting.  Even more interesting is the fact that Mr. Argent informs Allison that she and Isaac can't tell anyone about this incident until 24-hours have passed.  Why?  We don't get an explanation.  All we see is Mr. Argent going into his office where he opens a small chest that contains a mask.  the mask is identical to those of Isaac's attackers, accept it's broken into four or five pieces.  Uh, where'd you get that?

Cut to the title sequence.  The music of tonight's sequence has been remixed by The Bloody Beetroots who also made a cameo in the episode.  And, can I just say that the music in tonight's episode was pretty amazing?  Yeah?  Okay, the music in tonight's episode was pretty amazing.  Moving on...

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At the local police station, Scott's dad is questioning Scott and friends (Kira, Stiles, & Lydia) about what they were doing at the power plant, where a mass murderer was trying to commit more murders, when all the lights went out.  Sheriff Stilinski is just chilling at his desk since Agent McCall is trying to take over his job.  Everyone is covering for their new friend Kira, because snitches get stitches... No? Does no one say that anymore?  But, anyway, you can't just out someone's supernatural abilities. 

Funny moment: Agent McCall asks Sheriff Stilinski's opinion on the gang's story and the Sheriff's response is, "I don't believe a word Stiles has said since he learned how to speak".  Don't you just love the Stilinski's relationship?  Any scene that contains Stiles and his dad does not disappoint.  But, I'm kind of biased because I think Dylan O'Brien is a stellar actor and that everything he touches turns to gold.  

The gang is free to go, although Kira's phone was confiscated as evidence, so she is looking pretty nervous about that.  Remember that the serial killer guy had made a point of taking a bunch of pictures of her on the phone.  Wonder what that was about?  It's coming up.  

Scott's dad gives him a one-on-one talk after the meeting, reminding him that these are serious issues he and his friends are getting involved in and yada yada yada...

At home, Kira is lighting candles and taking selfies.  But, she doesn't plan on posting these pictures on Instagram, because there is something weird going on in them.  Her body is outlined by some kind of glowing figure.  What is it?  We don't know yet.

At school the next day, Stiles is at his locker.  He fishes around in his pocket for his keys and notices something: 

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Stiles is studying this key hard, and with some serious confusion going on.  We can only assume that he does not recognize it.  If the key isn't his, whose is it and where did it come from?  Dun Dun DUN.

Scott comes over to Stiles, expressing to him his desire to talk to Kira.  Stiles warns against this idea, saying that Kira could be dangerous.  But, Scott doesn't think she's dangerous.  "What if she's like me?"  Stiles disagrees, stating that Scott has never put an entire city in the dark.  However, Scott's face is riddled with empathy as he stares at Kira walking down the hall, and we know he isn't just going to give up on her.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, boys are walking around shirtless, and Ethan overhears Danny talking about a black light party he'd been planning.  The party isn't going to work out now, because the city is without power and Danny's venue isn't able to put it on.  Bummer.  However, Ethan and Aiden know of a certain werewolf who's out of town and who has a very large, very party appropriate apartment.  The name starts with D and ends with -erek.

In class, Lydia sits beside Aiden.  And, oh hey, it's Carol Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries, who just so happens to be Lydia's mom (we've seen her once before) and her new teacher.  Apparently Mrs. Martin has been out of the teaching industry for about 5 years, but they needed a new teacher since that whole thing with the Kanima last season put a teacher out of business.  Back to Lydia and Aiden... Lydia is telling Aiden how she's a hero now, because she saved someone's life and it felt good.  And, he's "not just a bad boy.  [He's] a bad guy.  And [she] doesn't want to be with a bad guy."  So, basically, she's Batman and he's Catwoman.   There is evident disappointment in Lydia's eyes--maybe their relationship could have really gone somewhere if Aiden hadn't helped kill Boyd.  

Out in the hallway, Scott sits down to have a chat with Kira, who is looking lost and dejected.  She tells him that she doesn't want to talk, but honestly, who can resist Tyler Posey's face?  She opens up eventually, saying that she wants to show him something, something that no one has ever seen before but Burrow (the crazy mass murderer).  She asks Scott to take a picture of her with the flash on.  Scott obliges, and what appears in the image?  The same force-field bodily glow thing that was in Kira's selfies.  Kira tells Scott that this weird photo-filter only started happening a couple of months ago and that she doesn't know what it is.  They decide that they need to get to her confiscated phone and erase those pictures of her that Burrow took ASAP.

Then we get to see Tyler Hoechlin's beautiful face.  He is approached by a group of trick-or-treaters.  They look more afraid of him than he is of their scary little costumes.  Derek pulls out a bag of candy and gives it to the children.  And, this is so cute, you guys, seeing Derek interact with little kiddies.  Although Derek does not crack one smile, I love to see his gentle side.  It only lasted a second, though, because this happened: 

Photo Credit: MTV

So cute!  And, of course it's Halloween, so it's perfectly fine for Derek to show off his werewolf side.  He could always say it was a mask or something, you know?  Speaking of masks, after the children disappear, the masked men appear.  And, they literally just come out of thin air, forming from individual clouds of black smoke.  No wonder why Isaac said they just came out of the shadows! They don't have to walk through doors or anything.  Ugh, do these guys know how lucky they are?  I wish teleportation was a thing.

While Derek is getting attacked, his apartment is being turned into a party space by Ethan, Aiden, and Danny.  

Stiles, Scott, and Kira are at the police station schemin'.  Stiles gives Kira and Scott access cards to get into the top secret, locked rooms (like Agent McCall's office) of the station so that they can go delete those pictures off of Kira's phone before anyone sees them.  Stiles doesn't know about Kira's secret though; Scott just told him that there were naked pictures that they needed to delete, which was quite amusing.  

Scott and Kira sneak into the police station all stealthily, even getting past one clueless officer, and Stiles waits outside, fulfilling the important role of The Lookout.  Inside the station, they find the phone.  But, nothing is ever that easy.  PLOT TWIST: the phone is dead!  So, they find a charger cable and plug it into Agent McCall's laptop.  The wallpaper of the computer is a picture of Scott as a little kid, with his dad.  This gives Scott a bunch of sentimental feels that he does not express in words, but are written all over his face.  

Sitting outside, Stiles spots Agent McCall pull up and head into the station.  Stiles runs after Scott's dad and tries to stall him so that he won't go into his office and find Scott and Kira rifling through confidential material.  At first, Stiles' stalling is just some random stuff about information on Burrows, yada yada yada.  But, then the conversation turns serious.  

Stiles: "Hey, you know?  This attitude that you have towards my dad, you can dress it up to all the professional  disapproval that you want.  But I know the real reason you don't like him."

Agent McCall:  (Smiling, annoyed that this kid is wasting his time.) "Is that so?"

Stiles: (Serious now, all jokes aside.)  "It's because he knows something you don't want 'em to know.  And guess what?...I know it, too."

WHAT DOES STILES KNOW? You guys, Dylan O'Brien looked so menacing in this moment, wiping that stupid smirk off of McCall's face; it was absolute perfection.  And, I just need to know what he knows!

Kira and Scott make is safely out of the police station, having deleted the photos and not having been detected by any policemen.  (Mission accomplished, great work team.) Scott offers to take Kira home, then he changes his mind, inviting her to the party he and Stiles are headed to.  

Cut to Allison and Isaac arriving at the black-light party which looks wild and insane and unlike any party you've ever been to.  "Derek can never know about this," Isaac says.  And we can only assume that, at some point, Derek will know about this.

Off to the side, Ethan is ripping Danny's shirt off...so he can get body painted! (Hence the first picture posted.)  Then, some random person yells that they need ice, and Ethan takes off to go get it while Danny gets lovely phosphorescent designs drawn on his body.  Unfortunately, our attention is drawn away from Danny's glorious pecs to something standing behind him.  A masked man!  These guys just keep popping up everywhere.  (Maybe they're wondering why they weren't invited to the party?)  Danny feels that he is being watched, but when he turns around, there is nothing there.  Don't you just love the horror movie tropes Teen Wolf incorporates into every episode?  I don't even like horror movies, but I like Teen Wolf.

In some storage closet, Ethan is getting ice.  (Does Derek not have a kitchen?)  There is one flickering light bulb in the room, which is kind of annoying.  Then it just goes off completely.  The scene is completely dark, so you just know something bad is about to happen.  Ethan gets the light to come back on.  And, what do you know, there is a masked man standing behind him!  Excuse me sir, I did not get my invite.

Stiles, Scott, and Kira arrive at the party, looking so out of place.  Take your shirts off now, please! 

A random girl comes up and kisses Stiles, saying "Happy Halloween".  Needless to say, the group is stunned.  She slinks back into the crowd and Stiles takes off after her.  YES! Stiles is finally gonna get some.

This leaves Scott and Kira alone to share a private moment;)  Kira thanks Scott for "everything" and then this happens: 

Photo Credit: MTV

YESSSSS! This made me really excited, you guys.  Scott and Kira are so cute together, and I think that they have really good chemistry.  I'm just glad that Scott is moving on from Allison.  But, I have spoke too soon, because Scoot spies Allison across the room, and she sees him holding hands with Kira, who sees Scott looking at Allison all mesmerized like, so she lets go of his hand.  It takes a moment for Scott to actually realize that Kira is gone.  He looks around the party, but he can't see her in the dark.  


He uses his werewolf vision to find her in the dark.  And, when he finds her, she looks like this:

Photo Credit: MTV

I personally couldn't make out what the glow around Kira was in all of the other pictures she'd taken.  But, now, it's just so evident, right?  That looks like a fox force-field surrounding her!  

Wait... What's a fox force-field?  I don't know, I just made that up.  But, it's something, and we'll have to wait until the next episode to find out what.

Meanwhile, Stiles tracks down the girl who kissed him.  She introduces herself as Kaitlin.  Stiles recognizes this name although none of us probably do.  Kaitlin is the girl who was making out with her girlfriend in the woods, and then her girlfriend got kidnapped and sacrificed.  But, Kaitlin seems perfectly fine.  Probably not though, since she's going around at this party making out with random dudes.  She seems a little loss.  Or, maybe someone on this show realizes how hot Dylan O'Brien is?  

Off in a corner, Aiden is trying to make Lydia like him again.  He tells her how he set this whole party up just to impress her, basically.  She's not impressed, though, claiming that if she'd wanted to go to a rave, she would have gotten into a time machine and gone back to the 90s.  OHHH, BURN!  She walks away, and Aiden is so upset that he growls (feisty).

Allison and Isaac are having a moment of their own.  She is telling him how frustrated Scott makes her, standing around, watching her awkwardly.  Isaac asks if she's sexually frustrated, and she finds this amusing.

Photo Credit: MTV

Then she rips her shirt off and offers to let Isaac paint her body.  (That escalated quickly.)

Lydia is being a wallflower, watching all her friends have fun.  She sees Allison and Isaac dancing and mutters, "Finally".  She sees Stiles and Kaitlin dancing, and Stiles' dance moves are worse than Taylor Swift's.  "Awkwardly".  Then she spies Aiden dancing with some random chick.  Wasn't he just trying to woo her a second ago?  "Predictably".

Then there are some wooshing, ghostly noises and Lydia looks around.  It's the masked guys, of course.  Lydia calls for Scott, but he doesn't come.  So, she escapes to the balcony for some fresh air (because isolating yourself is the obvious solution when you see scary people), thinking that maybe she's just imagining things.  She actually looks relieved for a moment.  But, she shouldn't be, because, you know those guys with the masks who don't have to walk through doors?  Well, apparently they move through floors.  Like, the guys literally comes up through the floor.  Lydia goes to scream, and one of the guys grabs the sound and makes her shut up.  I'm not lying, look:

Photo Credit: MTV

Someone needs to caption this, because I thought it was absolutely hilarious, although Lydia kinda looks like she's in pain.  

"Not today."  
"No one's dying tonight, shut up."
"Had enough of yo' damn screams."

And there is no one to help her, because Aiden is off looking for Ethan, and Stiles is somewhere mackin'.

Photo Credit: MTV

Stiles is a little confused though, because he thought that Kaitlin liked girls?  She tells him that she does, and asks whether he does, too.  "Absolutely."  He answers.  "So, do you also like boys?"

"Absolutely." She answers.  "Do you?"  

Silence.  SILENCE.  Stiles is really considering this question.  And, I want an answer! But, we don't get it, of course.  Do you guys hear that, though?  It's the sound of Sterek (Stiles + Derek) shippers everywhere going insane.  This moment is only going to fuel their fire.

Moving on, the girl is telling Stiles about phosphors, the science behind all the glow lights at the party.  She says that we have natural phosphors in things like our nails, our teeth, etc.  But, Stiles has phosphors on his key, and he doesn't understand how they got there.  Suddenly, he has one of his brilliant revelations and has to run off.  Something always happens to Stiles when he's mackin': the girl he's with gets kidnapped and sacrificed, he's dreaming, a life-threatening revelation comes about.  When is Stiles ever gonna lose his v-card?  You never know when more virginal sacrifices are going to take place.

Outside of the party, Kira and Scott are having an intimate moment, talking about her glow in the dark body.  She says that whatever the thing is that surrounds her, it looks like a demon from hell.  Scott looks all sad and empathetic, telling her that he sees something different: a fox. "Armor.  It looks like it's protecting you."  This backs my force-field theory.

Back inside the party, Isaac and Allison are still dancing and about to KISS!  But then, Allison feels something behind Isaac's ear, and she looks really worried.  They rush into a room where there is a mirror, and she shows him what's behind his ear.  It appears to be a backwards number 5.  WEIRD.  Then they hear something, but don't worry, it's not the masked men, it's Ethan.  He's lying on the ground behind the buckets of ice.  He's pale and cold, and he is in the same stupor Isaac was in at the beginning of the episode. 

Meanwhile, Aiden and Danny find Lydia in the exact same state as Ethan.  She's freezing and dazed.  They take her inside and Aiden tries to warm her up with his body, wrapping his arms around her --I ain't mad at that.

Photo Credit: MTV

Can we talk about Aiden's expression here, please?  Look how worried and protective and scared he looks for Lydia.  My heart melted at this part.  Aiden actually seems redeemable in this moment, and he also seems like he really does like and care about Lydia and that their relationship isn't all sexual.  Moving on, all Lydia can muster is that "it came out of the dark".  

Then we cut to Derek (remember him?), and he is just now coming out of his daze.  He touches behind his ear, and we see that backwards number 5.  He roars and Scott hears him.  And, I just have so many questions at this point.  Who are these masked men?  Why are they branding backwards numbers behind people's ears?  Is that a backwards five or something else?  What do these signs mean????

When we come back from commercial, Papa Derek has come home and he is not pleased to see that the kids are throwing a rager in his bachelor pad.  

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV
I thought that this was absolutely hilarious.  But, it's a good thing Derek arrived because so had the masked men.  And, they are staring menacingly at Aiden.  "Guys, they're all looking at me.  Why are they look at me?"  They begin to advance on Aiden, but Scott and Derek ain't about to let nobody get hurt (although three others already have been).  So, a fight breaks out.  Scott and Derek vs. the masked ghost men.  

At some point, Derek breaks one of the guys' necks, and it disappears, only to reappear.  Isaac pulls out his claws and one of the men pulls out a long sword.  Isaac backs away.  These guys are not the ones to mess with, obvi.  

They grab Aiden, staring into his eyes menacingly and touching him behind his ear.  And, just like that, he's branded with the number 5.  He falls to the floor.  Scott looks really pissed now, and just as he's getting ready for a showdown that he obviously can't win, the sun comes up.  And, when the sun comes up, the masked ghosts disappear.  Hmm?  Can they only come out at night?  

Photo Credit: MTV

Everyone is standing around, looking really confused.  They don't know what just happened, and neither do we.  Isaac turns to Allison.  "Your dad's 24-hours are up."

Oh, right! Mr. Argent.  What's he been up to the past 40 minutes?  

Cut to Mr. Argent, entering his apartment.  He is staggering and BLEEDING!  WHY? We don't know.  He falls to the floor and in his hand, his phone is buzzing; Allison's calling.  

Is Mr. Argent dead?  Say it ain't so.

Then, the final scene of the show:  Stiles is at school.  He goes into the classroom where the message to kill Kira was written on the board in a cryptic atomic number puzzle.  What you doin' in there, Stiles?  

Stiles walks up to the board where 19, 33, 88 -- K, I, Ra -- is written.  Stiles picks up a piece of chalk and starts writing:

Photo Credit: MTV

GASP! Why does his handwriting match the numbers on the board?  Stiles left the message!  What is going on??!!! Is Stiles becoming evil?! Was he sleepwalking?!  Because from his reaction, he doesn't remember writing this stuff on the board.  Ughhh, I can't wait another week.  


Wow.  That was a crazy episode.  Which is what made it sooooo good.  A show hasn't left me with this many questions since them LOST days.

What did you guys think?

What are your theories on Kira? What's going on with Stiles?  Who are those masked men and what's up with the branding?  Is Mr. Argent dead?  And, what dirt do the Stilinskis have on Agent McCall?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
Talk to you soon.

-Teisha xx

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